Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Decontamination and Clean-Up Research with Scientist Paul Lemieux

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[Music] Paul Lemieux: My research primarily focuses

on understanding issues related to management of waste from cleaning up after chemical,

biological and radiological incidents. My name is Paul Lemieux. Im a chemical

engineer with the EPAs National Homeland Security Research Center. As part of the Office

of Research and Development, my job is to provide our emergency response people with

the tools and methods that they can use to do the cleanup as quickly, safely and cost-effectively

as possible so people can get back into their homes and into their day to day operations.

Some of the decisions that the first responders can make when the incident has just happened,

they can for one thing, greatly reduce the number of people that are impacted that might

have to move out of their houses until its cleaned up, number of businesses that might

have to relocate temporarily. Theres a lot of technologies that people have developed

over the years for decontaminating surfaces. If they can use a technology such as these

gels and strippable coatings to contain the spread of the radionuclides after the incident,

its going to go a long way to minimizing the amount of waste thats generated. You

might never see people use the results of your research, and this gives us an opportunity

that very few people really have to see the results of your research turned into things

that could potentially be applied tomorrow, if something were to happen. You know, were

part of the puzzle of hopefully trying to prevent and recover from these type of incidents.


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