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Sydney: "A pretty car. It looks more grown-up than the Tucson I drove.

Kia should introduce a new Sportage, fast."

"A neat car. Hyundai is doing great, toughening up their cars and minimizing Eastern influences."

Says Straightsix. Dutchdriftking... It should be about RWD.

"It's a pretty car."

Autofanaat says: "I think it's a bit of a letdown." Not everyone is positive,

but overall the responses to the new Hyundai Tucson were positive.

We didn't drive a Hyundai for a long time, so we'll give it a shot.

Let's go.

We saw the new Tucson for the first time in Geneva. We thought it was a good looking car.

That's because of Mr Scheier, known for a number of Audi designs.

Nowadays he's head of design at Kia, and Kia is friends with Hyundai.

Mr Peter Scheier got to work on the design of the new Hyundai Tucson.

He can draw well, so the Tucson has a nice design. I think it's a pretty car.

You thought so too, or most of you did when looking at the comments.

The Tucson has a strange story regarding its type name.

The Tucson was off the market, replaced by the ix35.

Now, I think the ix35 goes off the market and the Tucson returns.

Hyundai mixes it up in their press releases as well. "The preceding ix35 and preceding Tucson",

so you'll have to stay alert to know which car they're talking about.

They're proud that everything is much better than with the previous Tucson.

This should be expected where a new car is concerned.

Apart from the new design Hyundai has launched, there are new technologies.

The Hyundai Tucson has lane keep assist, and it knows when people in front of you are standing still.

It'll beep and brake when necessary. Of course this depends on the boxes you tick.

Not everything is standard. You'll have to pay extra for a number of these features.

On the other hand, there's no other way. The price is sharp.

Starting at 26,000 euros, you'll drive a new Tucson.

That's not much for a car this size.

Apart from the tech stuff, there's also engine news. There's a new 1.6 T-GDI with 175 hp.

That's a gasoline engine, don't let the D fool you. It's a gasoline engine.

We're driving it, combined with a DCT automatic double-clutch gearbox,

which is only available with this engine. An AT is also available for the diesels.

There are 3 diesels, ranging from 113 - 183 hp. There's 1 more gasoline engine, with 130-ish hp.

I'm not certain, I lost my cheat sheet. If you don't like a (double-clutch) gearbox,

you can always choose a MT. A 6-speed MT is available for all engines.

The handling... It's a crossover, not a hot-hatch, so it's not very tight.

It's light, but that's because of what I'm used to. Normally I don't drive this kind of cars.

The interior of the Tucson got a nice update.

It's more spacious. The Tucson has grown in all directions, which gives us more room inside.

The steering wheel and seats are nice. We've been sitting in this car all day, but there's no pain.

It has a new multi-media system with TomTom Live Services, which is free for the first 7 years.

Hyundai pays for it. After that, you'll have to pay for it yourself.

5% of all the cars sold in the Netherlands is an SUV from the C-segment, such as the Tucson.

This shows how important this car can be for Hyundai.

They have sold 33,000 ix30s and Tucsons, so this is an important car for Hyundai.

The ix35s doubled in number compared to the Tucsons.

Hopefully this Tucson doubles the sales of the ix35. If you're looking for a C-segment SUV,

you don't have to buy a VW Tiguan or a Nissan Qashqai. Those are the standard choices.

A Hyundai Tucson may be a good alternative. I think it looks really cool, compared to the competition.

It's a nice car to be in. It moves well.

It may be a consideration when you're looking for a C-segment SUV.

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