Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Weekly Idol] 은혁X동해의 K-POP 듀오 퍼포먼스ver. 랜덤 플레이 댄스★ l EP.475 (ENG/CHN)

Difficulty: 0


This random play dance of D&E EDition

Is not gonna be normal, right?

Of course not

It's certainly different

As we look at the history of D&E's performance

We could also see the performance history of K-POP's representative duo

That's right

Please don't forget that

When you show K-POP history

You should bring items which

Suit well with the songs

If you forgot to bring the items

What you're supposed to do it

You should sing, what should I do song

(Perfectly adapted to Weekly Idol MC)

I forgot about it

What should I do, what should I do

(I can't lose either)

Are you ready?

Random play dance

The dance


Dancing and singing gods of SUPER JUNIOR

Random play dance

We'll look forward to it, please give us the music

(START their first challenge)

(Feeling the music)

(Their first challenge begins with )

(Perfect harmony)

Good good

(Flame-like sexy and fatal dance line)

That's right, that's right

As expected of them


Okay, Danger Danger Danger



(This is easily done)

That's right

(Aiming ELF's minds)

(I did a good job, huh?)


Good good

(DANGERous two-shot)

(Entered the tricky part)

Okay, the item, the item

First Love, First Love, First Love

(Taking the glow stick steadily)

This is not the one

(D&E ver. First Love)

(Their bodies remember the choreography)

We should make this kind of performance too

You should make it

Oh, DONGHAE is good

Oh, EUNHYUK's good too

You should make it, you should make it

Come out now, come out now

(Taking the center)

Oh, they're good

Now, they come out, they come out

(Everyone wears the wrist propellers)

Wow, they're good

(So exciting, so exciting)

Ah, they're good

They're like Clone, Clone

So exciting, so exciting, so exciting

(Everyone enjoys the risky part)


(We didn't have dance for this part originally...?)

Uh, I know this song

EUNHYUK, why aren't you dancing?

There's only gesture here?

Wait a second

What is it, we have the dance


Hey, what is it

Why why?

What are you doing

When we did Inkigayo

I remember you danced this when I introduced this song

I've never done this in Inkigayo

You're lying

Aren't you standing still too much?

This song was not for promotion

But since this song

Was for a conceptual performance

You should do that concept here

We did

We did lip-sync in the front too

We got rained here

We got rained here

On the round table, we rip our shirts

Rip our shirts like this

You should have ripped it then


(Their first challenge is failed since they didn't rip it)

It's your second challenge now

Is it our second challenge?

Ah, the first challenge was.. okay okay

Uh, well

D&E's second challenge

Please give us the music

(START their second challenge)


(ELF's oppas)

Right, Oppa

(SUPER Oppa conquered all the world)

I like this song so much

Wow, our members are dancing well

(Decalcomanie dance)

(The risky part came out again)

Why Don't You Know, Why Don't You Know

(Picking the wash cloth)

(Synchronizing with HYUK)

You should wash off the dirt

(Shall we go for it?)

(HYUK and MIHAE are formed)

(Finger moves so smooth as if they washed off the dirt a lot)

They're good

(The true duo wash off each other's dirt)

You're gonna make him bleed, you're gonna make him bleed

That's right

(We know it too)

Oh wow, KWANGHEE, good

Oh, I feel cool

Thanks a lot


Growing Pains

(Returned to idols from dirt washers)

(Failed to follow him)

EUNHYUK just pinched a little bit

EUNHYUK, we're going easy on you

(Go easy on me for once)

(Red Velvet-IRENE&SEULGI )

(Monster mode ON)

Wow, this one



They're good, they're good

(D&E wanted to express this feeling)

Wait a second

Is this in the choreography?

This is not the correct look

Is this in it? Is this in it?

You should do it charismatic

It's done, it's done

- Success? - D&E

Is it success?

Has failed


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