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Where's Harris?





( sighs )

Hi, Mom.

She keeps saying, "Where's Harris?"

Who's Harris, Mom?

Harris was my first mistake.

Do you remember your first mistake, Connie?

Sh. Mom, you were dreaming, that's all.

Your first mistake is like your first kiss.

You never forget it.

Sh. Just rest now, okay?

You never told us about somebody named Harris.

I guess I wanted it to be a surprise.

You used to like surprises.

Was he an old boyfriend of yours?

Mine and Buddy's.

Buddy loved him, too.

Harris and I killed Buddy.

Mom, what are you talking about?

Nina. She didn't murder anyone.

CONNIE: Mom, look at me, look at me.

Try to focus.


Hey, beautiful!


I've been on a bus for seven hours.

I'm not even remotely beautiful.

You are never anything but.

It's up to you to stop the wedding, you know.


You're Lila's last hope.

ANN: I'm not anyone's last hope.

Sh. Everything's okay.

Connie, you're such a good mother.

I wasn't much of one myself.

No. You've been a very good mother, sweetheart.

Oh, fuck off.

Come on, Mom.

I'm nobody's sweetheart.

It was a mistake to name that star after me.

( horn honks )

Hi, sweetheart. Hi.

Honey, are you okay?

Of course I am.

My wedding.

Come on. I'll show you to your room.

( clock chiming )

I wasn't expecting anything quite so grand.

It's just a very old dream my family can't seem to wake up from.

I don't look very Newport, do I?

You look wonderful.

Where did you get this blouse?

You always find the most unusual things.

Come on.

Great dress.

Oh! Bride of Dracula.

It's probably better if they're more afraid of me than I am of them.

No, my family is not scared of vampires.

They don't have enough blood to be of interest.

( chuckles )

Come on. I'll show you around.

Trouble is, I need a first sentence.

I can't believe that other guy got "Call me Ishmael"

before you did.

I know. It's my luck, right?

What do you think about this?

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

No good. No.

I'll keep at it.

So your family owns this cliff, too?

Mm-hmm. Known locally as "the plunge."

I fully intend to amount to something despite my advantages.

( both chuckle )

Hey, look.

Come on, I want you to meet somebody.



Hey, the Fish is a wreck. Who's been taking care of her?

Nobody probably.

Ann, this is my big brother, Harris Arden.

Dr. Harris Arden.

The only one around here who actually has a job.

I'm not his brother; I'm one of the servants.

Ha! Ann Grant.

Prone to inappropriate apparel.

If your family's not gonna take decent care of the Fish,

they should sell her to someone who will.

ANN: What's wrong with it?


Barnacles. The planks are leaking.

BUDDY: Can we still take her out?


Ann, you wanna come for a sail?

Oh, I think I have, you know, bridesmaid things to do.

Watch yourself.

Pippin Fitzgerald.

I didn't even know he was coming.

Nine is good.

( door opens)

Ann darling!

Hi, Mrs. W.

Oh, lovely to see you.

Oh, Ann dear,

it seems that half the people I have seated together

at this reception are either mortal enemies,

have had disastrous affairs, or both.

I hear you're gonna honor us with a song at the reception.

Oh...I don't think anyone's all that likely to feel honored.

Have you made your selection?

There's some lovely Schubert songs.

That's not really the kind of thing that I do.

I can get through "Time After Time"

without going flat.

Ah. Hmm.

So...what are we gonna do?

Why don't we move Ellie and Joe Mortimer

to table four.

With the Fairfields?


The tennis thing.

Summer before last.

Oh, my Lord.

At least one of us has powers of retention.

Ann, did Buddy take you down to the beach?

Oh, yes. I met Harris.

What are we gonna do with those Mortimers?

Oh, um....

Here's a card from somebody named Peach.

Peach Howze LaMott.

You know who that is?

Sounds like a stripper.

I don't think Mom knew any strippers.

It's hard to say who Mom knew, isn't it?

What's with this fixation of yours anyway?

What fixation?

She mentions a couple of names and suddenly, you're Nancy Drew.

She keeps going on about people we've never heard of.

She says Harris was her only love,

and then she tell us she and Harris killed somebody.

She's not exactly in her right mind, in case you haven't noticed.

I have a feeling.

That's all.

Who was supposed to speak to Lila about green?

Hi, Ann.

It's nice to see you.

I'm sorry. I'm having a dress crisis.


It looks better on Ann.

Ann darling, wherever did you get those shoes?

Oh, I don't know.

The Village somewhere.

You got them in a village?

No, Greenwich Village in New York City.


I think champagne's gonna be beautiful with your hair.

Thank you.

This is gonna be fun.

( girls giggle )

I can't wait.

What good are words I say to you

You're on, baby.

I don't wanna go on.

I wanna go back.

Sorry. No can do.

I made a mistake.

Mistakes are beautiful, baby.

Mistakes are part of the fun.

I'm wearing the wrong dress.

I can't go for a sail in this.

( sounds of people talking, piano music continues )

I just think Mom's trying to tell us something.

I think Mom needs to be left in peace

at this point.

Well, when I'm on my deathbed,

I hereby give you permission to ask me a question or two about my life.

Nina, if you won't give Mom a break, how about giving me one?

This is probably not the best time for us to have a fight.

We don't need to have a fight.

But really, I'm not gonna let you

torture Mom anymore.

Not at this point.

Excuse me? Torture her anymore?

Sorry. Bad choice of words.

So I torture Mom, and you make her happy

by getting the husband and the kids and the big-ass house.

Nina, don't ask me to apologize for my lie again, okay?

( door opens )

Hey, look. Here comes your life now.

Ethan won't stop looking at me.

Hey Luc, why'd the monkey fall outta the tree?

Why? Because it was dead.

Come on, kids. Let's go up and say hello to Grandma.

Is she dead?

No, honey, she's resting is all.

She'll be so happy to see you.

Come on, let's go.

You see? She's sleeping is all.

But she'll be dead soon.

Well, she's had a good, long life.

She loves you two more than anything.

Can I touch her hand?

Of course you can. Just be very gentle.

( gasps )

Is it time to go on?

No. It's nothing, Mom.

Where's my dress?

Sh. Just go back to sleep now, okay?

When you were little,

you used to cry whenever I put that dress on.

Do you remember?

It meant you were going out.

I never went very far though, did I?

Never went for that sail.

I should have.

Oh, I should have gone for that sail!

( music plays )

I've got the world on a string

I'm sittin' on a rainbow

Got that string around my finger

It's a little early, isn't it?

( laughs )

This is Newport. It starts at noon.

Want one?

No, thank you.

I've got a song that I sing

And I can make the rain go

Any time I move my finger

Who's Harris?

Harris. Harris is our old housekeeper's son.

You're joking.

Okay. This is not our family's summer cottage.

This is our family's summer mansion,

and, yeah,

Harris is our old housekeeper's son.

In the summers when we used to come up here,

Harris and his mother lived in an apartment off the kitchen.



It's time to shut up and dance.

I'm sittin' on a rainbow

I got that string around my finger

Oh, look at me, can't you see

I'm in love

( Ann laughing )

All right, if fistfights break out during the reception,

it won't be because no one worried about the seating arrangements.


You will turn down that a little bit, won't you, dear?

Is your suit pressed for this evening?


And you need a haircut.

I'd be a crazy so-and-so

If I should ever let it go

I've got the world on a string

I'm sittin' on a rainbow

I got that string around my finger

Oh, what a world, what a life

Oh, what a world, what a life

What a world, what a life

♪ 'Cause I... I'm in love

Mmm-mmm, I'm in love

( both laughing )

I'll just feed them and get them to bed,

and I'll be back later.

Mommy, Ethan's farting, he's farting!


HUSBAND: Chloe, sit down, baby.


Put your seatbelts on.

LUC: Whew!

NINA: Sobering, isn't it?

( both chuckle )

Didn't you say something a while ago about wanting one?

Well, after a bottle of champagne, as I recall.

And in answer to a question from you, as I recall.

Yeah. I mean it.


can we discuss this some time when my mother isn't dying?

Yeah. Sorry.

Just seems like...


maybe it's a good time to talk about some new life.

I know.

Listen, what if I don't want to?

I don't mean just for now.

I mean...


Honey, it's time to shut up and dance.

( quiet knock on door )

( door opens )

How's she doin'?

I don't know.

Not so good.

We just want to keep her out of pain now

as much as we can.

She keeps saying strange things.

They do sometimes in end stage.

Medication can make them very dreamy.

She's been talking about...

people from her past, I guess;

people my sister and I have never heard of.

They might be real people, and they might not be.

You never really know.

So, Mom...

is this all just a dream you're having?

( guests talking quietly, piano music plays )

Hello, Harris. How are you?

Mrs. Wittenborn.

Seriously, Lila is making a big mistake, don't you think?

It's a little hard to say.

Oh! All right.

What do you like best about Carl?

( stammering )

Yeah? Mm-hmm. Go on.

No, Carl's...


But you know, Buddy, if this is what Lila wants...

No, this is what Lila thinks she's supposed to want.

There's a difference.

Maybe not... for Lila.

I think...

I think that she should marry Harris.

Do you?

He's the one she's really in love with.

Has been ever since we were kids, ya know?

Is Harris in love with her?

Oh, everyone's in love with Lila.

I'm in love with Lila; aren't you?

She's one of my best friends.


( piano music continues )

So talk to her.


Let's sit the next one out.

What? No, no.

I'm on fire here.

My point exactly.

Hi, Ann. Hi.

Sis, you know, you got the looks and the brains.

( chuckles )

I mean, probably the talent too.

I don't mind; I'm just mentioning it.

Buddy, why don't you sit down?

There are plenty of virtues left for the little brother.

Stalwart, cheerful, good in emergencies.

Carl, man, you're so tall.


Oh, yeah.

Ann, did...

...did Lila tell you that Harris was the first guy she ever kissed?

I was 15.

Guess I had a thing for older men then.

And Harris has the shrapnel from Korea right here.

Wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm not a hero or anything like that.

Of course you're a hero.

So Buddy tells me you're a singer.

I sing. I try to sing.

No, no, she's great.

She's gonna sing at Carnegie Hall one day.

I'll be glad if I can pay my light bill one day.

As I recall, I lured you down to the beach.

You'd got into your father's Scotch.

I had to. I was leaving for school the next day.

Drunken abandon was my last hope.

You passed out.

Oh, well...all right.

It's time for a full confession.

When you wouldn't kiss me back, I pretended to pass out.


It was the only thing I could think of to do.

Well, you were very convincing.

And you carried me back up to the house and...

I'm not gonna humiliate myself any further

by telling you how deeply I believed

that I was Catherine and you were Heathcliff.

Harris is a doctor of medicine.

You told me that.

In Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

Which is where he grew up.

He went back to practice medicine

among his own people.

ANN: That's very impressive.

Only to Buddy.

Harris, would you consider dancing with the bride-to-be?

My pleasure.

Ann, Buddy, come on, let's dance.

I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

Harris served in Korea

and came back here to practice medicine

in this dying little mill town

where he grew up.

He's like a goddamned knight or something.

He's Lila's only love,

and she is about to wreck her goddamn life.

That's enough.

Never seems like enough.

It's enough. Trust me.

( no audio )

She keeps talking about somebody named Harris.

He might have been the love of her life,

or he might just be a fantasy.

Now at the very end, that's who she's talking about.



You seem to be...

Uh, okay.

...the love of my life.

I don't know why; you're a mess,

but I seem to love you.

Oh, Luc, that's so sweet.


I didn't mean it like that.

And I love you, too.

I just still need some more time.

Nina, I...


I can't do this much longer.

Ya know, I can't be...

hangin' around your mother's deathbed

wonderin' if I should even be here or not.

There's something I have to tell you.

I have to tell you this may be it.

I mean, this may just be me...

all unsure and confused and...

messed up.

So if you're hangin' in

waiting for me to metamorphose into the woman you want,

I've gotta tell ya, you might be waiting a long, long time.

Lila, is that you?

I'm fine, Ann.

Open the door, okay?


What is it?


It's nothing.

It can't be nothing.

It's jitters.

Lila, are you sure you want to go through with this?

( door lock clicks )

So Carl announces quite proudly that when he grows up,

he's not going to marry Mom after all.

He's going to marry Jean Harlow.

Well, he's done a lot better than Jean Harlow

in my humble opinion.

Welcome to the family, Lila.

( quietly ) Thank you.

I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.

Hear, hear!

( clears throat )

As the very proud father-- Sis. Hey, Sis.

You know what you've got, Sis?

You have got a talent for love.

You're like a love genius.

( chuckles )

And there's too many statues of generals and politicians

and there's not enough statues of someone like you,

ya know?

But...( chuckles )

in this world, in this world,

there's so much what looks like love

and sound like love,

and it calls itself love.

But is it?

It's just people saying and doing

what they think they ought to say and do.

And you.

You're the greatest.

( whispers ) You're the greatest.

So here's to love.

And here's to you.

Buddy, how about if we put you to bed now?

The party's not over.

Come on, son.

We were just gonna go for a little walk, weren't we?

Buddy and me.

A walk would be just exhilarating right about now.

Lila listens to reason.

We've gotta talk her out of it.

I guess we would be the ones.


Come here. Oh.

Buddy, Buddy.

How about sittin' down?

Yeah, maybe that's a good idea.

Nope. No, no, no, no.

You beauties.

( sighs )


( giggles )

Why do I feel like he's been this way

since he was about ten?

He didn't actually start drinking till he was 12.

( chuckles )

He's a total disaster really.

And yet, I seem to love him.

Yeah, I love him, too.

Okay, he's all tucked in.

You've been doing this a long time, haven't you?

Before he settled down,

he showed me the star he'd picked out for you.

Oh, that.

It's a nice little star.

It is, it's very nice.

It's one of the Seven Sisters.

See? There she is right there.

This isn't too personal, is it?

No. No, not really.

I met Buddy in college, and within three weeks,

he'd picked me out a star,

he declared my flower to be the peony,

my bird to be the swift,

my tree to be the sycamore.

The list goes on.

He was in love with you.

No. No, he was my best friend's little brother.

But as we would walk around campus,

he'd go on about how the swift was my bird,

the onyx was my stone.

I finally asked him why he kept doing that and...

Do you know what he said?

He said he did it so that I would remember him

whenever I saw peonies and swifts and sycamores and all that.

As if he just thought he would disappear one day.

Isn't that sad?

See that star over there?


The medium-sized.

Right there, the one--

near Orion.



That's our star.

It's the one we were looking at

when you were a beautiful young girl,

kissed by some strange older guy who had no right to kiss you,

and after the weekend, you never saw him again.

I'm supposed to slap you, ya know.

Go ahead.

You should.

You have such hopes.

Once you wear the wrong clothes,

you say the wrong things, before you know it,

you can't tell what was your life

and what were your mistakes,

and you start to feel like you're made of wrongness.

What if there were no such thing as a mistake?

You wouldn't say that if you'd met my husbands.

I have met them.


Well, you wouldn't say that

if...if you'd seen me in a maxi skirt.

I have seen you in a maxi skirt.

Who are you?

I'm the night nurse.

You dress rather strangely...

for a nurse...

if you don't mind my saying so.

I don't mind in the slightest.

But you're a real nurse?

I mean, have you had training?

Oh my, yes.

I can do just about anything you need me to.

Can you tell me where my life went?

I can tell you that your star is Alcyone,

your stone is the amethyst,

your bird is the thrush.

( inhales quietly )


My bird is the swift.

I'm afraid that's not accurate.

Oh, well.




( knock on door )

Come in.

You're up.

It's my wedding day.

It's perfect outside.

Isn't it?


Oh, honey.

( sobbing )

There, there.

La la la

Lila, do you really, really wanna marry Carl?



Okay, I'm just gonna say it.

I don't think that you're in love with Carl.

I think you're in love with Harris.

That's ridiculous.

Is it?

I'm not in love with Harris,

and Harris is not in love with me

Are you sure?


Do you wanna know how I know?


Because I asked him.

You did?!

Last night in the middle of my rehearsal dinner,

I told him that since I was 15

that I'd turned down every other guy who came along

who wasn't him--

who had the bad taste not to be Harris.

I more or less offered to sneak out with him

and do anything and everything

that he might want me to do.

To be perfectly honest, I find that impulse understandable.

Yeah, I don't think I can do half of the things that I said I could.

( snickering )

I mean, you know, anatomically.


what exactly did you say?

I humiliated myself.


I mean, do you...?

Do you understand that? Do you know what I'm saying?


I had to know if there is a chance for me with Harris.

And I got my answer.

Now I'm gonna get married.

Okay, maybe... it isn't Harris for you.

But you don't have to marry Carl if you're not sure.

Send everybody home?

Tell them that the bride has changed her mind?


I'm 24 years old.


It would kill Carl.

He'd recover.


No, he wouldn't. He's not...

He's not the kind of person that would recover from something like that.

( knock on door ) Lila?

Lila dear, you up?

Just a minute, Mother.

We've got a lot to do.

I know.

( footsteps retreating )

I need you to be a proper bridesmaid.

I need you to be very, very nice to Carl.

Can you do that for me?

Is that what you really and truly want me to do?

He's a good man.

And he'll be a wonderful husband.

Now it's time to hit the deck, dear.

Good morning, Ann.

Good morning.

Well, everything seemed like a good idea at the time.

One thing led to another.

Now when I look back on it all--

What do you see?



Only that?

Ah, pretty much.

Why don't you think of a time when you were happy?

Don't patronize me, please.

Why don't you just close your eyes

and think of a time when you were happy.

It's best really if you choose something ordinary.

An ordinary moment during an ordinary day.

Mommy, I wanna go home.

Oh, honey.

Everybody's a critic.

No, I'm a terrible mother.

( weeping )

Connie, sweetheart, I'm so sorry.

Your mommy just can't afford a sitter today and tonight.

( Connie whimpers )

Hey, ya know, I think I should take her home.

We gotta rehearse, baby.

( sighs )

Give her to me.

I've had three.

I know what I'm doin'.

( grunts )


Look it here.

This is a piano,

and you and me are gonna play it.

Your mom's gonna sing for us.

Here we go.

( plays gentle, slow tune )

Time after time

I tell myself

That I'm so lucky to be loving you

Look at mama.

So lucky to be the one you run to see

In the evening

When the day is through

What happened to your dress?

What dress would that be?

Hey, Luc.

Hey, Annie.

How's the band?

You know, workin' our way up from dumps to dives.

Connie, did you like my song?

I'm Nina, Mom.

Connie went home for a little while.

It wasn't right, me dragging you around to clubs like that.

Are you okay, Mom?

Are you in much pain?

We should let her rest a little, I think.

NINA: I want to stay a minute, okay?

Just me.

Don't overtire her.

Yeah. Five minutes.

Hey, Mom.

How ya doin'?

Honey, let's not talk about me.

How are you?

I'm okay.

I'm Nina, right?

Of course you are.

You look a little peaked, frankly.

Let me feel your forehead.

I'm fine really.

No, you're not fine.

I'm fine enough.

I'm not the one who's sick.

You're not the one who's well.

Can I tell you something?

Of course.

I'm pregnant.

Oh, darling!

It's wonderful.

With Luc.

Luc's baby.

Our baby.

I haven't told him.

I haven't told anybody.

And Mom, I don't know what to do.

I can't imagine getting rid of it.

I don't think I could do that,

but I can't exactly imagine being with Luc all my life, either.

I mean, we've been together three years,

and I've never felt sure.

And now, I'm two months along.

I'm afraid having the baby

would be something I'd regret for the rest of my life,

and I'm afraid not having the baby

would be something I'd regret for the rest of my life.

Baby is a wonderful thing.

You said Harris was your only love.

That's how I wanna feel.

Harris showed me how much it can be.

Go on.

Will you promise me something?

Tomorrow after Sis marries Dwight D. Eisenhower...

Stop that.

We can drive to New York together,

just you and I?

and we'd go on a bender, ya know.

We can hit a million clubs,

hang around with criminals and degenerates.

I sing for criminals and degenerates

Thursdays through Sundays.

They lose their fascination.

Hey, hey.

Look. Look.

Do you think there's a message inside?

Sure. How could there not be?

I'll be you Carl threw a dozen of them in the water last night

for Lila to find this morning.

Nah, it's for us.

It's for you and me.

Just you wait.

There'll be a note in there that says something like,

"Lila, I'll love you forever.

( laughs )

I was thinkin' more like,

"Whoever finds this bottle gets to make three wishes."

So you start thinkin' of wishes.

( cork pops )


It's wine.

It's really old wine.

Don't drink it.

Annie, I'm not that far gone.

Oh, no, I'm sorry.

Of course you're not.

( bottle splashes )


Look what I found.

Oh, my God.

The queen of the night dress.

Do you remember her wearing this?

Just barely.

Whenever I think of Mom,

I see her in this dress going off to work.

She loved it so much.

In her masochistic way.

In a real way.

Singing at the occasional wedding

is not what she'd had in mind.

Do you remember when she took us to hear Peggy Lee

at the Algonquin?

Oh, it was awful.

No, it wasn't.

Mom cried...hard.

'Cause she was moved.

Because she was sitting there with two little girls

in party dresses,

and Peggy Lee was the one up there on the stage.

Just how unhappy do you need Mom to have been?

Uh, translation, please.

Let's let it go. We're both exhausted.


Let's not let it go.


All right.

It seems to me that you're counting on Mom to have been

as unfulfilled as you are and I am not--

How dare you?!

I'm not gonna let you badger her on her deathbed

about supposed old miseries that are probably in fact just fever dreams.

Who are you to tell me I'm unfulfilled,

whatever the hell that means.

Okay, so you're fulfilled, I'm not.

The fulfilled one has the career and the husband

and the house and garden,

which just happen to be three towns away from Mom.

Mom needed someone close by.

The cleaning women... frail she's been these last few years. dinners at least three times a week,

and no more sex,

because even if you weren't too tired,

the children will probably hear you.

Stop this! So I hope you understand if I tell you

I don't look at you and say to myself,

"Hey, that's one fulfilled woman over there."

Let's talk about your life then.

Okay. Let's.

You've had four different careers.

Go-go dancing didn't count as a career.

You were going to be a real dancer.

Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to admit

I was not good enough?!

I don't think you really tried-- not really.

Luc is your umpteenth boyfriend.

How many exactly is umpteen?

And you're about to dump him.

I look at you and I think,

in five years, she'll have a different job

and another new boyfriend and five years after that,

she'll have another new job and another new boyfriend.


Nothing gets its hooks into you. You just drift.

Well...something has.

I'm pregnant.

You are?




Sit down.

I'm two months, Con. I can stand.

A little slip-up.

It can happen to even the most determined commitophobe.

( both chuckle )

Come on. Sit down.

Okay. I'll sit if it will make you any happier.

It will.

You could be a great mother.

You really love your kids, don't you?

More than anything.

Got that.

That doesn't mean they don't drive me crazy.

That doesn't mean I don't wonder sometimes

if I should be a surfer chick

with seven stupid boyfriends.

Got that, too.

Will you not get mad if I say something?

( scoffs )

I'll do my best.

If you go on being the bad girl;

if you insist on screwing up

everything and everyone that comes your way,

there's a very real chance you'll end up alone.

Oh, Nina, I'm sorry.


At least I'm not mad.

( car tires screech )

Hello there.

What am I doing here? Who are you?

I'm the night nurse, remember?

Oh, you said you've met my husbands.

No, I'm afraid I haven't.

I married Ralph Haverford.

He was the best man.

Isn't that strange?

Do you think I took it literally?

That I couldn't say.

I left him on the sidewalk like a piece of chewing gum.

Some maid of honor, right?

Are you feeling better now?

Then I married Phil, Nina's father.

He had such nice hair.

Nice hair is nice.

Are you married?

Yes, I am.

And you love him in that crazy way?

We've been married almost 40 years.

I've been married 40 years-- more than 40--to Harris.

Just haven't seen him the whole time we've been married.

Well, maybe that's the best way.

Is there anyone special you'd like me to call?

Oh, Sis.

You nervous?

Yeah, a little.

You look fantastic.

Just breathe.

Yeah. Okay.

All right.


You think maybe Peach and Pip could be next?

Pip's a little stuffy.

Peach likes stuffy.


We're on.

And there's the question of Buddy for Lizzie.

Do you really think everybody in your wedding party

should just marry everybody else?

No. It would be nice if my wedding inspired another one.


Are you ready, sweetheart?



( "Here Comes the Bride" being played on organ )

"We are such stuff as dreams are made of."

Are you ready?

I guess so.

I'll sing "Time After Time."

"Time After Time."

Hi, everybody.



When Lila asked me to sing at her wedding,

I told her that I usually only sing for drunks and tourists.

PIP: And we're not tourists.

( laughter )

...but she wouldn't take no,

so, Lila, this is for you.

( music begins )

What good are words

I say to you

They can't convey to you

What's in my heart

If you could hear instead

The things I've left unsaid

Time after time

I tell myself that I'm

So lucky to be loving you

So lucky to be the one you run to see

In the evening when the day is through

I only know what I know

The passing years will show

You've kept my love so young

So new

And time after time

You'll hear me say that I'm

So lucky to be loving


Where did you go?

I snuck out. I felt like a fool.

No, you were nothing like a fool. You were a hero.

You were the hero.

I hit most of the notes.

No, honestly, I didn't sound that great.

I don't mind that.

There was something about being up there just now

and singing that song for Lila.


I don't know.

I've always thought of myself

as singing into the room, I guess,

but I mean doing it... specifically for her.

It was so different.

You got a gift, kid.

You know, honestly, for the first time right now,

I feel like...

...maybe I do.

I wanna be good at this, you know?

Not just...all right.

Really...really good.

I wanna sing on Mars one day.

( chuckles )

If you sing on Mars, I'll shut down my practice

and fly off to see you.

Do you think we need another star for this?

Yeah, I do.

I think it should be close to the one

that you picked out last night.


there's a nice one just south of it.


That's rather modest, don't you think?

There's lots of stars.

This is only your second one.

Hey there.

Oops. Am I interrupting something?

No, Buddy.

Tonight it's all about love, right,

in all its forms and guises.

( laughs )

Time after time

I tell myself that I'm

( singing trails off )

Come on, let's dance.

No, all three of us. Come on.

Hey, I finally had an idea for my novel.


It's about a gangster who's in love with a rich girl.

Honey, that's The Great Gatsby.


Well, in my version, they all get married

and live happily ever after.

It'll be the fn Great Gatsby.

Why not?

Harris, isn't Ann great?

She's okay.

We've been friends since college--

Ann and Lila and me.

Now Lila's a wife.

It's just Ann and me.



Buddy boy, maybe it's time to go.


Terribly sorry, old chap.

It's the wine.

It's the wine.

Hey, Buddy, come back.

As you were, as you were.

It's just a little battle fatigue.

I'm off to the front line again.

He won't remember that in the morning.

I'm not so sure.

( window opens )

LILA: Ann!

Ann Grant, maid of honor at large.

We don't have to tell you about the birds and the bees, do we?

Sorry. Bad bridesmaid.

Lila, you're perfect.

Your carriage awaits.

( girls giggling )

Mrs. Carl Ross.


Ann, you didn't mention anything...

to anyone, I mean, about this morning.


You know, the bride's brief bout of hysteria.

Oh, no, of course not.


I don't want people to get the wrong impression.

Lila, if you want me to,

I'll take you outta here right now.

I will. I'll do all the talking.

I'll put you in a car, and I'll just drive you--


I'm serious.

It's not too late.

You just say the word, and I'll take you away.

Come visit us in Boston

when we get back.

You promise?


I promise.


off I go.

Come here.

( all shouting good-byes )

( cans rattle, horn honks )

You know what it's time for now.

Oh. The plunge.

Come on.

I think I'm gonna skip the plunge.

You can't. It's a tradition.

You don't have to jump, but you do have to come cheer

for the fools who do.

I'm one of the fools.

You'll cheer for me, won't you?

Have you seen Buddy?

Yeah, a while ago. Come on.

I'm gonna come in a while.

You go on ahead.

You sure?

Fifteen minutes, tops.

I'll be there.

There you are.

I kissed Harris.

I know you did.

The thing is...

I'm not that way.

It wouldn't matter if you were.

Oh, yeah, "isn't it pretty to think so?"

Hemingway got that line first, the bastard.

Buddy, it's all right.

You know, Lila and I,

we've both always had this sort of...

crush on Harris.

Lila's been in love with him pretty much all her life.

But it wouldn't do for her to...

you know, get involved with one of the servants.

That's ridiculous.

Not to some people.

You wanna see something really ridiculous?


What's this?

It's a note you passed me junior year.

Introduction to Philosophy.

I can't read it.

It's 'cause the ink is so faded. It says, um...

"Wittgenstein, Schmittgenstein,

what's for lunch?"

That's it?

Yeah, that's it. brought it to the wedding?

No, no.

I've had it in my pocket for, let's see...

...four years now.


Yeah, just...

jammed it in my pocket that day in class

and then that night in my dorm room,

I took it out and put it on my bureau with my keys

and my loose change.

and everything and, um...

and the next morning,

for some reason,

I put it back in my pocket

with my keys and my loose change,

and, um...

I've been carrying it around ever since.

I don't understand.

Yes, you do.

Buddy, you've had a lot to drink.

I'm not even sure who to be jealous of.

You're not even gonna remember this in the morning.

What if...

you and I just sang and laughed together

for the rest of our lives?

( sniffs )


What if we had a few goofy kids who got our jokes

and taught us some new songs, huh?

It wouldn't work.

Not for you.

No, honey.

Not for me.

I'm sorry.

Can I have the note back?

( people laughing and shouting )

GIRL: Come on, Pip.

ALL: Pip, Pip, Pip!

( chanting continues )

You're just in time. I'm next.

"Oh, what fools we mortals be."


GIR: Come on, Peach. Peach is next.

Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach, Peach!

Ann, hi.

Hey, Ralph, do you think you could help me

keep an eye on Buddy?

I'd rather help you keep an eye on me.



A girl with some guts.

GIRL: Let's see something fancy.


Hey. Could you help me get Buddy to bed?

Would you do something for me?

Forget about Buddy for five minutes.

I would be glad to.


( all chanting Buddy's name )

( chanting continues )


Buddy! Buddy!


Buddy! Buddy!

HARRIS: Move. Move!

HARRIS: Buddy!

RALPH: Do you see him? HARRIS: No.


Where is he?

Do you see him?


HARRIS: Buddy!

Please, Buddy, be okay.

RALPH: Buddy!

( whispering ) Please, Buddy, be okay.

Somebody lose something?

MAN: Geez!

LIZZIE: He's up here.

It's kinda salty.


You're not a hero.

You're pathetic.


Have some guts.

Go live your own life.

What, this isn't it?

Write a first line, and then write a second one.

Kiss men if you want to.

Horrify your parents.

Annie. Be a man!

Just leave me out of it.

Don't carry around some stupid note

I wrote you years ago.

You're not interested in me.

You just have this idea of me.

Have the nerve to admit it and just...

...leave me alone.

Oh, hell, I got the note all wet.

Ann. Ann!

Take me outta here.

Okay. Where do you wanna go?

Somewhere far away from all these people.

Okay, I got it. Follow me.

Where we going?

It's a surprise.

( muttering ) Ann, just...

One more thing...

Just one more thing I wanna say...

( tires screeching )

Welcome to my hideout.

Gray's Anatomy?

I've known I wanted to be a doctor

since I was eight years old.

You are the most serious man I have ever met.

I guess I'm not a lot of fun.

I didn't say you weren't a lot of fun.

Your shirt's wet.

What's this?

It's just what's in the air.

Has it always been like this?

Oh, yes.

I don't think I like it.


LIZZIE: What a night!

Where's Ann?

PEACH: Where's Harris?

( all laughing )

PEACH: I'm in front.

MAN: Follow that car!

( all talking and laughing )

RALPH: Now there's a pretty sight.

Hey, wild man.

Time to call it a night.

Oh, my goodness!

What?'s all over.

Oh, my goodness!


He's breathing.

I'll go call a doctor.

Wait. Harris is a doctor.

Where's Harris?






We gotta get him to a hospital.

We can't move him.

Hang on, Buddy, just hang on.

Everything is gonna be okay.

He's holding something in his hand.

What is it, Buddy?

It's just gunk.

Wet paper or something.

Let's go.

Get his legs, legs, legs.

My God.

Buddy's right.

About what?

About you.

You're brilliant.

You're gonna be famous.

( sighs )

Hardly anyone gets to be famous.

You're famous to me.

Hey, Mom.

I found your dress.

It's still as beautiful.

It's just like I remember it.

I actually hated you sometimes

when you put on that dress.

And I didn't really understand until

I had Ethan and Chloe about...

...well, how it seems like you break your children's hearts

no matter what you do.

Whether you sing in clubs at night

or just stay home.

You start to wonder which mistakes of yours

they're gonna forget and which ones...

...they'll still be talking about

for years after you've gone.

Um...I've been meaning to tell you

what I've learned...

about how it must have been for you.

And now I'm afraid I may have waited too long.


do you think

you could be your old self again?

It would mean so much to me.

I want you back.

We're in trouble now.

Maybe we should just keep going.

Where could we go from here?

The boat.

We could sail to Barbados.

I've never been to Barbados.

See? Me neither.

( laughing )

We should probably stop in and say good-bye to the Wittenborns though,

since we'll be stealing their boat.

( chuckles )

I got a funny feeling suddenly.


I don't wanna go back into that house.

I don't, not for one minute.

It's just a formality.

Kiss me.


( knocking on door )

( woman wailing )

WOMAN: You'll come back for me then?

DRIVER: Yes, ma'am.

NINA: Hello.

Are you Ann's daughters?

Yeah. I'm Nina.

I'm Constance.

I'm Lila Ross,

and I'm an old friend of your mother's.


I got a telephone call from her nurse.

She said your mother was very, very ill,

so I came right away.

I hope it's not inconvenient.

NINA: No, not at all.

Come in.

Just through here.


Are you an angel, because frankly,

I don't want any damn angels in here.


It's Lila.

( gasps )

Oh, my God!

Oh, dear!

Oh, gosh.

Oh, it's...

...been a long, long time.

Years and years and years.

Terribly hard being so sick.

I watched Carl go through it. Carl...?


Seven years now.

We have three children.

Three? I have two girls.

I know.

Oh, yes. I saw the girls downstairs.

They're so lovely.

Do you still know Harris?

In a Christmas card sort of way.

He met a girl in Shelburne Falls.

A nurse.

Yes, I know.

He wrote me a letter.


I know.

I thought there'd be so many chances.

There were some.

But not...

No one ever moved me like...

( moans quietly )

There, there.

La, la, la.

Have you been happy?

At times.

At times, I've been very unhappy.

Is that it?

I never expected as much as you did.

Oh, I expected so much.

Yes, you did.

And you got so much.

Two bad marriages,

and I didn't turn out to be such a great singer.

You sang at my wedding.

A century or two ago.

Oh, yes.

( both laughing )

God, you were wonderful.

You were so beautiful,

standing up there...

so brave and strong.

Full of hope.

It was nothing.

It was something to me.

I think about it.

My God.

I still think about it.








How are you?


I'm...I'm fine.

I can't believe this.


Um...I'm moving to Los Angeles.

Oh, we're going back to Shelburne Falls.

We just came in for the weekend

to see my, uh, my wife's brother.

That's your son?


Three years old.


How about if I introduce you?

Oh, no, no.

I've got a plane to catch.

You look great.

So do you.

I have a daughter.


You still singing?

Not right now.

Why'd you stop?

I got married.

I married Ralph Haverford.


And then I had the baby.

You know, one thing just sort of...

leads to another.

I have to tell you something.

I still know which stars are ours.

Well, um...

call me if you ever get to Los Angeles.

Yeah, sure.

If you ever find yourself in Shelburne Falls...



You offered to rescue me from my own wedding.

You remember that?



Not entirely sure what I wanted that day.

( sighs )

Not sure what I should've wanted.

I have thought about you...


I wish I could sing for you again.

You can't know...

how much it mattered.

Don't you think at least one of us

should've married Harris?

I think we did what we needed to do.


I suppose we did.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course.

Who's Harris?

Harris was a boy that your mother dated.

A long, long time ago.

Was she in love with him?

We were all in love with Harris.

What happened to him?

Uh, he worked with the poor, got married, had children,

and became an old man.

I have to ask.

I'm sorry, but...

I have to know.

Do you think Mom made some sort of terrible mistake back then?

Harris was just a boy, dear.

An unusually attractive one, I'll admit, but...

your mother had a whole life.

She had you.

For all the good it did her.

She sang at my wedding.

She raised two girls.

We can't know everything she did.

But...( chuckles )...

I can assure you it was a great deal.

( horn honks )

Guess my cab is here.

Sorry. She's just been saying strange things.


We are mysterious creatures, aren't we?

And at the end,

so much of it turns out not to matter.

You really think so?


Listen to an old lady.

Hi, Mom.



How you feelin'?

I feel wonderful.

I don't feel sick at all.

Oh, honey,

you look a little better, too.

I am a little better, I think.

I'm gonna get up, I'm gonna make a big breakfast

for everybody.

I think you're being a little too ambitious.

Will you do something for me?


Will you try to be happy?

That's a tall order, Mom.


( laughs )

Will you try not to be scared all the time?



...there's no such thing as a mistake.

You get nervous, but...

you sing anyway.

I'm just gonna sleep for a minute, okay?


( xylophone chiming )

Mommy, I want you.

Just a second, Connie.

I want you now! What is it, honey?

I can't get Barbie into her dress.

She can wait a minute, don't you think?


YOUNG NINA: Daddy, no!

MAN: You can't bang

on that xylophone thing when I'm working.

That is so true.

Here. All yours.

I'm making dinner. Can you--

No! I got a deadline! Can you manage Nina for 20 minutes?

CONNIE: Barbie's going to be late.

What is she late for, angel?

Her party. She's gonna be late.

She's gonna miss everything.

I see the moon

And the moon sees me

And the moon sees somebody I wanna see

God bless the moon and God bless me

And God bless the somebody I wanna see

God looked down from up above

And he picked you out for me to love

He picked you out from all the rest

♪ 'Cause He knew that I loved you the very best

I see the moon and the moon sees me

And the moon sees somebody I wanna see

God bless the moon and God bless me

And God bless the somebody I wanna see

Uh, it's...

Guess what.


I'm pregnant.

You're kidding.

Never more serious.


Whoa. Uh...

Are you happy?

( laughs )

Uh, yeah.

Are you happy?

I think so.

Yeah, I think I am.

Oh! Uh...

Sit down!

Should you sit down?

I'm two months along. I'm fine.

Oh, my God!

A baby.

We're gonna have a baby.

Which frankly scares the hell outta me.

It'll be great.

Yeah, I'm sure it will... at times.

And at times, I'm sure I'll be exhausted and angry,

and I'll think I've made a terrible mess of my life.

I'll be there.

You will, won't you?

Even if I get confused and strange and horrible.

Yeah, I'll, uh...

I'll do my best.

I will, too.


We're gonna have a baby.

I know. It's great.

( Luc stammering )

This is...

I'm gonna be a father!

You're gonna be an aunt!


I think you should come upstairs.

I'll be right here.

You will, won't you?

Yeah. Yeah. That's good.

That's very, very good.

The Description of Evening