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NEWS ANNOUNCER: We take you now to Kermit the Frog with

another fast-breaking news story.


Well, well, where's the White Rabbit?

Late again, huh?

Well, we'll just probably have to start without him.


Oh, hi all.

This is Kermit the Frog speaking to you from Sesame

Street News in Wonderland, where anything can happen, and

it usually does.

And with me is Alice here.



KERMIT: Yes, and Alice, you've been having some pretty

strange adventures here, haven't you?

ALICE: Yeah, I'll say.

KERMIT: Uh huh.

And incidentally, you're kind of small, even for a little

girl, aren't you?

ALICE: Yeah.

Must have been something I ate.

KERMIT: Uh huh.

Well, tell me, Alice, what is your next amazing adventure

going to be?

ALICE: Well, I'll tell you, Kerm.

I have this little bottle of water that says "drink me,"

and I'm going to drink it.

KERMIT: You are.

Is that it, huh?

ALICE: Yeah.

Drinking the water.

KERMIT: OK, well it's probably going to be pretty exciting,

won't it folks?

Here she's going to drink the water, and then

what's going to happen?

ALICE: I don't know.

We'll see.

KERMIT: Well, that's Wonderland, folks.

That's Wonderland.

You never know what's going to happen when

you drink some water.

So here she goes.

She is drinking the water.

Wait a minute.

What's happening?


KERMIT: Wah hoh.

You got big fast, didn't you?

ALICE: I did, I did.


Listen, look how big she is.

She took a drink, and she really, she really got big.

ALICE: You know, that was curiously refreshing.

I think I'll drink some more.

KERMIT: You sure?

My goodness.

ALICE: My, my.

KERMIT: This is curiouser and curiouser.

You're bigger now, you know.

ALICE: I know.

I know I'm bigger.

Well, I might as well finish this drink.

KERMIT: Do you think that's smart?

I mean, there's a fairly low ceiling in this place.

Look out for the ceiling, Alice.

ALICE: Oh no.

KERMIT: Alice.

ALICE: Oh dear.

KERMIT: You hit the ceiling.

ALICE: I know.

KERMIT: Are you OK?


I'm sorry about the ceiling though.

KERMIT: Well, how do you feel?

ALICE: I feel very big.

KERMIT: Wow, you are certainly the biggest little

girl I've ever seen.

ALICE: This is the biggest I've ever been.

KERMIT: Yes, well you're certain-- you're real big.

ALICE: I am big.


Well, you know, Alice, I think I'm getting a stiff neck just

from talking to you, so I think the interview is over.

ALICE: Oh, OK, well I'll see you later, Kerm.

KERMIT: OK, Alice.


She is big, folks.

I have seen big in my life, but she is really big.

Wait a second.


She left a cupcake here.

Look at that.

I think maybe I'll just take a little bite of this.

That tastes rather strange.

This is Kermit the Frog, and how am I going to explain this

back at the office?

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