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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Volunteering: GrassRoots Garden

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gracias garden is one of two food for

Lane County Gardens every year about

2,500 different people come and spend

about 25,000 hours with us

so it's friends and family growing food

for friends and family as soon as they

step foot into the garden they become

our students we teach them how to grow

how to work together how to make a


so anybody can come and participate in

the garden and everybody's efforts are

very much appreciated and we make the

most of you can make a difference for

friends and family we grow a huge array

of vegetables and fruits so we probably

have about 40 some different kinds of

vegetables we also have an orchard with

apples pears Asian pears cherries and

plums we have a great bargain we just

planted a blueberry patch and a Kiwi

patch as well as raspberries

our mission is to grow food for

ourselves and others because anyone

involved in the party is invited to

share the harvest we also teach people

to grow the food we teach them to teach

others we have an outdoor kitchen so we

teach people to cook eat and appreciate

freshly grown and prepared food and

maybe the biggest thing we teach is how

to work together again and in that there

are solutions for the planet for the

future รกi comes to grass roots several

times a term it's wonderful to have them

they get to experience working together

using tools and your strength can be an

empowered learning

how to make a difference in how to give

to her community so it's wonderful to

have students from AEI


The Description of Volunteering: GrassRoots Garden