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Pommmmy, haha, he doesn't respond

Omg Fadi

Hi Vanders and welcome to a brand new episode of Living with the Vanders and

yes it is right, it is Thursday when you are watching this and normally

I only upload episodes on Monday, but I got so many requests from you guys that you

miss the regular uploads and I personally miss it as well because

I feel much more connected with you guys when I upload more so I decided from now on

to upload two times a week

I know that lots and lots of you guys and miss

the workouts, although I have so many workouts online on my channel

Well... therefore I will also be uploading some workout videos

So some Thursday's it will be an extra episode of Living With The Vanders and

some Thursday's it will be a workout that I will do here in the beautiful

nature of Cape Town to show you guys some of my moves, some of my current

routines, because I know you guys are so interested in that and then let's

quickly move on with today's episode

first of all I want to continue a little bit

with the 'what I eat in a day' or week video that I did previously and show you

guys the delicious breakfast that I had because oh my god

and then after breakfast I thought okay this day is going to be perfect I just

had the most amazing meal ever, I feel energized and then I was so super

shocked because I saw this:

Vandaag, live met onze verslaggeefster (= Dutch for Today, live with our reporter)

Omg, there's like fire everywhere, no serious... like there is just...

We saw like ten helicopters with sand bags and the whole mountain is on fire

Live reporting

Oh my god Fadi

Yes you heard me right, there were so many fires in Cape Town it was crazy and

it did not show up on camera as much, because it was super hard to zoom in

because as you guys know if you film with the camera everything seems further

away than it actually is in real life, but it was so threatening and we were

super close to mountain so I was just very afraid but for us it was still

doable like we could feel the fire in our eyes and like the smoke, the scent of it

was coming to us and Fadi couldn't sleep all night because of it

but it wasn't that we needed to evacuate whereas some of the people that I know

actually lived well very, very close to that mountain and they needed to

evacuate their homes and it was just so terrifying because of course you hear

about all the fires that happened in California and I was just so afraid that

this would be the same kind of scenario in Cape Town and that so many houses

will burn down or people would get hurt and I know that some of my friends they

were climbing on the Table Mountain and I did not know that they went that day

or another day but it just seems so terrifying that it was so close and

I had never experienced a fire like this

Firefighters are still battling to contain a fire which is burning between

the Signal Hill and Lions Head Mountains in the Cape Peninsula, the blaze started

yesterday afternoon and was fanned by strong winds, reporting has more

- Yeah well we lived down the road we heard about it by the news and we could

smell it from our apartment really really concerned

it was all over the

news stations in Cape Town and everybody in the model group chat that we have

with their agency took photos of it, it looked insane so I was super happy when

it kind of blew off and it didn't seem to be as bad as we thought it would be

- It cleared up! That's nice

- Maybe it's not that bad after all

I mean it's just pine trees

It's just when it goes, when it grows too big and the wind blows like the little particles

because that's what happen in LA and all people you know they have like

wooden houses, so when a little particle just like hits your house it gets on fire


I would never live in a wooden house

- But here the houses are actually good quality

Yeah that's what I was saying, like real-estate here is so good

I feel it just like very accessible to build so if people just spend

more on the actual building, like in Amsterdam 80 or 90% of your house cost is just the ground


And so the following day we could move on with our lives with yet another

amazing delicious breakfast this was so super good

OMG, you have to taste it!

OMG haha

- Perfect!

We are home!

Look at this! OMG, they even have beautiful flowers and plants

These mirrors! Look it's like a a beehive

- Yeah perfect!


I'm so happy!

- Finally, and we got a balcony and we got sea again

Balcony! OMG sea view!

No way!!!

- We're here

- So this place is perfect

This place is perfect, look it's us in the mirror

Room tour, this is so cool so this is our brand-new Airbnb

Of course I brought my rose

the beautiful bedroom and we got books again... it's me!

In here oh my god... Yes beautiful bathroom!

Oh my god babe they have the same

shampoo and conditioner as in the other Airbnb, that's so funny

The good one?

The good one, I love this artwork with the boats

And what do you do in a place that you love?

Come on, come on, it's time, it's YEAH. It's a bed jump! YEAH

Oh this is the best place ever...


- Finally!

- It's so funny!

Omg, Fadi my dress is stuck

Help me!

- Woop, Woop

Omg, it's a pommy

- So beautiful

Omg look! Film the pommy, film the pommy, baby film the pommy! OMG

Did you see that? Pommy! It's a pommy!

OMG! Pommmmy! He doesn't respond

Do you come with me?


- Where is it?

It's in the bag

-Where is it?

In the bag

Where's it?


OK! Let's do this!

- Can I have the tripod?

What? Here!


It's like a fox dog

- Are you mad?

No, I'm happy, I'm grateful for the pictures

thank you

- Low key mad

I'm never mad

And that was a little bit of the behind the scenes of the shoot that Fadi and I did

You can see all the results on my Instagram of course that is

@sanne_vander check that out if you want to see all the photos that I make

here in Cape Town and also check out my other instagrams for example Pommy's

Instagram which is @pommy_vander and of course my my Finsta account

where I post all my 'ugly' pictures and then I have a brand new account because as

some of you guys might know I feel super inspired here in Cape Town and that's

why I decided to start my own brand which is called VNDR official

I'm super proud of it and I'm going to launch something very, very soon

Well we already have our Vanderfit sweater out and our VNDR logo tee which

are in collaboration with Teespring, it's super easy to order you can even

order it in some countries is like below my youtube videos so if you have that

and please make use of that because it's so easy you can literally just see it if

you scroll a little bit down or else I would just put the link in a description

down below, so you can actually buy it from there but other exciting products

will be coming out in the future, so I will keep you posted on that Instagram page

And then here is the YouTube shout out for today here is the Instagram

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And wait a minute that is not all

because in the previous episode I don't know what happened but there was

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the live chat that I would make some new shoutouts in this video so those were

the ones that were officially of that week and here are some more just because

I love you guys so much and I don't want you to feel like you didn't get a shoutout

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Well it feels like it, because it honestly feels like I've been in Cape Town

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one again you win that if you tweet me or if you retweet me just do whatever

you want if you have twitter mention me and I will find you and then last but

not least the Instagram shoutout is always a fan edit and I want to say how

much I appreciate you guys because I know it takes so much time to make edits

and I literally love you guys to the moon and back and then to just make this

episode a little bit more personal, because I also really miss just sitting

down and chatting with you guys like we used to do with for example the model

mask videos so I want to end to this episode by asking you some questions of

what you would like to see now that I'm uploading two times a week obviously

I have a little bit more space, a little bit more room in the week of what I'm

going to film, what I'm going to upload so I would love to know what you guys

would love to see is it more when I eat in a day videos because I got amazing

responses on the one of last week, so if you want more of that I can obviously do that

Do you want to see my workout routine? Do you want to see their

real-time workouts? Like I did them for example in the 30 day work I challenge

Do you want to maybe see other content more about modeling? Did you like the how to

pose like a model video? Is it like that you want more of the videos in that

kind of style... Well I would love to know that and then another question that I

would really like to ask you guys is some book recommendations because I've

been reading loads here in Cape Town, so the books that I've actually read

because I got this question so much on Instagram: What kind of books do you read?

well I love John Green I've read Looking for Alaska the book

with the Katherines, I don't know what it's called and Paper Towns so a lot of books

from John Green, which I personally love so much obviously I'm still reading the

best book of all time The Magic and every day I'm doing the challenges

If you don't know what I'm talking about at all, in the what I eat in a week episode

I tell you guys more about it but basically is a book written by Ronda

Byrne that has also written The Secret hopefully you guys know that book and

it's all about how you can attract more gratitude in your life and with

gratitude you will get more of what you want because if you're appreciative of

what you have you will get more of that, because like attracts like and this all

has to do with a lot of attraction which I find super interesting so if you're

also into that then give it a go, because it's a huge recommendation and every day

you do an exercise and sometimes it has to do with food you sprinkle magic dust on

your food, other times has to do with money you have to write on a dollar bill

that you're grateful for the money that you have and it's just exercises that

keep you mindful and keep you grateful for what you have and then a book that I

lately finished well actually I finished it yesterday was so much fun it's got in

her shoes and it's about the founder, well the co-founder of Jimmy Choo: Tamara Mellon

and she is such an amazing business babe and of course since I'm

starting my own clothing line I wanted some advice from somebody in the fashion

world, because I definitely need it and it's a lot more than you think about

because you have to think about suppliers and you have to think about

packaging and how to send it and how to do everything, so I've been working on it

for the longest time because besides the hoodie and the t-shirt so many other products

will be coming your way and I really hope you're gonna love them as much as I do

because I've been spending lots of time on that as well but of course

I always make time to read even though I'm busy because it just relaxes me so much

and I learn so much from it even from the John Green books you

learn lessons about life and also do non-fiction books I just really loved that

So if you have any recommendations that are kind of in line with books

I mentioned that I would HIGHLY appreciate that and then that was it that was the

episode for today thank you so much for watching you guys all are amazing and I

love you loads goodbye

Clifton beach

We have the espresso from Italia the Sun....

- From Cape Town...

And the rose from...

- Bulgaria

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