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itk is a company that counts 100 employees.

It is the largest independent and profitable company

that provide decision-making tools for agriculture.

One of our distinctive features is that we do not directly supply

the farmer or the agricultural consultant that are the final users.

They do not count among our clientele as we do not stretch as far as the users themselves.

Our services are aimed at the final usersdistributors or suppliers.

For example, our distributor clients include multinational input suppliers,

large cooperatives that represent a major portion of the market,

agricultural service providers.

Those are our direct clients.

Today, itk offers services covering both

the plant and animal markets.

Our platform covers 60% of all crop plants,

such as corn, soy, wheat, rice, sorghum, cotton, barley,

alfalfa and sunflower, among large-scale crops.

We also handle more specific crops such as grapevines, almonds

and apple trees, among fruit-baring trees, in addition to tomatoes.

Those are our crop-related services.

Next are our animal services, including milk cows and suckler cows.

To give you an idea of the scale of our services:

we have 300,000 cows connected worldwide,

particularly in Europe and in the United States, which are our current markets.

When I say Europe, that includes France,

Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Eastern Europe.

We really do cover that entire region, mainly with our animal farming services.

As for our crop services are concerned,

we deploy them throughout Europe via our distributors

as well as on the US market, which represents 50% of our revenue.

Those are our services.

Today, itk has reached a turning point in its growth.

Our company has single-handedly become profitable for several years.

Up until now, our services were mainly focused on providing agricultural advice.

We are now turning towards other areas, such as

insurance, banking, trading, traceability and sustainability;

based on the same models and tools that we developed for the

specific purpose of providing agricultural advice.

The system hosted on our platform can be applied to other fields.

We will simply have to adapt it to these other uses without changing the core process

We are currently undergoing a significant amount of growth

and intend to triple in size over the next five years.

We aim to bolster our platforms selection of crops.

We intend to cover all of the crops that we do not yet cover,

such as potatoes, beetroot and canola for example.

We also wish to cover a greater number of animals and provide additional services for milk cow farming.

On the other hand, there are geographic areas that we do not cover at all and,

as a company that aims to go global,

we wish to reach distributors in new areas.

This mainly includes Asia and Latin America.

Our plan to achieve growth includes sending business developers

to these new areas in order to explore the market and determine

the best approach to access the largest local markets.

This implies finding local distributors and channels through which we can market our tools.

Our business model consists in finding partners who understand the local market, the industry

and who can help us adapt our services to a specific geographic area or industry.

Our partners self-finance part of the tools development and

the other part of revenue is generated through selling tool licences.

Distributors sell our tools and pay a fee on each sale.

The original itk business model has been improved for the

future, featuring new crops, markets and uses.

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