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Erm... did you mean what you said yesterday?

So you didn't mean it... -Dude, I did... Flip, wait a sec.

I did mean it.


Yes... me, too.

I like you.

How do you like me?

I REALLY like you.

I've never felt this way before... about a guy.

You have?

Yes. But that was different.

The last time, he was more into me. And I simply wasn't sure yet.

And this time? This time you are?

I've never been so sure about something before.


And you?

Me, too.

So we're dating?

Koen... What do you want? Do you wanna date me or not?

I just don't want anyone to know.

Why do you care?

Don't do that.

Not here. -There's no one here.

So we'll just keep it a secret for a while, okay?

I didn't dare anything with Mick.

And why do you now?

Can't keep my hands off you.

Even with people around?

But... ...there's no one around.

Hey, but you won't tell anyone, okay?



Shut up! SHUT UP!

Ladies and gentlemen!

They are BRAND NEW and I just have to have them...

Hello? Are you there? -What? Those sneakers?

Yeah. -They are super expensive.

No, I know a really good way to get a good deal.

Do you wanna know how? -How?

I'll just lay out some fliers from the store at the sport school. Tit for tat, everybody happy.

Can you guys get a deal for me, too?

Why? YOU and sports?

Hello? This one is the boyfriend of that one. Are they sneakers or are they sneakers?

You always wear those. Doesn't mean anything, you never were into sports...

Alright boys. Lower body beneath the table so I can get started.

I never did any sports because I didn't wanna make you feel bad, because I'm such a talent.

And I'll prove it to you. -Spare me your bloopers.

I'll show you in a bit. -But I'm going to shoot hoops with Koen.

So? I'll just come along. I'm sure Koen won't mind.

I'm fine with it.

Come on, guys. I want to get started. Books on the table.

Yeah, that's fair. 2 on 1.

You really suck at it.

That's just a trick, so I can surprise you later.

You won't find a bloke with that. I'm not interested anyways.

Who do you fancy more? -I don't know.

You don't know? Let's get a little closer than.

What is this about now? -Flip, keep out of this. This is between men.

I'll get us a double-date.

He HAS to know. This is just stupid.

They wanna go to the movies with us. But why didn't you come over here, huh? For me.

I don't fancy those girls.

How would you know that after just one minute?

Sometimes you just know.

You should talk, as if you...

You're not going to say that...

..that you are..

Me again. Is it contageous or something?

Don't act so stupid. -Is this a coincidence, or...?

Yeah... no. -What does 'yeah... no' mean?

You can't tell anyone. -Can't tell what?

Only you can know about it, because you're my brother and Koen's best friend.

You're kidding, right?

Is there something going on between you two? -You really can't tell anyone.

That's nice! MY basketball mate and you turn him gay?

Don't act stupid. It's been a while since Koen...

Well, 'a while'? -Hey, thanks bro!

The three of us can still... -How long has this been going on?

Never mind. I don't need to know. Have fun together!

Koen is gay. As well. Do I bring it out in people or something?

I couldn't care less about him being gay, but that he and Flip are keeping it secret...

...behind my back is pretty lame.

... And that thing with those girls was pretty pointless.

How long has this been going on?

And Koen just used me to get closer to Flip. 'Hey, wanna shoot some hoops?' and meanwhile...

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