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Surrounded by water,

miles away from it all

on a beautiful beach,

an island is the ultimate getaway.

MAN: [ Filtered voice ] Let's go flyin'.

Can get a tour of the island

and a biplane ride at the same time.

WOMAN: [ Filtered voice ] Let's go.

NARRATOR: But why just visit when you can make this

your permanent home?

-Wow, honey. -Oh, nice. Nice.

This is incredible.

NARRATOR: With hundreds of islands off America's coast,

each with its own unique flavor...

-Oh, wow. -Wow.

-Oh, this is amazing. -Oh, that's awesome.

NARRATOR: The only question is, which island is your paradise?

Now, this is really why you buy a house

right on the water, is for this view.

It's incredible.

NARRATOR: This is "Island Life."


How 'bout we lay a wager before we get started...

All right. you can't cheat.

How 'bout the longest shot buys all the beer?

Oh. I'm all over that.

-I'm Debbie Tucker. -And I'm David Tucker.

We are moving from Houston to Galveston Island, Texas.

-Oh! -Oh!

Dang, girl.

-I am a personal trainer. -And I'm an engineer.

We've really enjoyed living in Houston.

It was a great place to raise our children.

But we started to think we would like a different pace.

We would like to be somewhere that

that was a little more wide-open.

-You ready? -Yep.

Debbie and I are very active.

We love the outdoors.

Comin' to Galveston, we can just step out the door,

load our kayak into the water.

It would fit what we -- how we wanna live.

-Uh-oh. -Yep.

-Hope you brought your wallet. -[ Laughs ]

We're ready to be here

but know that we need to make the decision wisely.

And we're gonna do it right.


Have you guys ever been here before?

We came once for our breakfast.

This is the oldest drugstore in Texas.

So very cool vibe.

So you guys thinking you want to be in a single family home?

-Do you want a condo? -Home.

-Single-family home? -Mm-hmm.

-Single-family home. -Okay. Okay.

Preferably on the water. I love to fish.

And when he says he likes to fish,

that's quite an understatement.

I think we'd like to have a boat.

-Boat is important. -Okay.

How many bedrooms are you guys looking for?

Uh, 3 would be good.

We have grown kids that visit pretty frequently.

So we need a place to put people comfortably.

2 full baths would be preferable.

Oh, I'm kinda picky about the kitchen.

-Okay. -Doesn't have to be huge.

But we entertain a lot.

And being able to move around in a functional kitchen,

that would be great. -Okay.

So what price would you guys like to keep it under?

I think $325,000 is our upper limit.

We have no idea if that's doable.


I think you guys are gonna have some nice options.


NARRATOR: Galveston Island is located on the Texas Gulf Coast

about 50 miles southeast of Houston.

This barrier island is home to 32 miles of beautiful beaches.

And the tropical climate allows you to partake

in a variety of outdoor activities year round.


Family attractions are also a big draw to the area.

And people come from all over to visit

the well-preserved Victorian architecture

in the Historic District.

The Tuckers want to move to Galveston

to be closer to the outdoors and the water.

While it is priced at the higher end

of their price range, the first property

I'd like to show Dave and Debbie is the Bayside House.

It is located towards the end of the canal,

giving them easy access to the open bay.

NARRATOR: People come to Jamaica Beach

to relax in the sun, sand,

and the warm waters of the gulf.

This neighborhood also sits directly west of a state park,

where you can enjoy outdoor activities

like hiking and bird-watching.

EATON: The Bayside House is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath,

1,200 square foot home listed at $325,000.

So I notice a boat.

Is that part of the sale of the home?

It's not included in the list price.

But it may be negotiable.

Definitely. I like the wide driveway.

The breeze comes right through, too.

I'm -- I'm always lookin' for a breeze.

-Wow. -Whoa.

This is huge.

I think it's bigger than the house.

-And you can see the bay. -Nice, open, easy access

to take the boat out to go fishing.

DAVE: [ Whispers ] Wow.

Okay. Starting to understand the price a little bit.

[ Laughs ]

We're off to a good start.

Okay. Nice and bright.

-This one's pretty bright. -Nice, open floor plan.

-Mm-hmm. -Lots of windows.

If we were to ask for the furniture,

which is a possibility, right? -Yes.

We can ask 'em to include all the furnishings.


I really like the wicker furniture.

Little bit of wear and tear.

They did, you know, use it as an active vacation rental

before putting it on the market.

-Huge kitchen. -Mm-hmm.

This just fits me to a "T," size-wise.

We cook a lot, entertain a lot.

-And this is really great. -That's a plus.

And I -- again, I love the window over the sink.

If you're gonna spend that much time in front of somethin'...

I like to be able to see out.

It looks like they left a few old appliances

when they redid the kitchen.

But this area's pretty cool.

-All right. -Oh, that's bedroom number one.

Guest bedroom number... Nice queen-size bed, big window.

I like that. Okay.

-This is the bathroom... -It's a bathroom, yep.

A nice double-sink bathroom with a tub.

Yes. I like the tub.

I'm not sure about this door leading to another toilet.

-It's another half bath. -It's a little...

A little different.

And another door. Lots of doors here.

Bedroom number two.

Nice, big room, king-size bed.

-Nice-size closet. -Closet.

Not crazy about those bifold doors.

But could make a master out of this

with the privacy half bath there.

That's a possibility.

All right.

Double bed in this one. It's pretty nice.

-Mm-hmm. -What is this?

A sleepin' porch. Huh.

-Sliding door. -It's kind of, uh, quirky.

But it does provide a little more sleeping area.

-So... -A lot more, actually.

And if nobody's here, you can close it off

and don't have to cool it.

Oh, true. Strange little place, but...


...additional sleeping. Not too bad.

Not bad at all.

EATON: All right. Let's go take a look

at your downstairs area.


And more furniture.

Lots of room for entertaining.

-Nice and breezy down here. -Mm-hmm.

-Look at the boat lift. -Oh, this is...

Do you know if the boat lift works?

Boat lift does not work right now.

Although, you can have it repaired.

-Okay. -Okay.

Well, that would come in handy.

Oh. Got an outdoor grill pit.

You do. And more seating.

These really are sleek.

They are, and those are part of your property.

And they -- they don't move. -[ Laughter ]

Still gonna have a gorgeous view.

The house itself has some quirky things that need some help.

The appliances in the kitchen were a little outdated

and older than we were hoping for.

This house obviously has a lot of wood and repair

that needs looked into.

It would be really nice not to have to worry

about things like that.



My favorite thing about Galveston

really is the community.

It is a slower pace.

You're on island time.

Island time is real. [ Laughs ]

We knew we wanted to be by the water.

I brought my kayak down to the island

and done some kayak fishing.

Plenty of fishing around here,

especially if you're on a canal house.

You just go right downstairs,

go fishing right off your own dock.

I want to show the Tuckers the Nassau House

because it is located on canal, and it's listed competitively,

making this too good of a deal to pass up.

NARRATOR: Jamaica Beach is south of downtown Galveston

and is surrounded by water, making it popular with residents

who want to partake in some famous Texas fishing.

After you reel them in, bring your fresh catch

into one of the local restaurants,

where they'll turn it into an unforgettable dinner.

EATON: The Nassau House is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath,

704 square feet listed at $199,000.

This one looks a little smaller.

It is a little smaller.

But I think it's worth taking a look 'cause it is canal front.


You do have some open downstairs

area down here for seating and entertaining.

Up here, you've got a large deck area.

And then, you do have a walkway that leads to a larger deck area

over your boat lift. -That's a pretty large deck.

And it is on the water.

All right. Can we see inside?

Here you go.

-Well, isn't this cute? -Cute little efficiency.

Wasn't sure what 700 square feet was gonna look like.

This is laid out pretty nicely.

But it's a little small.

Um, maybe for a weekend rental or be short stay.

But to live, I just don't think so.

Well, there is...

I think we need more space than this.

-Let's keep lookin'. -Okay.

I wanna show Dave and Debbie a canal home

with a lot of square footage for the money.

The Zapata House could be perfect for them.

NARRATOR: This home is located in the Sea Isle community,

where many homes have direct canal access,

making it easy to hop on a boat

or in a kayak and be out on the bay right away.

EATON: The Zapata house is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath

just over 1,100 square feet

with an added bonus room listed at $315,000.

Well, it's nice. And we do wanna be on the water.

And it does have a boat lift. So it is boat-ready.

Do the Jet Skis -- are they included with the house?

They are not included in the list price

but may be negotiable. -The boat also?

-May be negotiable. -I like the palm trees.

Yeah. Lots of landscaping.

Oh, wow. It's very bright, cheerful.

-And look at the view. -The view is nice.

Yeah. I do love the high ceilings.

Lots of windows. That's nice.

-It's pretty. -The kitchen's a little narrow.

But I do like the granite countertops.

I like a window above the sink.

This is a crazy little door here.

-Hey. -Laundry -- laundry room.

-That's a bonus. -Oh, a full bathroom.

How 'bout that?

-Another mystery door here. -Maybe this is the pantry.

[ Door creaks ]

Oh. It's a bedroom.

I hope it's not the master bedroom.

Nice, bright windows, but awfully small.

And it's right off the kitchen.

Might be okay for a guest room.

Let's take a look outside.

[ Sliding door opens ]

See what we have out here.

-Oh, this is nice. -This is very nice.

A nice north-facing deck.

We'll be spending a little time out here, I would imagine.

Look at the view.

I think we could do somethin' with this pergola

if we really needed to create outdoor dining.

A lot of space. We could put a grill over here.

And it's got everything I need.

-After you. -Okay.

-Very steep. -Well, on the antique doors,

isn't that a nice touch?

-Oh, it's a bunk room. -Oh.

This is definitely not a master bedroom.

[ Laughs ]

Is there a bathroom off this room?

-Or do we have to go downstairs? -Not unless that's it.

Well, let's check here. Oh!

A very nice bathroom to go with the bunk room.

This is very nice. It's a very nice bathroom.

Uh, that surprised me that that was up here.

-So how do we make this work? -I don't know.

I mean, unless we were gonna bed-hop every night,

it would have to be completely redone.

Well, you could take the top bunk,

and I could take the bottom bunk.

All right. This must be the bonus room

Chevon was talkin' about.

Okay. Now we find the master bedroom.


-How 'bout this? -Only in the wrong place.

-But found it. -Whoa.

May be the nicest room in the house.

This is where I'm gonna sleep after a late night of fishing.

I come right in here and be cleaned up.

Never see you again.

Looks like we have another full bathroom.

I like this room. This'll be my room,

the fisherman's room. -Ooh, I don't think so.

-Oh, come on. -Save it for company.

I'll let you down every now and then.

Okay. And then, we have the ranch swing.

[ Laughs ]

-All right. -This isn't bad at all. Ah...

-I love this view. -Yeah. That's really nice.

Yeah. It's very peaceful.

You guys feelin' the vibes?

-Oh, man. -Oh.

I love the deck -- large area for entertaining.

And the canal is certainly a plus.

The water looks really nice here.

The bedrooms are a little problematic.

It would be nice to have somethin'

that really does look like a master bedroom

with at least a private or semi-private bathroom,

somethin' like this bonus room

but up in the, you know, the regular living area,

um, where it's not so separated.



Today, we're gonna go out on an airboat for the first time.

One of the exciting things about movin' to Galveston

will be to try some new things on the water.

I don't even know what to expect.

I know you can go in some pretty shallow water.

Which might mean we get up close and personal with some critters.

MAN: You'd be surprised how many people don't know

what they're swimmin' with out here.

-What was that? -I'm not sure. [ Laughs ]

Little unexpected. All of a sudden,

the action kinda cranks up.

DAVE: Whoo.


This is exhilarating. You're flyin' over the water.

You're seein' things from an angle,

you know, that we've never seen them from before.


I don't know whether to hold on to my feet

or hold on to my hat.

The wind and the water is just right there in your face.

You're gettin' kinda power-washed with the grass

hittin' you in the face.

But it was very cool.

This is the most fun I've had in a long time.


[ Calling ]

The next home that I want to show the Tuckers

is the McIntosh House.

While it doesn't have water access

directly on the lot, it is a newer home,

and it does have a nice, private master bedroom space

like Debbie wants.

NARRATOR: This house is located in Isla del Sol,

a bayside community on the West End of Galveston.

A private boat launch makes it the perfect spot for fishermen.

And you can also glimpse stunning views

of the Gulf of Mexico or the natural wetlands.

EATON: The McIntosh House is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath,

a little over 1,300 square feet

and listed at $315,000.

I know what you're gonna say.

-Where's the water? -It is a dry lot.

But the neighborhood does offer a boat launch

for the dry lot homeowners.

Is it just a boat launch? Or is there a marina,

like boat storage? -It's a launch and a marina.

Okay. Okay.

That would make a big difference.

That's a plus.

And I can see the beach from here. So that's...

You can.

-Yep. -Okay. Up we go. Ooh.

Beautiful hardwood steps.

-Wow. -Pine floors.

-This is beautiful. -Nice, bright entry.

-Look at that. -It is gorgeous.

-Wow. -Big, open kitchen.

-It's really beautiful. -Granite counters.

Window over the sink. I really like that.

New appliances.

-This is just really cute. -This is...

Plenty of room for guests, you think?

Yeah, yeah. A little dining area.

And you've got the bar area as well.

This house come fully furnished?

It does come fully furnished.

-Oh, wow. -Turn-key ready.

You're makin' it difficult for us, aren't you?

[ Laughs ]

I'd love to see the deck.

[ Door squeaks ]

All right. Check it out, guys.

Beautiful. And it goes around further

than I thought it would, too.

Got a nice, open area. We've got the shaded area.

And you do have the peekaboo views of the gulf.

I see the gulf. Beautiful.

We do spend a lot of time outdoors.

And this is the kind of place we like to be out in.

I have to admit this is a...

And there's room for outdoor seating.


All right. Guest bedroom number one.

It's a cute little bedroom, too.

Yeah. Storage. Big closet? Little closet?

-Big closet. -Okay. That's good.

EATON: And you have access to the deck.

Very nice, a little outdoor area.

It doesn't wrap around the house, though.

-No, it does not wrap around. -Private deck. Okay.

Okay, have we... We've got upstairs guest bath.

Oh, very nice. Again, very nicely finished out.

-And a tub... -Oh, it has a tub.

Well, that's a bonus.

Oh, nice.

I know one of the things you guys wanted

is a large master suite.

And I think this one'll deliver.

-Think you're right. -Okay.


You're just torturing us with all this great stuff.

Yeah. I see why you brought us here.

This is beautiful.

And all these furnishings come with the house.

-Whew. -Amazing.


And you do have your en suite bath.

-Oh, my goodness. -This is beautiful.

-Perfect. -Mm.

And a private deck.

You do have a private deck off the master.

-Wow. What a view. -It's beautiful.

-God, we're... -Isn't it?

-You feel that nice breeze? -We're really high, aren't we?

You have a bit more expansive views of the gulf from up here

than you did on the main-level balcony.

-Mm-hmm. -It's gorgeous.

We'll have to keep this in mind, won't we?

Yeah. You're makin' this really hard.

-Really tough. -All right.

That's my job. [ Laughs ]

Lots of possibilities, lots of room.

It's a nice double-lot yard.

And someone has spent a lot of time

with the landscaping, which is really nice.

And there is plenty of room if you wanted to put a pool.

To have this amount of space on the water

would probably cost you double the price.

And keep in mind you do have the boat launch here.

And we are close to the beach, and that's a huge plus.

It's the things we're gonna need to weigh.

Do we want the space? Or do we want the water?


NARRATOR: To check out more

about this and upcoming episodes,



[ Laughter ]

Hey there.

-Thanks for comin' out. -Ah, yeah!

-Absolutely. -Yeah.

So what are your thoughts? Have you narrowed down a list?

We've narrowed it down to things

that we thought might have possibilities.

-The Zapata House... -Well within our price range.

Really liked the deck off of the living room.

It was very large. It was on a canal.

I liked the, uh, bonus room on the first floor.

Mm-hmm. That was all really nice.

But just the layout would have been,

I think, too big of a hurdle.

That one small bedroom right there,

it felt like it was practically in the kitchen.

That was just, again, too strange.

Even that bunk room, I just don't think,

in the end, would -- would work like we wanted it to.

We couldn't figure out a logical situation to make a master.

So we needed to rule that one out.

But the, uh, McIntosh House, I loved.

-We both did. -Yeah.

-That was... -That was, uh, an amazing house.

Uh, the floor plan totally worked.

-Um... -And -- and it's --

and it's very new. The finish out, fully furnished.

Totally workable kitchen.

All the decking, especially the private decking,

that was really nice.

The location -- being near the marina.

The price of this house fit our budget.

We could see ourselves living there.

But at the end of the day,

the reason we came to Galveston...

We just kept circlin' back around to water.

We just felt like we really

needed to stay focused on -- on that.

That brought us to the Bayside House.

That seemed to have the most of what we came here looking for.

It had 3 functional bedrooms.


And it had a sleeping area on the back.

The bathroom layout -- a little odd.

-A little odd. -But we --

We think we could figure out how to make that work.

That big kitchen, big granite-top island...

-Mm-hmm. -Um, but it looked

like it needed a lot of woodwork and repair work.

And it is at the upper end of our price range.

-So what are you thinkin'? -All things considered,

we would like to put together an offer for the Bayside House.

That one seemed to fit the bill

closer than anything that we've seen.

Bedrooms, bathrooms...

For me, bein' on the water,

and it's so near the bay, is, I think, just amazing.

So I think we're ready to make an offer.

Awesome. Let's do that.

I know it's listed for $325,000.

So if we were to offer $299,000, would that be...

I think that's a fair starting point.


And we can ask 'em to include the boat if you want.

Well, that'd be huge. Where do we sign?


Isn't this cool?

Better than buyin' a new boat.

It certainly is better than buyin' a new boat.

We fell in love with the Bayside property.

The owner was asking $325,000.

We offered $299,000, including the furnishings.

So we eventually settled on $315,000,

including the boat and trailer.

Oh, boy.

[ Clank ]

-Ta-dum. -Ta-dum.

That deserves a drink.

[ Both laugh ]

Since moving here, life has been so relaxed.

I've caught more fish in 2 months

than I have in 20 years, and we're just lovin' it.

-What's for dinner? -[ Laughs ] How 'bout fish?

-All right. -Got plenty.

Island life, to me, is different things to do every day.

A relaxing, enjoyable experience.

We're living island life and loving every day.

Better have somethin' with the fish.

We may need to invite the neighbors over.

[ Laughs ]

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