Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Submarine Rescues Stranded Aviator | WW2 Hell Under the Sea

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[music playing]

NARRATOR: September, 1944, south-east of Japan,

USS Finback steams toward the crash

site of an American plane.

10 miles away, a young pilot drifts towards the shores

of a Japanese island from which enemy

ships set out towards him.

[music playing]

The situation appears hopeless.

[music playing]

Until two American planes from his squadron appear overhead.

[music playing]


The Avenger aircraft strafed the Japanese vessels.


And they retreat to the protection of the shore.

But now low on fuel, the American planes

must return to their carrier.

[music playing]

The Aviator is vulnerable and alone again.

[music playing]

To the south, USS Finback approaches

the coordinates of the downed airmen,

guided in by its air cover.

[music playing]

LOOKOUT: Life raft, off the starboard bow.

NARRATOR: At last, a lookout spots a bright yellow object

in the vast Pacific.

[music playing]

From the life raft after more than three hours of fear

and struggle, the 20-year-old pilot

believes he has started to hallucinate as he sees what

he describes as an apparition.

First a dark spot, then a submarine emerges.

He worries that might be Japanese.

[music playing]

But he identifies the men on board with relief.

They are American.

[music playing]

USS Finback's photographic officer rolls his camera.

Five submariners gather at Finback's bow to recover

the bobbing life raft.

[music playing]

Just before noon, more than three hours after the crash,

they pulled the young pilot aboard.

[music playing]

He is safe.

[music playing]

The Description of Submarine Rescues Stranded Aviator | WW2 Hell Under the Sea