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I've been an investor for nearly 20 years now

I prefer investments which give me

the maximum returns

with the minimal risk and the maximum flexibility

in that regard, KredX is a great answer

I'm a chartered accountant and hence

compliance is the first thing I look at when I'm looking at Investments

when I had surplus cash I want to try KredX as an investor

I have seen the platform is a borrower we hope the same being an investor

Bill discounting was available till now only for corporates and banks and what

KredX has done is that they've made it available to individual investors

well familiar with my asset classes and what KredX offers is a very unique asset class

I did not know this existed at all

the returns that they're giving is

excellent the risk is something I can easily evaluate

KredX takes care of all the paperwork

all you have to do is email the your KYC and you can get started

as a borrower I have seen the vetting process at KredX is foolproof

and they only bring invoices to the table from the reputed bluechip companies

it saves me a lot of time which I would have otherwise spent on researching the

funds out there but at the same time give me

comparable returns at a much reduced risk

and you get great returns with the

added gratification of helping other recipes

so I'm extremely happy with KredX in fact I have already recommended it to several of my friends

I've invested in KredX because it's hassle-free transparent and highly rewarding

I have found KredX to have the maximum returns at the minimal risk and with the

lowest maturity period in the market today

given the current market conditions, it's

a great addition to my portfolio.

I have invested in KredX because where else will I

get 20 percent annualized returns in 45 days

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