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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Improve Your English - Late and Live - 11th July 2018 - Baby Trump - Football Drama - Mr Duncan

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they're coming home they're coming home England's coming home

Oh dear me what a pity what a shame I can't believe it I really can't believe it

England are out of the World Cup how can

this be reality we were so certain we were so sure that

we were going to win how can this be reality I really don't know

it's not fair I tell you hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England England

yes how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so

here we go again it is Wednesday night late and live and it's mr. Duncan that's

me live on YouTube we are here live is live can be yes of course

tonight I'm sure you were watching I was watching mr. Steve was watching we

were all getting so excited because after five minutes England scored a goal

and then in the second half it all went to pieces what a shame

so that's it it looks as if the dream is over for this year so on Sunday the

final the World Cup final will be between France and Croatia no England

unfortunately isn't that a shame I can't believe it already I'm getting lots of

lovely messages from people saying oh I'm sorry mr. Duncan so sorry that

England lost I had so many things planned tonight and I've had to scrap

all of them I had a lovely England flag on the screen behind me but that's gone

now I had my pizza ready to eat my celebration Pete sir that is now sitting

in front of me cold I don't feel hungry I don't feel like eating pizza

dear I don't know what to do what to do francisco is first on the live chat

tonight thank you for joining us Mina is here as well hello my teacher

sorry for losing the match well you didn't lose it and I didn't lose it

Gretel says sniff sniff sorry Bielarrusia is here

hello mr. Duncan and the classmates hello to you as well thanks for joining

us tonight Pedro is here hi everyone Gretel I

wanted England to win I know I know it's a shame isn't it

alex is here also Aurora hello mr. Duncan from Brazil it is very

cold because it's winter is it really is it really cold at the moment in Brazil

it's feeling very cold here tonight across England and it has nothing to do

with the temperature nothing to do with it

you might say that the mood is very cold very sad funny baby Trump says Bella oh

yes did you see Donald Trump floating by and of course he will be in the UK

towards the end of this week Donald Trump is coming to the UK this week a

lot of people getting very excited about that of course if you do get excited

about something or bites something it doesn't necessarily mean that you like

it so the excitement might be excitement as in anger Belarusian says Croatia and

France the two teams that had to suffer Argentina oh by diller says hi so how

are you doing I'm okay not too bad but I must admit I did end up watching

the whole of the match and I didn't realize

it was going to finish so late around about what was it half an hour ago about

half an hour ago the match finished I can't believe it so that's the reason

why I am slightly late Aurora said Brazil came home before

England yes but now England will be coming home they didn't win the World

Cup Gabriele says I'm very sorry and sad mr.

Duncan just now I can't stop crying Oh Gabrielle though please don't cry please

don't cry you'll make me cry Katherine hello Katherine thanks for

joining us tonight Nicole is here hi mr. Danko and Debbie sad the English team

was almost successful so sad that France will not have the pleasure to beat

England Thank You Cara des for that hmm yes I think a lot of people were looking

forward to see France and England playing against each other but no it is

not going to happen the English arrogance is punished in

football says zigzag thank you very much for that

well yes in the first half England played quite well but then in the second

half it seemed as if they were all tired out yes so I think even from my point of

view I think Croatia in the end were the better team I think so Belarusian I am

supporting Croatia and of course I am very happy about the matches final

result between England and Croatia oh ok then thank you Anna for that Tomic I'm

here for the very first time on Wednesday late in live Thank You Tomic

thanks for joining us it's nice to see you here I have a fly buzzing around me

at the moment there is a fly buzzing around in my studio and it's really

really annoying me hello mr. Duncan from Algeria Miami or

Miami hello to you as well Kurdish I guess you are good thank you

very much sir thank you as well merry angel says hello mr. Duncan hello to you

as well thanks for joining me tonight it's a little bit sad because we didn't

win tonight Croatia are through to the World Cup final which is happening on

Sunday which also happens to be the day when I'm on live once again Pedro Pedro

Belmont is here today saying hello to you the football is a great business

don't be sad really I'm ok I'm all right Nicole says Nicole asks a

question what is waistcoat Wednesday waistcoat Wednesday refers to the

clothing that Gareth Southgate wears at the side of the pitch he wears a shirt

and a tie and also a waistcoat so many people were copying the way he dresses

except for me tonight you will notice that I am not

wearing a waistcoat I am actually wearing my smiley t-shirt mr. Duncan

don't worry be happy yes I'm ok not too bad thank you very much the only reason

why I sound out of breath is because I was rushing around I I became very

distracted by the football to be honest Palmira says don't worry be happy

yes I'm fine don't worry about that teacher can I join your livestream

I am listening in London yes of course you are more than welcome to join in

everyone is welcome to join in so don't worry wherever you are watching in

the world wherever you are wherever you come from you are more than welcome to

join me I became so flattered when I spoke to my friends according to the

lessons I had here thank you very much mr. Duncan oh I'm Zia thank you very

much so are you saying that my lessons helped

with your English I'm very pleased to hear that Chris Choi says it is not done

yet because England have another match left yes I believe they are playing a

consolation match consolation match so I think the two losses in the semi-final

get to play each other is that right and I think they call it a consolation match

it's a way of saying well you didn't win but at least you can still play a game

saman says hi mr. Duncan it's the first time joining you from Kurdistan

hello salmon and you are more than welcome no problem

emori says today I did my memorizing from the English language and I am happy

to say this Thank You amore I'm glad my lessons have been helpful to

you as well where is mr. Steve is he crying

I think he's upstairs at the moment talking to his mother on the phone but

yes we watched the match together and I was almost having a nervous breakdown in

the second half but of course once that second goal went in for Croatia I had a

strange feeling that it was all over and I was right Rosa says hello mr. Duncan

distract is the same as keen distract is the same as keen

not enthusiastic distract I'm not sure what you mean there I will try to work

out what you mean by that good evening from Syria Abu Omar is here hello to you

as well mr. Duncan can I ask you ask me what what do you want to ask me

oh I always feel nervous when someone asks mr. Duncan can I ask you something

because it normally means that a personal question is about to appear I

think so so we have lots of things to show you it was a very strange night

tonight a very strange evening as far as the

weather was concerned so let's have a look tonight you can see the view

looking over into the distance and yes you can see the sunlight coming through

the clouds but today it's been a very strange day it's been very very dull

especially this evening and tomorrow can you believe tomorrow we are going to

get some rain for the past three weeks we have had no rain it has been so hot

but apparently tomorrow and Friday we are going to get lots and lots of rain

so I'm kind of looking forward to that another view for tonight just to show

how dark the clouds are you can see the clouds are very dark and gray in fact I

think that really does sum up the mood at the moment in England I'm sure a lot

of people are feeling very gloomy so there it is the view tonight lots of

clouds in the sky and lots of rain on the way yes there is rain on the way we

are going to get some rain a lot of people are feeling very happy because

the other night in my kitchen

this happened can you believe it once again we have no water about 40 minutes

ago I turned on my tap and this happened

again this is the fifth time I kid you not this is the fifth time that we've

had the water cut off in the past three weeks now I'm just wondering to myself

what will come first the general election here in the UK after Theresa

May calls for the country to go to the polls again or a national hosepipe ban

the bets are now being taken

dip dip dip dip dip do it is Wednesday night and this is late in life with mr.

Duncan that's me by the way broadcasting live from England England it is a very

painful word to say at the moment sadly England are now out of the World

Cup I know I shouldn't be talking about sport so much especially for me because

I don't really follow sport but I have to be honest I have become a little

obsessed by the World Cup over the past couple of weeks mainly due to the fact

that England have been doing very well so Eve even I have become very

enthusiastic and very interested in the football the live chat is very busy

let's have a look see who is on well lots of people are here I am practicing

with your lessons says amore oh that's great thank you very much for that has

now says wow what beautiful nature you have in the UK yes the UK is a beautiful

place would you like to see the animals that live at the back of my house we

will have a look at those in a moment Gabrielle says wow England is very

scenic yes it's very scenic where I live because I live in the countryside Louise

says Mr Duncan life is going on but you like your country and you like your

region so that's a good thing thank you very much for that Louie mr.

Duncan my name is Daniel from Brazil hello Daniel Daniel Vale watching in

Brazil and of course I know that I have a lot a lot of viewers watching in

Brazil yes mr. Steve will be here soon don't

worry Gretel says

no water no way please don't cry I think it's necessary to organize a national

demonstration well talking of demonstrations there is a big

demonstration taking place in London this week because a certain person will

be visiting this do you know who it is can you guess you may have seen him at

the beginning of today's lesson floating by okay let's have a look at the lovely

lovely animals shall we so we have some lovely cows at the moment in the garden

and here they are are they lovely oh hello

so there are some cows and also some Bullock's

and they are living at the back of my house and this is what I saw tonight

watching the cattle in the back of the house aren't they lovely and one of

these carols is a magic cow it can actually change its appearance yes so

look out for the magic cow you will see it in a moment in it it can change its

appearance I'm not joking it can actually change its colour but you have

to watch very carefully or you might miss it

did you see it that's a magic cow for some some strange reason that cow has

the ability to change its color it changed from one to another

hello Oh Oh is coming to say hello isn't that lovely

hello are you having a little Minj can you see what that cow is doing it is

eating my plants at the back of my garden and there's the magic cow it's

changed back to its original colour so lovely so for those asking about the

animals living at the back of the garden there they are they are doing very well

thank you and the farmer was there yesterday he gave them lots and lots of

water to drink because during this weather it is very very hot okay ladies

and gentlemen boys and girls a lot of people have been asking where is mr.

Steve well mr. Steve is on his way

I'm not sure what's going on here Steve is doing something next to me and it's

really really strange mr. Steve what on earth are you doing hello hello mr.

Duncan how are you and hello to everybody else out there yes we won Oh

fantastic mr. Duncan what a night I mean I didn't see all of it I had to go out

but I you know I I knew we must have gone did you see the first five minutes

yes it was fantastic and I thought that's it I don't need to see any more I

can go water the plants everything's all right so I'll just come back in

obviously to find out you know how many goals we actually got against Croatia oh

dear you might need some of this we lost

we lost I have I have my my consolation pizza I need some vodka

what vodka maybe that's nothing appropriate drink is it really that bad

I don't think it's that bad I knew we hadn't I knew we'd lost actually I was

just joking I don't know how you can eat that pizza mr. Duncan cooked a pizza

tonight and he overcooked it it was a little overcooked I've got to say it was

still nice not as nice as it could have been had it not been in the oven for

about 10 minutes too long that is perfect pizza and I put extra garlic on

top anyway we're keeping up nice bright smiles even though English that's us we

bloody lost I do like this mr. Duncan I've never used it before

never mind at least we didn't have to play France in the final we could do

with two of these I really really would i I think yes it would have been worse

had we played France and lost than playing Croatia

and losing in the semi-finals that would have been a lot more disappointing

because I don't think we'd have beat in France would we they were very good

they're very good team they're tipped to win anyway what I wanted to see was

England play Russia hmm I don't know why we wanted we wanted Brazil to get

through of England didn't and Brazil was knocked out and now England have been so

I don't really want anyone to win now I love Shanthi what I like the way that

board is floating above Steve's head oh yes I've just noticed it is so yeah let

me reposition myself slightly about that it looks like you're balancing it on

your head me just get rid of that I just headed out all steady Stace what was

that noise hey whistling nor is then it was you was it why did I whistle through

my teeth I don't know where it came from I whistled through my teeth that's his

excuse anyway so here we are I was a little late arriving tonight because I

was so distracted by the match now I thought it was going to be over by about

9:15 but no no it wasn't it wasn't over it carried on until about 20 to 10 and I

hadn't even got ready mr. time I was in there watching the TV with Steve

something that we've done very often on our live streams we've run into extra

time so sometimes if we were supposed to stay on for two hours or an hour and a

half and quite often we've run over by up to half an hour hmm we didn't score

any goals but I think we've taught a bit more English doing that during that half

an hour so yes extra time you can use that expression not just for football

that's another actually that's a football expression we covers are for

those on Sunday football expressions it can be used in everyday life but we

forgot to use the one extra time yes because I got I got confused last week

because of course once the match is finished or towards the end of each half

you have injury time which for all of the stoppages during each

half and then of course if there is no clear winner you have extra time and

then that lasts for half an hour so you have 15 minutes than 15 minutes and then

if there still is no clear winner you have the penalty so at least we were

spared the indignity in dignity in dignity the embarrassment of having the

penalty shoot-out and losing so at least we lost kind of in a in a sort of fair

way we sort of started off strongly and then sort of just sort of if you drew a

graph we were up here to begin with and it just sort of just went like that all

the way down there we were amazing in the first half they had so much energy

no mine and then in the second half it was like they were all tired I can't see

the the live chat mr. Duncan would you like to see the line hectic blank on the

preview screen so that I can't see what the live chat is because mr. Duncan

always gets annoyed that I start reading out comments and that I chat because he

thinks that nobody else can see it so I doesn't give me a preview hello to

everybody who's saying hello to me hello to Anna that's the one I've seen there

hello to Rosa and the probably are others but I can't see them good mr.

Duncan is making a mess we live chat to know what's going review there like

choice all what all looks bigger than the text looks bigger I don't know

what's carrying on it's all broken everything's breaking Rosa Rosa likes my

shirt this is an old thing I just threw on here's the live chat now that's what

you say when you when you have it somebody says I like your shirt and you

want to be modest you just say oh it's just an old thing I threw on hmm that's

what you say so somebody compliments you about a dress or about a new suit or any

new clothing and you want to be modest you can say in a comical way

oh it's just some old thing I threw on but what you really mean of course is

that you're quite proud of it because it's new and you know you look good in

it so but you try to be a bit modest just an old thing I threw on yes the st.

George's Cross they'll all be coming down everyone will be taking those down

off their houses I think people will be people will be burning them tomorrow in

the streets off their flagpoles I mauriora Maury says are you trying to

sell pizza yes well if well who do we make of pizza is this we could we could

always promote them and see if we get any money I think that's highly unlikely

I think it's highly unlikely I don't think I don't think the managing

director of Chicago Town pizza is knowing Jamila hello hello Frodo said

hello to Rose already verse Chris says that career was out of the World Cup

very early on so you've been able to enjoy it without the worry and pressure

of whether your team is going to get through or not so at least we can relax

now that is the good thing about losing it takes all the pressure off it means

we've now got Sunday to concentrate fully on the live stream without having

to worry about what England are doing against France obviously we want I think

it would be fairly safe to say that everyone in England will be rooting for

Croatia rather than France how strange is that I can't imagine anyone in

England wanting France to win because well there's a bit of history there

isn't that if people don't realize that there's a bit of sort of would you call

it friendly rivalry or hatred I would call it I would call it animosity

animosity that there's a very good word mr. Duncan because of the many hundreds

of years of history and wars between ourselves in France we we sort of always

sort of loved to hate French people and they always love to hate us and now that

we're pulling out of Europe probably even more so so yes you can

fairly safely bet that even though Croatia beat is tonight nobody in

England will want France to Britain oh that's just the way it is I'm sure you

some of you out there living near next door to countries where there's this

sort of rivalry going on and there's a lot of history because of things that

have happened in the past conflicts that's just the way things are and we

have to live with it we love the French really well we love

with jealous of their of their sort of suave sophistication and their chic chic

ly dressed women and their expensive Chanel perfume they met they are very

good lovers yeah somehow they talk like that mister don't know that's the wrong

accent haha I'm going into I'm going into my Spanish accent I don't do a

French accent what did you do I started Carlos Sanchez ago for

goodness sake baracy can we please can we please just take Carlos Santos and

bury him in the ground Harrod s has said there yes other uses

of the synonyms for animosity hostility friction antagonism aqua Nomi acrimony

that's right bitterness rancor I would say hosta bar hostility friction yes

antipathy bitterness probably not bitterness we wouldn't describe

ourselves as being bitter you know what the rancor was the rancor was the big

monster that Luke Skywalker has to fight in Return of the Jedi that's a good name

for a monster a rank or are you going to celebrate the second anniversary of live

chat is this the second anniversary of the live chat on on Sunday it will be

two years since we started doing the live chat yes two years on Sunday

exactly so on the 15th of July 2016 I did my

first ever live stream and I must be honest I look so nervous not like now

not not is cool and is confident as I look now well yeah I think I may have at

that pizza I can't believe you at that Pizza mr. Duncan live in front of we're

trying to learn English what can we say any words around pizza there's another

piece here you're not going to eat that mr. Duncan is not this is a slice of

pizza we can also say that this is a portion of pizza but most people say

slice it is a slice of pizza open wide for the train choo-choo that's revolting

oh there's nothing worse than cold pizza why did you spit that out but this is

precious pizza oh it's disgusting actually it tastes disgusting this was

supposed to be my my victory pizza but now it's my sad losing peak old and

overcooked pizza why do you keep saying it's beautiful somebody asked what's in

your bottle here it's just Ribena I believe am i right is that just Ribena

it's a pure wine it's it's distilled wine it's Ribena which is a very popular

drink for children in the UK that mr. Duncan still drinks even though he's an

adult it's a black currant juice you got to eat this oh it's disgusting oh it's

horrible Eleni I'm disgusted by that pizza I

can't believe that you you wasted my pizza so Jen says that she if I can see

the Taeyang hope I'm correct in saying she because the the pictures alongside

the names are very small but she loves your live stream and she's addicted to

it in the same way that mr. Duncan is addicted to pizza I won't tell you how

much Duncan has already eaten today if I was

to get you the box the box is about that big we went and bought it about an hour

before the match started hmm and mr. Duncan has eaten most of it I don't

think you're going to get a very good night's sleep tonight mr. doe its

traditional though its traditional to to eat pizza during a football match and

it's also a tradition to eat that the remains of the cold pizza if your match

or if your team loses so that's what I'm doing it's an old tradition started by

my grandfather zig zag 169 says stop eating you're setting a

bad example for people who might eat too much and put on weight Hey Joe wants to

ask a question how can I be held responsible for everyone else's action

that doesn't make sense Pedro says with with eight smiley faces

so we've got to allow him to ask a question when you put all those smiley

faces after the question do you mind if I do a question I think I would like to

correct you there Pedro go on your English and say that you probably should

say do you mind if I ask a question do you mind if I ask a question

hope you don't mind me correcting you there Pedro but this is after all a live

English lesson hmm so sorry to pick you up but that's the phrase believe Nicole

is talking about the history between France and England the hall the hundred

year war can you imagine I don't remember that one

well I think it was before we were born yes and of course says Nicole has

pointed out that mr. Duncan has French ancestry French ancestry that's

something like your great-great-grandfather was French so

therefore what's going to happen on Sunday mr. Duncan are you going to

support France well of course I'm going to support France

I'm part French so ooh la la I think that's disgraceful I

can't possibly be on a live stream with you mr. Duncan if you're supporting our

necks are our nearest and historical rivals in everything never mind it's all

a bit of fun it's friendly rivalry as far as we can say we're not really sad

about England losing Anna Anna beer side but we're not really sad we're not start

we're slightly disappointed because we're not big football fans so we're not

really disappointed not big football fans even though sometimes we do like to

play full put it this way we would be far more disappointed if we couldn't do

this live stream and then put it in perspective if I we had a choice between

England losing and and never doing the live stream ever again we well you know

we would be so heartbroken if we couldn't do this anymore

exactly so we we are coming live and and talking about English with mr. Duncan

and with all you has cheered us up not that we would that disappointed we was

sort of expected to lose because I don't think England have ever got through to a

final for about 50 years wasn't it 1967 awesome like that so it would have been

a miracle and it would have been nice but I think France would have beaten is

and I would not like to have have to have watched that match I think it's all

over it is now there you go and I think the question that Pedro asked which has

gone I think was can we use examples of the word set Oh No Pedro hasn't asked a

question yet hmm he Pedro wants to ask you a question

Stevie why no Chris is 5:13 the Philippines in his eating eggs for

breakfast how fascinating watching us and eating is breakfast at the same time

so he's having his breakfast well we while I'm eating my late night pizza Oh

Cara decid expressions about disappointment sadness sympathy

consolation well you said them all I think they

you've certainly said a lot of them yes do we need consoling mr. Duncan do we

need somebody or something or someone to console us at England Lucy you're not

saying very much you just do you realize mr. Duncan is hardly spoken at all since

I've been on because his face is stuffed with pizza

he's been stuffing his face with pizza just as the crust of this pizza is

indeed stuffed with some kind of sauce he's been stuffing his face with pizza

you are really disrespecting my pizza and how you he's not gonna sleep tonight

I'll tell you though you must respect the pizza he's gonna be hot what I

predict mr. Duncan is that you are going to be overheated because your body will

be trying to process all that food and let's face it you're getting a little

large round the middle mr. Duncan you need to watch your weight

only I'm very large down there no the middle oh well your stomach let's let's

be more precise they either the stomach area a little bit of adipose which is

another word for fat I'm not being unkind I don't think I'm just you know

someone's got to tell you mr. Duncan I think you could do with losing a stone

him wait wait what is that what was that mr. Duncan

what was that I've no idea it floated across the screen you didn't prepare me

for that what was that Oh Amory's going going oh very sorry to see

you go but I but you didn't answer Pedro says we didn't answer but what's the

question but you didn't answer can I yes we said yes you can I said yes you can

because you put eight smiley faces after your questions so I said yes you can ask

a question so feel free to ask away anyone can ask any questions regarding

time Ricardo wants to say something I am sad because del potro lost in will

bundle wee-wee we're building what's were buildin

Wimbledon Wimbledon yes Ricardo spelled it correctly and my

mother I spoke to my mother but she was very sad because somebody else famous

players won Wimbledon nine times Federer Roger Federer was thrown out as well he

lost he won the first two sets and then lost the next three for our game so my

mother was sad because he lost and also because England of loss so I had to

console my mother on the phone tonight was she crying not quite but that could

have been because I was on the phone why does she like him does she think is sexy

probably I would imagine that's what she's always going on about Roger

Federer I think she's got a bit of a secret thing I don't think it's to do

with I think it's more to out well I don't know she says things I always he's

he's very he's very pretty very proper and correct and mother

he's got good manners but that's what you'd expect your mother to say she's

not going to say oh he's nice he's a sexy player you wouldn't expect your

mother to say that well my mother wouldn't and I wouldn't want it to

either I've heard your mum say that though in

the past about certain man she says always he's a bit of alright really

she's never said that to me really you haven't heard that no she was when we

were growing up I was remember - you top of the pot watching a Top of the Pops

which is a program of a set of people know about top of the pie I doubt well

in Leicester living in England and have been living in England for the past 30

years it's the it's the little hop music charts mm-hmm as it used to be so that

used to be a regular television program every Thursday and my mother whenever a

certain artist from hot was it hot gossip not hot gossip hot chocolate hot

chocolate that's it hot chocolate came on you'll know the name of the lead

singer everyone's a winner baby that's the truth that's a true

amad an octave higher he's got high voice he did what was his what was

his name Errol Brown Errol Brown he sadly died

now but my mother always had a thing for him his head looked like a malteaser he

did but he'd got a certain appeal he was let's say he was follicly challenged

publicly challenged auld bald yes because your hair follicle a challenge

is a politically correct way of saying you don't do upset somebody's got no

hair you don't say they're bald because that tends to offend people like myself

so you would say follically challenged there are many ways of describing a

person who is bald you can call them a Baldy Baldy hello Baldy you can call

them a slap head slap head it means you can slap your hand on the top of your

head like this go on then do it just for the viewers see you that's disrespectful

tone I don't mind no okay and also chrome-dome bald as a coot

chrome dome chrome dome I never heard of that one chrome dome because it's shiny

so a lot of people who have no hair their head is very shiny so they're

called a chrome dome but if you want to be what was the old bald bald as a coot

a coot is a type of eagle is that right yeah it's a bird I'm not sure it's an

eagle it's a bird but it hasn't got any hair well it has go it looks like it

hasn't got any hair on its head because the feathers are a strange color a coot

so it's a coot you can look that one up I see pictures of a bird called a coot

which I presume is about seeder below to see double OT but I suppose you could

put you could spell it's either below two and so yes but follically challenged

2q2 it's like if somebody is not very intelligent you would call them

intellectually challenged that was that you say tend to use the word challenge

now as a politically correct way of saying something where someone's got

a disadvantage yes or just disability a disability in some some respect a floor

or a fault so yes this another phrase we've come across this week I just I

just I just lived the fact that you call it a fault like like when you're T when

your TV stops working you know so you might have a child who has a disability

you know you say oh it's okay he's faulty he doesn't work properly I'm I'm

taking him back to the hospital next week to have him fixed it sounds like

you're talking about a broken television yes that with the word that we heard

last night interesting a very interesting conversation taking place

last night on the television on the television with a famous comedian called

John Cleese and apparently he's not too happy about the way that brexit is going

yes a lot of things happening in the UK this week because of brexit the

government is all over the place like a madwoman Snickers so yes and we heard

this wonderful phrase last night for somebody no they don't say what what it

is we will actually just say what what the phrase is first I think that's

better than Donnelly I think we've already given that away but we can

literally literal thinking oh yes if you say somebody is a literal thinker if if

a person is described as a literal thinker hmm a literal thinker a new

phrase for our English students out there in the world

a literal thinker it's a new relatively new phrase I think mm-hmm if somebody

describes you as a literal thinker or you describe someone as a literal

thinker what are you implying about that person what are you saying to them what

are you saying that they are yes and Pedro has asked his question okay he has

said what did I what did I buy what was the first thing that I bought with what

was the first thing that I bought with my

it's just at the bottom you know it was my first paycheck OSE and the answer is

I can't remember oh I see I wonder what you bought for the first paycheck you

ever earned I probably bought petrol in my car yes or I would have been

something boring because I didn't have much money when I was first earning so

it was probably petrol for the car or it would have been rent put the money

towards rent so I don't think I bought anything special he's a good question

Steve where's your got my first paycheck though still got it

you still got it we'll have what the money no I've still got there that the

the pay slip oh its first-ever paycheck so the the thing that said how much

Steve was being paid he still has his first-ever paycheck but not the money

unfortunately so you know when he lived at home Steve did yes did you ever pay

rent to your mother no because I left home when I was 18 so I didn't stay long

enough to get to the point where my mother and father expected me to pay

rent so yes I left when I was 18 so I had had some part-time jobs before that

picking strawberries picking fruit because really near out in the country

so we used to work on farms during the summer picking fruit strawberries I used

to be lovely that was you could I use to eat more strawberries and I picked so

yes I can't remember petrol I must support something but I can't remember

probably because I was so short of money I only really used the money for rent

petrol to put in my car it's interesting how how you answer my question and then

eventually ended up answering Pedro's question again

so yes you don't remember to myself see I used to pay rent to my mother so

because because I was still living at home when I started working so I used to

give my mom some money each week for for rent or board ah where is some don't you

see some children when they start working they just keep

the money for themselves but I had to pay for the rent to my mother

whilst I was still living at home after I'd started working so yes it's quite an

interesting thing - out that is interesting yes because different Pete I

think if you're working it's a good question yes if you live at home with

your parents and you're working do you pay some money towards your parents or

do you think you should do does it depend on how much you earn does it

depend on on on what factors would you would you pay money to your parents

interesting but I think it's only fair if you are earning and you're living at

home it's only fair that you contribute some money towards the upkeep of the

house I think so I'm going to see what this is mr. Duncan I'm going to have

some of it because two people have asked now and Nicole is asking what is this

strange why is everyone so interested in what I'm drinking this type this might

be wine it might be it might be tarantula blood let me give it a little

that's how you supposed to drink it through your mouth it's Ribena I'm glad

you didn't spit it out I was going to but I thought I wouldn't with your

keyboard and highly sensitive electronic equipment nearby I just want to yes

people have spotted that strange thing going across the screen was a blow-up

doll of the president trauma blow-up doll but it's not a blow-up doll this is

the the thing that's going to be flying over London there we go hey guys it's

President Trump in in the form of a baby yes so yes that's what it is so do

people know that this is and this isn't something you've made oh no that's the

real thing that that is actually the the baby President Trump it's a huge balloon

and they're going to fly it over London when President Trump arrives at the end

of the so as he drives through London this huge

balloon in the shape of a baby that looks like Donald Trump will be flying

over London I'm not joking president Trump is visiting England to come to

talk to us about trade deals who's going to have a cup of tea with the Queen he's

gonna have a cup of tea of the Queen he's coming on a big state well it's a

sort of a modest state visit there's going to be lots of protests but we're

not going to rightly or wrongly they're going to allow I think it's a bit

disrespectful I I think shame on the mayor of London to allow I mean the

President of the United States really any visiting leader from another country

should not be subject I don't think no matter what they've done to this kind of

ridicule I think that's very poor of the mayor of London who has allowed this to

be to be flown I mean a protest is one thing but I don't know I don't agree

with that I think it's I think it's in very bad taste but there you go

after all we want some trade deals from the US and that's not going to exactly

put him in a good frame of mind that's one way of putting it I mean he's just

going to have come back from the UN conference and he's where he's already

made some you know he's in a fighting mood he was he was really getting angry

at Germany today he was telling them them about their trade it was about the

he was telling them that they shouldn't be buying so much gas yes about the gas

from Russia yes I wonder how much gas because we also buy our gas we do from

Russia and not many people know that but our gas or a lot of it comes from Russia

and a lot a lot of a lot of gas across Europe comes from Russia and I think

some countries are more dependent on its than others and I think President

was pointing out that maybe Germany was too dependent maybe whether you agree

with that I don't know I think he seemed to suggest that about 80 percent of

Germany's gas was coming from Russia and therefore he was saying why should the

u.s. put so much money of its own money into the United Nations when essentially

to protect Europe against Russia mm-hm which is really what it was set up

for and therefore we you know should Germany really be buying that much gas

off somebody who in potentially we could go to war with so I don't know if

there's a point so who do you think we're talking politics is connected who

were going to war with well we're not going to war with anyone but it is oh so

so when you just said going to war with I didn't mean going to war no president

pointed out the fact that that a lot of America put a lot of their money into

the UN oh yes I get the only don't put as much as they would like in yes

according to according to him not us no we're we're just saying what he said I'm

not giving our opinion at all so he was making a point that Germany

need to be putting a lot more money towards the UN because essentially there

are sort of almost at the beck and call of Russia because you know they happen

to get a lot of their gas from Russia yes but as I just said a lot of

countries get their gas from Russia including us they do but yes but we put

two percent of our GDP gross national product gross natural oh gosh GDP gross

national productivity productivity something like that into how much money

you make every year how much when did you put into defense of the UN we put 2%

in Avant's Germany to put 2% in but they're not this is so boring it is a

bit more even even I'm going to click away and I'm and I'm in in the live

stream even I want to click away and go watch something else I don't know much

about it I better I better back out before I get

in deep it shows by the way it shows mr. Duncan

so yes so we have president shrimp coming on

I think it's Friday Thursday or Friday and he's coming for a state visit he's

going to have a cup of tea with the Queen and his name is going to play golf

in Scotland where he happens to own a couple of golf clubs

and when I say golf clubs I don't mean the things that you hit the ball with I

mean actual places where you play golf yes ana point out that she thinks that

the protest is valid against President Trump okay yes well yes that's fine I've

got no problem with people protest protesting this is a democratic country

so you should be allowed to protest but I think going to the extent of allowing

a giant balloon shaped like a baby Donald Trump is probably I don't know

going a bit too far what do you think mr. Jenkin well I I think I think the

thing at the moment of course is is in the United States a lot of people are

disagreeing over many many of the things that Donald Trump has first of all tried

to bring into place and some of the things he's said and also of course the

way he's talked to other world leaders so I think that it's more than just one

thing although he still has a very big fan base his approval ratings his

approval ratings at the moment it's something like 50 55 or 56 percent it's

it is high if I remember rightly it's as high as George Bush just after 9/11

Thank You Bella it's gross domestic product not produce or productivity

wrote far off it's the same thing yes Alex says what is Trump offering to use

instead of Russia gas firewood coal that's it so basically alex is saying

that really what alternative to to Germany have well of course they've got

lots of coal they could burn but of course they don't want to do that

because that's going to affect their output of co2 and they've got they've

got targets and limits on that you mean the United States no Germany oh

I see yes Germany could burn lots of coal for its for its power but he

probably can't because it's a it's a dirty fossil fuel to burn produces lots

of co2 and as we know the European Union has set these very strict limits on how

much co2 you can produce so in order to reach those targets Germany probably

can't burn coal which it's got lots of it hasn't got very much nuclear power

either whereas France has a lot of nuclear

power I don't know maybe they they must have lots of I don't know all I know is

that they're going to use a lot of I'm very thirsty mr. Duncan yes it's

probably all this pizza I'm quite thirsty as well that's why I'm drinking

a lot very thirsty okay I'm thinking of going for another drink it's probably

all this talking as well Anna beer says what is today's temperature and water

shortage issue well we've got news on that because the water went off again

the other day didn't it I did I showed the video earlier of me having a look at

the tap shall we have another look here we go so this is me the other night

turning on the tap and finding out that there was no water can you believe it

once again we have no water about 40 minutes ago I turned on my tap and this

happened this is the fifth time I kid you not this is the fifth time that

we've had the water cut off in the past three weeks now I'm just wondering to

myself what will come first a general election here in the UK after Theresa

May calls for the country to go to the polls again or a national

hosepipe ban the bets are now being taken they certainly are so there it is

the other night I came to turn on the water and there was no water coming out

at the tap fortunately the next morning the water was restored talking of things

that are liquid mr. steve is now treating himself to what i'll be back on

right ok fine what is this mr. Steve no nothing it's just it's just barley water

this is not valley water this is cognac it is alcoholic which I'm just wondering

whether you are I leave it's French cognac which is oh that's quite suitable

I need a drink that's quite suitable to be drinking

French cognac as as we are no longer playing quit joking France it is it is

really cognac but I haven't put much in in the World Cup so that I stopped you

showing a clip of us playing football earlier on didn't time because I was

jabbering away jabbering yes talking a lot without any gaps and not saying very

much of any real significance Shabri you like Jabba if there's one thing that

Steve is very good at its jabbering talking endlessly about nonsense we will

have a look at the football clip for the last time we won't see it ever again

unfortunately and then we are going to try our new Gareth Southgate beads yes

we are going to be putting them on in a moment yeah so for the final time here

it is the big match

that is the last time you will ever see it

yes it's late in live with mr. Duncan and mr. Steve we are live is live can be

on a Wednesday night and of course we are live from England yes indeed

England Oh mr. Duncan but while we can keep that clip and we can show it again

during the next World Cup in four years time that's it we're still here I will

save it now we're going to do something at very unusual we are going to try on

or Derek har Gareth Southgate beards are you ready mr. Steve I'm really feeling

that Gareth Southgate beards and his waistcoat are going to go rapidly out of

fashion but now I know yes so what are you going to try to do mr. Duncan you're

going to try and do what well I'm hoping to do it if it works it might not work

you see are you going to be very clever with your technology I'm not I'm not

sure about that I mean I'm certainly going to try so if I can find my beards

and and then you can sort of maybe talk for a few moments while I try to find

them what should I talk about talk about anything you want look at that look at

the freedom I've given you there I do you haven't prepared mr. Duncan just

throwing me in at the deep end you don't that's what I can throw about

that's what I can talk about you've thrown me in at the deep end which is

next an idiom that that means to be suddenly given without any warning a

task to do that you weren't prepared for in any way shape or form so just like

somebody throwing you in the deep end of a swimming pool and you were unprepared

for it mr. Duncan saying to me please just take over while I prepare the next

segment of today's live lesson I've thrown me in the deep try to keep your

head still and because therefore I'm talking about her keep your head still

as you're talking because I'm putting the beard on you right now

so I've got to keep still again talk while Mister Donut

movemove that's it all right oh yeah I see can people see this no no no the

card that's why I'm doing this just keep still just keep no no keep still that's

it what what part of keep still don't you

understand that's very difficult you did it just and now I have to put my my

Gareth Southgate beard on which which isn't as easy as yours so let me just

find mine I'm swaying mr. Duncan I'm swaying from side to side I think that's

because of the of the cognac that I've just drunk quite likely so I'll try and

look at the camera not look at myself on the screen so here's mine and what would

Gareth Southgate be saying right now do you think to the players you useless

bunch of idiots you're useless and I was hoping to get a knighthood from the

Queen for us winning the World Cup and now I haven't got one because you lost

yes why is yours a funny colour mister don't move very slightly I just that's

it stay still there I know if I put my hands on the desk they go there so so

I've got my Darrin's Southgate get there in self gate I keep saying Darren south

gate because I mean idiot Gareth Southgate mine's more difficult because

I've got a very small area in which to keep my mouth yes you've got more

flexibility I don't know why your beard looks like a serial killer you look like

a serial killer yes I'll get a knife and stab you in any minute I'm very

conscious I'm looking at myself I'm not at the screen it's hilarious why are we

doing this by the way I'll because of Gareth Southgate yes that football game

that we watched tonight it's all to do with that so there we go so what this

must look like is it floating well it looks like that I know but I don't

looking at it because I want to look at the camera myself it must look a bit odd

well it looks odd whatever you do Steve so there we go we've got I think I'd a

very sophisticated I must admit I think that I could pull

it off uh to pull something off means you get

away with it yes it means that to succeed to succeed maybe against the

odds you pull it off so if England had won tonight they probably weren't the

favourites to win but if they'd won tonight you could say that England had

pulled it off they've pulled it off so they'd won despite the fact that people

thought they would lose it does mean something else that's very rude so I

won't so if you suddenly grow a beard and you're a man maybe and you grow a

beard and people would say to you with it

he wouldn't suit a beard but then you grew one it was very good you could say

always pull that off or if you were winning if you were wearing say I wore

some high fashion clothing something that I wouldn't normally wear that was

by some fancy fashion person are you going and you could say like a say for

example I wore a very strange hat a very strange hat someone might say to is a

you can't wear that you'll never pull it off

meaning they think that it wouldn't suit you and you'll look silly in it so

there's another expression we've introduced tonight

I thought you doing very well there by the way you're holding the beard very

well now I could say to your viewers out there somebody who knows some English

there maybe not a lot of English that they could maybe try and an exam in

English earlier than they otherwise would have done and you could say oh I

wonder if I wonder if they can pull that off

in other words can they get through the exam

yes can it be successful can they be successful even though they haven't

probably learned enough English but if the questions all went in your favor and

we're all about subjects you knew something about then yes you could say

that you could pull that one off Wow are you pulling this off mr. Duncan

having us with false beards it's great I think this suits me I think I might do

this every week I think will stand here every week with these beards in front of

us because they make us look very manly I'm not sure that I want to do this much

longer mr. Schiller shall I tell everyone what happened today when we

were walking home from we were getting some chocolate earlier and our pizzas

and I was walking along the road and I was walking very daintily like a lady I

was pretending and this this this that this van came past and the driver

started sounding his horn at me I think he was getting a bit excited mr. Duncan

was wearing a stupid hat it's not a stupid it's it's what you would call a

very feminine looking hat it's not feminine then he decided to prance down

the road doing a little sort of strange dance with his arms flying out to the

side like this yes and it made you look it was doing when I use the word Kemp

well you can if you want made you look very camp mr. Duncan to the extent that

a van driver decided to honk his horn at you but I don't think it was a a nice

honk I think he was sort of ridiculing you mr. Duncan can I do you mean this

hat that's the Hat mr. Duncan was wearing well would you like to give a

demonstration of how you were walking down the street this is how I was

walking I was just how do you think van drivers would react to seeing a man

wearing a hat like that I think he was I think huge I think he was showing his

appreciation mr. Duncan I'm getting I'm getting a little tired of having to

stand in this one spot and having to concentrate on the live stream at the

same time I tell you what Steve next week we will grow real beards and then

we won't have to do this good ok we'll grow real we actually it's and then we

won't have to do so I guess you're getting fed up of the beard well if the

beard and the ball above the head this is like trying to rub your tummy and pat

your head at the same time so I'm having to keep the ball there trust me there

are harder things the the beard there and talk at the same time

we have got to keep the ball there I'm doing three things I know what I'm

telling everyone that's what Oh blimey mr. Duncan that beard looks a bit gray

on me brother way yes it looks like it as I said it looks like a serial killer

beard have you seen this man last seen looking

very suspicious have you got an orange beard at the back of the children's

school Mauri Mauri angle says hi from Venezuela hi hi there Venezuelan I don't

know we've had other people from Venezuela before haven't we yes Bella

England could have one yes if mr. Duncan have been in the team they

could have won mr. Duncan is a Viking

why did you do it says to Jen I don't know why we're doing this it was mr.

Duncan's idea know how this is going to enhance your English it's Gareth

Southgate you see because he has a beard like this Oh mr. Duncan can we can we

stop this now I'm getting very tired oh you're so boring being in one spot all

the time so boring there we go we could swap beards of course yeah how's that

that is that big enough okay we could share the beard I'll tell you what we'll

share it there we go between us if you come in this way I don't know how this

is enhancing people's English just share the beard it's just fun there you go you

can have this beard then would you like this beard you can have this beaded

there we go I will give you this beard so you can have the nice beard and I'll

have the serial killer beard right there so there we go Steve that's better

actually if I put it upside down it might look like you've got hair Oh mr.

Duncan let's get on with a live stream and then let's just say yes nothing that

will work I think that will definitely work weather just put that all right

/ I will give you give you a little bigger oh yeah I think that's perfect

it's a beard hat yeah the other one okay give me a chance

oh there that's better looks like you got hair now Oh mr.

Duncan it's really interesting this is how I'm thrilled I'm very very thrilled

it would have been better if it just appeared rather than seeing seeing you

try to grapple with the electronics okay okay so there's this your beard and then

there's the one on your head there you go that's great well you look

it nops years off you you look you look about 20 now that's amazing I needed

cheering up tonight and you've cheered me up Steve thank you very much for that

right that's it I'm coming out oh what a relief

I wonder what you're going to do then I'm so thirsty mr. Duncan oh um alcohol

is we're going to get services and I feel a little tipsy I think Steve is

getting drunk not really Rosa asked me can you get rid of those

beard beard things mr. Duncan why well because they're sort of in the way Oh

such a so Chrissy there you go I'll have it there you go it's mine there there

you go I can have that one you want you want

the nice one and I'll have the one that makes me look you know there you go

that's better that's oh that's much better

oh yeah I think it suits me that's it you're not very good at this are you

yeah your left is your right any writers your left there you go oh that's great

yes I look like a lot like Chuck Norris does anyone know who Chuck Norris's he's

got easy yes he's got a fist for a chin I think Chuck Norris walks like this no

I don't think he does actually you don't think Chuck Norris walks

around Hollywood like this I'm Chuck Norris who wants a punch in the face

okay he's got a fist he's got a fist for a chin he's got a fist in his beard

laughter is the best medicine says Ariel oh I knew a robot called a real in

return to the Forbidden Planet there was a robot called Ariel I'm hoping that one

week we will get through one of my live streams without mr. Steve mentioning his

theatricals never I'm going to go on if you don't get rid of these beads mr.

Duncan I'm going to talk about uses of the word set okay that's it they're

going they're gone they're as good as gone you don't have to you know how to

bully me into submission so oh there we go they're gone there that's such a

relief mr. duncan shame as I'm enjoying that there goes the Trump baby ooh you

see that flew off back to the world of English ladies and gentlemen the world of

English is a fun and exciting yes with somebody else somebody pointed out

earlier that Ronaldo has been sold for 135 million euros 135 million so how

much of that does he get does it get any of it probably already gets 10% or

something like that I think he lives in a little flat with one mattress on the

floor that that's probably how he really lives you see ah Marcello has said there

what does the expression feeling a little worse for wear at work come

Monday morning feeling a little worse for wear

means that you've probably overindulged at the weekend in alcohol sleepless

nights and you've gone to work on Monday and you feel you're lacking in sleep and

you've probably got a hangover so if you're worse for wear it means whatever

you've done the previous day has made you tired yes you have

long-term effects from the thing that you've done you all you are worse for

wear so something that you've done previously the effects of it normally

negative effects are still with you so maybe you've had too much to drink the

night before yeah so the next morning you feel worse for wear or maybe you had

a bad day at work maybe you were very busy at work and at night you get home

and you feel worse for wear because you had a busy day at work so any any effect

that something has normally negative normally a negative effect that lasts

for a long time you feel worse for wear because something has made you feel

unwell or unhappy or tired or exhausted you could spend a lot of time in the

garden doing it too much gardening and then you come in you're very tired and

you say oh I'm a bit worse for wear hmm it means that you've just overdone

something and you feel tired as a result of it that's really and not very well

that's right so that's it that's it well that is almost it because we're coming

up to 11:30 it's almost time to go I hope you've enjoyed today it's been a

little bit different because we had the disappointment the disappointment of

England being axed knocked out of the World Cup but I'd say better to be

knocked out by Croatia in the semi-finals than to be beaten by France

in the final that's what I say so who are you backing now well I'm not really

I've lost interest now oh you asked me to if I was forced to pick it with the

drought rage to be honest I could I couldn't care less now I was only

interested when England looked as if they were going to win now I couldn't

care less so all this football stuff will be gone

on Sunday this this this football will be gone you won't see that again well I

spent I spent nearly two hours today making that football there that one yes

got it now yes yes the honest Green spent two hours making that and

that's it it's gone it's gone it's out of here it's all gone till on tennis now

we've got we've got to do something about tennis tennis on Sunday we'll talk

about tennis but but even then we don't have anyone in the tennis I mean the

tennis is being held here in England but we don't have any players in the final

no we don't and we haven't done for many because Andy Murray has a bad back so

that's it what what can you say yes yes Andy Murray isn't in it and we don't

think we've got anybody else do we know who's in the final I know we won't know

till tomorrow well we know I think there's another match but but but your

mum's favorite is is out Roger Federer what you felt Roger Federer is out well

not a particular fan what about Nadal is he I think is he

still in I don't know no I don't know I haven't been following it because

unfortunately Wimbledon has coincided with the football World Cup there's been

a lot of sport taking place so really I think most people have really been

watching the football rather than the Wimbledon so when Wimbledon has taken a

back place hmm you might say a back seat a back seat yes it taken yes exactly so

it has not been in the forefront whereas Wimbledon normally now everyone

would be talking about the tennis at Wimbledon but they're not it's taken

aback place or a back seat because the World Cup has been on so that's an

expression you can use isn't it if two things are going on at the same time and

one takes dominance over the other yes the one that is is not being seen as

much takes a back place that's it about place but we know I say back seat or

also that the thing that is being favoured takes priority yes priorities

anyway I think that's time for us to go I think it is time to say goodbye

because it's a very we've had a busy night even before we started on on here

tonight we were busy in there getting very upset

and very anxious about the football match but of course now that England

have lost we couldn't care less to be honest know how Mira says yes

that's infamous yes infamous match against Germany in 1990 yes of course

that was the last time wasn't it that we we ain't we nearly got through that's

infamous that is something that is famous and well remembered but it's

infamous because it was a bad result let's have one last look at the live

chat talking of which let's have a little look Oh apparently next Wednesday

it's Belarus ears birthday so we will be here next Wednesday well I will but

Steve won't I won't be here well I might be very late okay I might be depending

on what time you're on because I'm gallivanting yes well I will be on now

at this time so I'll be saying goodbye this time next week so I may be back in

time I may not so but at least we'll be here on Sunday we will be so we won't be

talking about the football I'm sure you'd be very pleased to hear that we

might talk about the tennis of course and of course do you think that it's

possible to travel through time there is some that we're going to talk about on

Sunday among other things as well thank you sleep tight you sleep on it as well

Thank You Ariel we will sleep tight yes no problem and also it is very late in

England yes it is 11:30 p.m. it is half an hour away from midnight very late all

the neighbors are in bed Jamelia says good night guys good night good night to

you Borgia also hello well actually we're saying goodbye now because it's

time to go but don't worry you can catch us every single week for those who are

wondering live English every Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and

also every Wednesday from 10 p.m. UK time and that's the one that we are

wrapping up right now so we will see you on Sunday 2 p.m. UK

time and I hope you have enjoyed tonight's slightly different livestream

thanks to everyone that has joined and also thanks to mr. Steve as well for

joining us tonight did you enjoy your cognac I didn't really put very much in

Mr Duncan i'm a bit hoarse I can really smell it I can I can smell it on

your breath I won't I'm going out for a curry tomorrow night mr. Duncan curry

tomorrow so a good job we're not on live tomorrow because my breath will smell of

spices and garlic well mine smells of garlic now because I've had so much

pizza tonight I had my share and also I had your share

as well you're not going to sleep very well tonight mr. Duncan you're going to

be too hot and thirsty I will I will be turning by my prediction I will be

turning and tossing in bed tonight Gretl Thank You Gretel thank you to

flavour you thanks for everyone actually who has said hello tonight and we will

see you on Sunday 2:00 p.m. UK time so mr. Steve thank you very much

ta ta mr. Duncan ta ta mr. steve and goodbye to everybody and see you on Sunday mr.

Steve is going now bye bye are you going to fade me out or do I have to stand you

this is what I'm gonna do tonight something very unprofessional there we

go he's gone so that's mr. Steve gone and this is me

going right now thanks a lot for your company and of course what can you say

we almost did it we almost

got through to the final but we were beat at the last moment unfortunately

see you on Sunday this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for watching me talking to you live

and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)

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