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hi guys and welcome to today's video today's video is another one from my

series of product empties in this series I tell you I give you mini reviews of

all the products in general most of these are actually beauty products today

we have a mix of skin makeup and hair care sitting in front of me I usually

have a really big box of product empties but I randomly go ahead and select like

10 - 12 products every time if you guys have not seen any of my previous product

empties videos I'm going to go ahead and link it in for you somewhere here so

please make sure you guys check that out because it might come in really helpful

if there is a product that I've really liked and you get a review and you can

go ahead and purchase that or if there's a product that I did not like maybe you

could save some coins not go ahead and buy that I've also got a couple of

different videos like products I regret buying or beauty tools you shouldn't really

waste your money on I'll go ahead and insert my anti-haul playlist link you

know somewhere as well so please make sure you check those out but let's not

make this intro any longer let's dive right into the mini reviews of the

product empties I have sitting in front of me right now that we're going to talk

about in today's video okay let's dive right into it

first things first in case you're wondering

Aanam has long hair suddenly

Well she doesn't, she's wearing extensions

I talked about this in another one of my videos don't know whether that's going

up before or after but basically I've been feeling really bad about missing my

whole hair pre-accident hair so these extensions I got custom-made in Jan end

no in fact yeah Feb end and I'm finally wearing them I don't know why I haven't

worn them in like general videos for a while

I have worn it for a wedding in the middle but yeah that's why I have long

hair now that that's out of the way let's talk about these products

the first product that I have that I want to talk about is Osmo's purple shampoo if

you have ever gotten your hair color blonde you will be very familiar with

the idea and the term purple shampoo if you are not then you will have the same

reaction that I had when someone told me to go buy purple shampoo I was like

what basically purple shampoo is shampoo that helps you cut out the yellowness

from your hair so if you've colored your hair a lighter shade than it actually is

and if basically like once you bleach your hair the natural sunrays inserts a

lot of the yellow-ness a lot of extra warmth into your hair and if your hair is

colored you don't want that yellow-ness I'm gonna go ahead and insert one of my

pictures of where my hair is really yellow and I didn't even realize it

well using a shampoo like this cuts out the warmness and keeps your hair color looking and

feeling cooler so cooler in terms of not cooler like

little cooler like warm colours - cool colors I love this purple shampoo Osmo's

silverizng it's also called a silver shampoo like a silverizing shampoo

and the slang for it is like purple shampoo so this one is really really

really great I would take a normal shampoo and conditioner so I would

shampoo this leave this in my hair for like 5 - 7 minutes a couple of times when

I when you like Maldives oven once I came

back from Queensland because I spent so much time on the beach and my head did

get really really yellow I would come back and leave it in my hair for like 20

minutes or half an hour it doesn't damage your hair it helps you with your

hair color and it also takes care of your hair basis all of the advice that

I was given from multiple hairstylists so the Osmo one gets a huge thumbs up

from me because I thought it was really really nice you can instantly see a

difference in your hair when you like have like long hair and then you like

color it and then you have the yellowness and then the yellow is

getting taken away so this is something you should only get if you have lightish

cool-toned hair the next product i have is from the l'oreal Seri expert range

this is the hair balm and I've literally even cut it open and used it that's how

squeaky-clean it is after the hair tragedy of Jan 2020 somehow that is

coming up a lot recently because I've been talking about hair a lot recently I

was recommended to use this from the team at L'Oreal professional who did my

hair color not the damaged one the correction one they were amazing they

also colored my extensions to match my hair they gave me this and asked me to

use this on a regular basis on my tips well these are extension tips not

these tips. on my like actual hair tips and i could feel my tips getting less

dry naturally because i use a lot of heating tools in my hair guys because

i'm always like because of my job right like i'm always required to either have

my head straightened or curled or styled in some way to make sure i can sit here

and look presentable so right now one of the main reasons

I've actually pulled up my extensions and you'll probably see me wearing this a

lot more is because I'm avoiding heating tools right now so I guess my strategy

is going to be to wear my extensions more often so I can skip the heating

tools for a while but this is really really really great if you have damaged

hair I don't just have this I have a few other products from the L'Oreal serie

range also which I'm using but they're not here today because those are not

empty I'm only sharing my empties today okay I'm gonna talk about a product that

I don't necessarily love right now and very surprisingly it is from a brand

that I really really love I'm talking about this makeup cleanser from Huda

Beauty now Huda Beauty's makeup removing balm is

something that I saw so much talk about online and I was expecting to love it

so my own heart was a little bit broken that I didn't

I guess the benchmark for for makeup removal balm for me is as high as like

Clinique I am NOT on the Clinique PR list I have not been for a few years I got

taken off the PR a while ago for whatever reason I don't know but I buy

all my Clinique products i buy all my Smashbox products i buy all of my MAC

products I haven't received PR from any of these brands for a while now like all

of these sister brands basically and I I can give you my 100% honest opinion that

the TTDO or the Clinique take the day off balm is freaking amazing so I guess that

was the benchmark I tend to compare this with by itself this is a nice product

but if I had to go and make a purchase and pick one of the two I would probably

gravitate towards the TTDO because I know my full face of makeup will come

off with this it would come off but the effort was more and I just feel like

when you're buying a product that's not exactly drugstore you want to make sure

that it comes up with as little effort required as possible so this one

unfortunately I would recommend you skip. then we've got Smashbox photo finish

primer I have loved and praised this primer for a very long time

having said that, there is an amazing dupe for this if you don't want to be

spending this I will not be repurchasing this the Colorbar primer is actually

really really great it and gives you a similar effect as this particular one

over here apart from that the Lotus primer - I'll link in all of the

products that I really like down below in the info box and as I'm saying that I

realize we're in lockdown so I'm not sure if I'll get access to links but if

it's been lifted by the time this video goes up check the info box for links

So the Colorbar primer is really really great the Lotus primer surprisingly is

really great and it's become one of my go to products. Colorbar's primer oil is

also something I am really really loving right now apart from that which are the

primers do I really like Flormar is another one of my really nice primers

but you don't get Flormar in India - you know what, I will add a couple of

recommendations for primers for you guys down below in the info box with this one

so go ahead and check that out this is a really great primer by itself

I'm just trying to give you options that will not make you spend as much money

you know what I mean okay you're here's a product that I really really grew to

love what I have in my hand is the Glutaweis serum and first of all can we just

appreciate the really cool packaging so the this comes off and then you like

pump the injection on your face

Did I just spritz the last bit of the serum? I tried to use this last night and it was over so I thought it was over

yeah it's over now nothing's coming out well I need to go find where that serum

went and wipe it clean otherwise my white table we have serum on it I don't know

my cat could slip - anyway my point is this is a really great product it has really cool

packaging it's something that I started using a lot once I got it I am planning to

get another one of these as soon as the lockdown is lifted one of the really

cool things about this particular product is that it's a Swiss brand so

like they don't have nasties and stuff in them apart from that what I really

loved about this product was that unlike so many other serums it's not like thin

and like oily or anything like that it actually felt like I was wearing a primer on my face which was really unique and I really liked it

apart from that I felt my skin just feeling really good I couldn't see a change like

visually but I could feel the change in my skin and I feel like this product

should get some credit for that okay you guys have heard me talk about the Wella

EIMI thermal image heat protectant spray so many times. honestly like

this is not sponsored by Wella but it should be because I don't think I can

have a conversation about hair care without bringing up some of these Wella

EIMI products this is a really really really great range of products and the

thermal heat protectant spray is my favourite I have lost the cap

because I travel with this baby all the time it's always like everywhere this

was my last one so I need to make another purchase I had was it they saw

us at the dry shampoo - i think it was the dry shampoo I had in a big size as well as a

small one this is really really great one thing

about heat protectant sprays that I want to highlight is that so many of us use

it just before we straighten or curl our hair but if you're someone who really

wants take care of your hair you can actually

spray this on any random day as well because we live in like really tropical

climates and we have a lot of like heat obviously right all over India

especially here in Bombay things get really hot and keeping that aspect in

mind I would just randomly spray this on my hair even when I was not using a

heating tool because I realize that the air is just so hot in general that this

can only do my hair good it can't damage it so yeah need to repurchase this baby

one two three four five six seven down to the last two products I feel like I

should talk about the only makeup product over here or not makeup there

was primer also I feel like I'm going to talk about this particular blush next

this one is a Tarte blush that you see me use a lot now I have more than just

hit pan on this particular brush blush this is literally the state it is in

right now it's like pretty much almost clean out like powder little bit this

is in the shade Paaarty I loved this blush this blush was

actually something I got at Sephora in I wanna say Singapore -

I'm confused whether - at one of the international Sephoras. I basically got

it free at the checkout counter because I had shopped so much so keeping that in

mind they like asked me to pick a few, a couple of free things and this was one

of those this is a really great blush if you're around my skin tone because it

gives it a really nice flushed look and I love Tarte as a brand also

FYI on my last trip to America Los Angeles in May 2019 I literally went hunting

for the Tarte shape tape and my shade was sold out everywhere so that's

something I'm still really waiting to try - like I've tried it with like makeup

artists and stuff I'm waiting to own next and the last product we have is the

Nivea Fringipani fragrance shower gel Fringipani and oil

fragrance shower gel I know it's strange putting a shower gel in here - is it strange?

it shouldn't be strange it really shouldn't be strange because I

basically put anything in everything related to beauty in here I love the

fragrance of this shower gel it was so so good

Nivea is a brand I love in general and I've been using and know of

since I was a kid - I don't know if you'll remember but like when I was like a kid

my mind my grandfather's sister would have like

this tinned Nivea box next to her at all times which is one of my

first memories of Nivea as a brand immediately reminds me of like my

grandfather's sister and I feel like that's one of the reasons this brand

will always have like a little bit of a special place in my heart

so I actually added one of these Nivea products into my shower after really

long I received this one in PR by the way and I was really in love with the

fragrance if you are looking for something that smells amazing

this might be it. also major major bonus to the fact that Gerry approved

of this because like he's always like telling me you add very girly

fragrances into the bathroom why so many of these floral I like those so I tend

to kind of throw those into the shower but he also really like really likes this

one and was using it himself as well. so major props okay there you go that wraps

up our little round of product empties for today I do have more product empties

already and that particular box always has things piling up in it I can't do

everything in one video Oh where's the fun in that - also those videos will

just be never-ending go ahead let me know what you think of my extensions

this look down below in the comments and please hit

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go now I hope you enjoyed this one thank you guys bye love you!

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