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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: La vuelta de Viri | S3 E4 CLIP 2 | SKAM España

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Its clear that if a fight happens, i win

Ok, bye

C: Hi.

N: Hey

It´s all here.

I wasnt thinking of keeping it, I swear.

Viri, no one thought that...


No girl

Im sorry.

Me too.

Hey, you know what?

You still havent found out, but you know whos coming at the end?

Hugo, and not only Hugo, but the four of them.

And not only that, they thought of

doing a concert to raise the money left.


they just know we lost the offer,


Nothing else.

Jorge wants to play music

and Lucas knows a really cool place, right?

Yeah, yeah and theyre taking care of everything about the concert,

theyre looking for microphones, stereos, and all that stuff,

and we dont have to do anything.

Besides, it was time for them to do something...



we dont have to worry about the trip.

Everything is under control.

Im not going to Mallorca...

What are you talking about?

Cmon Viri, how are you not going to Mallorca?

You are the trip, you are Mallorca, or not?

Its already decided, Im not going.



nobody knows about the money, okay? just us

and no one else.

It doesnt matter,

im not going and dont try to convince me otherwise because no

Teacher: Girlswhat are you doing? You cant be here.

Cmon, go outside

C: Alberto, were not doing anything.

C: Boythe one year we dont have him and hes still a pain in the ass...

A: WellI think hes cute and really niceI swear

/subtitles thanks to skamesptranslations on tumblr/

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