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someone has some aggression issues in my house

I did my hair mask put some Jamaican castor oil in my hair and I will sleep

in it overnight and then tomorrow I will wash it after that I used my favorite

mask I needed it because I haven't been eating well as you can see I was

almost not going to film this video because it's a skincare routine but then

I thought we are all human we all get pimples some of them more bad than

others and while I've done this mask I don't know what happens but it's

bleeding again yay for me so as you may know I have very dry skin does that mask

help with my dry skin not at all my skin feels so tight right now

waited I have waited I think 5-10 minutes now because the

reason that I love Aztec mask is because I can literally feel my skin

pulsating I can feel all the dirt is going out I don't do that mask very

often because it says that your skin can get used to it and I don't want that so I do

this mask once a month or maybe once in two months it depends how my skin is

okay so let's go so the first product that you always need to use is a toner I

was one of those people who taught why use toner wants the use I actually really

like this one I've always heard rose water and witch hazel are very nice

products to use on your face so I decided to buy this one from Mario Badescu

the witch hazel and rose water toner and then I normally would

start with my chin but because my chin is bleeding now... just remember you don't

have to feel insecure about your pimples okay we all get them, my skin is so red now

I feel like this balances out my skin because I have very dry skin and always

when I wash my skin I feel like this toner really balances my skin out I

have dry skin and always when I wash my face my skin feels very tight after when

I use this it feels normal and then as last I will put the toner on my

chin and I will leave it there for a minute maybe two next product I'm using

is the ordinary it's a serum with hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 hyaluronic acid

is great to keep the skin young and that's why I chose to buy this products

very gently rub it in my skin it looks like I have to wash it off but it

doesn't write I have to wash it off now the next product I use is an

eye cream I've seen great results with this eye cream I wish I took a picture

before I was using this but I can definitely tell my under eye circles are

way lighter than they were before, my puffy eyes they are not like directly

under my eye they are just right here and I've been using another product for

that as well but I will show you that later because that's something I use at

the end the origins ginseng refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff it is

not cheap to me it isn't cheap but I've been using this for like a month now and I

still have that much left

but it is worth it and like I said I've been using this every night for four

weeks and I still have so much left like this and I just dot it under my eyes

you can tap the product in or you can swipe like this, you always have to go up you don't

want to go down you want to go up as well for the wrinkles I also put it on the top of my eyes

next product I will be using is my moisturizer as you if you have seen my

everyday makeup routine I explained to you there as well what I use in the

morning to prep my skin for makeup and even and even if I'm not wearing makeup

I always use those products it's the Vichy aqualia terminal rich amazing

this is amazing for dry skin if you have very dry skin you need to try this product

out what I did forgot to say and that video is that you do have to use it


you do have to use it regularly for it to work I think for my friend it took

like a one week I'm not sure and then she saw a difference I use this tool to make sure

all the product goes into my skin and this also helps to de-puff my eyes so I

use the small to de-puff my eyes and the big one for the rest of my face the last product I use is for my

pimple is this tea tree oil so I only use this one my pimple is like this when

it's red its bleeding it's doing everything always remember to wash your

hands after you do that because you don't want to rub that bacteria on the

rest of your face thank you so much for watching you guys this is finished

take care look I hope you enjoyed if you liked the video don't forget to

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oh I've got chapstick always forget my chapstick

it's the labello

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