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- So yesterday, our Health Secretary Matt Hancock,

hinted that the lockdown could extend

past December 2nd, in the country.

That's the tier four, total lockdown

that we are experiencing in Britain right now.

One of the Tory MPs, Iain Duncan Smith

said that, "If we don't get out of lockdown,

and we don't get out of even the tier one restrictions

that quote unquote, 'our economy is dead,'"

and here's the kicker.

They're saying that if and when we get out

of the tier four lockdown, that the other tiers

are now gonna be much more drastic.

So tier one used to be 10:00 p.m. curfew,

they're saying that's just not even practical anymore,

and there's gonna be much more draconian

lockdown measures, going forward.

Meanwhile, Dr. Carl Heneghan has said

that COVID cases, flat lined two weeks ago,

they flat lined two weeks ago and our NHS is now

operating at quote unquote, "normal capacity."

So again, we see very conflicting messages

between our science community and our elected officials.

And it's always very confusing to us as to what the actual

agenda is of the elected officials, 'cause it doesn't seem

to be looking out for our economy,

for our interests, for our mental health,

for our younger generation, for anything.

And this is the message I've been saying

really for months and months and months,

which is why I'm so confused by this political system

where you're given two choices with two parties,

but basically no solutions and no results.

No one is serving the nine million citizens of this city

here in London, and our mayor is complicit

with these ridiculous lockdowns that we all agree now

were based on bad data.

And yet, our mayor continues to lock this city down

and continues to ask for billions

and billions of pounds of bailouts

for failed transportation systems,

failed housing, failed economies, failed businesses.

And so what we need now, and I've been saying this

now for weeks, is we need new leadership,

we need a proportionate response to this virus

and we need science-based decision making.

I spoke with Dr. Martin Kulldorff, this week on my show,

and he talked about this concept of focus protection,

where we protect the elderly, but we allow the young

to get back to their jobs, back to their lives.

This is the solution going forward, and yet our leaders

are gonna ignore this data, and if this lockdown continues

past December 2nd, if you and I are not allowed

to go home for Christmas and see our families,

this is gonna be a travesty because all of this

could have prevented.

And this is the thing,

we talk about control versus elimination,

there is no eliminating this virus,

there is only a matter of control, we have to find a way

of living with this virus and making the decisions.

And here's another thing, it's not choosing our health

or the economy, you not only can have both

but you must have both.

So we need an economy that's running

and a healthy set of citizens, and you have to have both

at the same time, you can't shut everything down

and expect things to be healthy around here

because they're not, and we've got no money

to pay for anything in the future

and our healthcare as well.

So please leave your comments below,

again, I hate people that only bring problems,

I like people that bring solutions,

which is why I will be your next Mayor of London,

and on May 7th, we're moving into City Hall

to make some real changes in this city

and show people, what real leadership looks like.

What a proportional response to the virus looks like,

what science-based decision looks like.

We wanna get our kids back in school,

we wanna get this incredible economy running

because by strengthening the economy,

we will strengthen all things.

And it's not just about the small businesses

we wanna look after, which we do,

but all of us get knock on effects from that,

because that's how we're employed,

that's how we have all of our livelihood,

that's how our younger generation has opportunities.

These are important things,

which is why I'm talking about 'em.

So please, leave me your comments below,

really, it's really important to me what you think,

because as your mayor it's my job to listen and serve.

Not my job to have some random agenda with some strange

political backers with some weird things going on

behind the scenes in some chumocracy where, you know,

buddies get contracts and all the things we're seeing

happening right now with the National Government.

My job is to serve, so please, leave your comments below,

forward this video to someone who might need it,

and let's go, we are running, and we're going to win

the Mayor of London, on May 7th,

and we're excited, thank you.

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