Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【網紅的瘋狂世界 最終回】安樂CP&豪莎CP放閃PK賽【Let's go crazy on LIVE!】The competition between two couples (ENG sub)

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Freesia means


and innocence.

Just like you.

The flowers are for me?

I'll give you a bunch of flowers every day.

The meanings of flowers

are what I want to say to you.

I didn't know the VP is such a romantic person.

What are you doing?

I told you that

I would come to you,

and I meant it.

Here are another love birds!

I'll call the police!

This is not the VP!

He's got hacked, right?

It seems that he's been...

turned on...

Is he possessed by ghost?

My mom told me,

Once you fall in love with someone, you'll discover you have another personality!

Can your mom come to be a live streamer?

This company needs a relationship expert.

Am I embarrassing you?

Yes... don't like flowers?

What's more annoying is that I like it...

If you like it, I'll give you a bunch of flowers every day.

Excuse me, VP.

I like it, too.

I like it, too!

Me, too!

Okay! I'll give each of you a bunch of chrysanthemum.

Save it and make yourself a cup of tea!

Thank you.

Can somebody tell me

who changes our poker-face VP?

It will never be you.


I'm not the VP anymore.

What are you then?

I'm now a man

who faces his feelings.

This is not you!

Haven't you always had a poker face?

Yes. When I talk to you.

Talking smack now?

Fine! It's okay.

Stay here!

Don't move!

Don't move!

What? Is he going to fight VP?

Are there any weapons in CEO's office?

You don't need to envy Rosa.

You have gifts, too.

That's right.

Open it.

Isn't this the ear rings that I saw in the department store

when we went to buy VP's gift?

That's right!

Ren Hao is going to give Rosa a bunch of flowers every day.

Then I'm also going to give you a gift every day.

It'll be the countdown to our Valentine's day.

Thank you.

I like this gift very much.


Are we transparent here?

I agree.

Have you thought about our feelings?



Is anyone still working in this company?

We're a Live streaming company, not a dating club!

Am I right, manager?

What? Do you have constipation?


My mom let me ask you that

if you have time to...

have dinner together?

Oh! I'm the one who has constipation!

I have constipation!

Manager! "My mom say..." is my line! Don't steal it!


Only you can be mama's boy? I can't?

According to your appearance, you're not suitable.

Have you ever been hit by a broken arm?


Let's get to work!

This time, our cooking competition

is going to make our participants have much fun!

Be happy, okay?

Of course!


Let's move!



You two...

That's it for today! Goodbye! xoxo

Baby's breath

It means that I care about you.

Thank you.

Do you remember this?

Thank you.

Add some basil.

yes...the chicken..

feels good!

And then...

Purple hyacinth

It means, "Trust me."

"You'll have happiness if you have my love."

Thank you

Your gift

I don't say such a cliché.

Open it!

Aren't these the watches that we saw at that day?

That's right.

Each of us has one. Let me help you wear it.


It means, "I'll always protect you."

"Changeless love"

Thank you.

Arum lily

I can't stop loving you.

What's wrong with you two?

One is holding flowers and smiling.

The other one is staring at a doll and smiling.

The flowers are from Ren Hao.

This gift is from..

I know!

It's from You Yuan-le.

What kind of annoying face is that?

Was it so obvious?

Even my knee can tell that!


I'm so happy right now!

CEO is very thoughtful.

Besides, I got jealous due to a dumbbell for VP.

Do people who fall in love get jealous easily?

Do I look like a person in love?


So why do you ask me?

An-an, leave her alone.

Mei-li won't understand what we're feeling.

Smell them.

-Are they good? -They're so fragrant!

Is it cute?

It's so cute!

What the...

I only smell the stink of love.

We can take some pictures of these two.

-That's good! Let's do it -Okay!

Sooooooo cuuuuute!

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