Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Petraeus 3 Year Old Iraq War Report

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rereading de tocqueville traces op ed in september two thousand four

cute is deming man i'll put this up on the fears that prompt go back there

really were three years ago

there is a goal

decide about or making substantial progress

uh... you say you know we're training that iraqi army and i tell you because

all these numbers is that about how successful there but i'll tell you what

it is not just a numbers

incident people

and the people i meet shows such a resilient seated marriage usually guys

and or only read from everybody it instead of all that we had to go back

and do a soldier worry escalation interactive there at the evidence robert

altman is charging training them

in september for writing for the last in interest isn't long report

about how well they're trained video of one of the early progress now eighteen

months after entering iraq icy tangible progress iraqi security elements are

being rebuilt from the ground up

and later he says the police are being trained so model

those stories of the ones that one of joining the malicious

and stare doing the sectarian killings izla was that go way in and capture the

sudanese withdrawals in their heads and all of their bodies torture that execute

them to live in the mos free

that's a great police and army that jumpa traders or is now some are calling

them gentle betrayals says it raised entrained in iraq that's a shining

success that's why i dreaded trust set up a dress effect i said three years ago

how much success were having in iraq

dead wrong when he comes back

years later any says were having success in iraq again

why would we believe it

why would we trust them doesn't make any sense now is it a go for the congress

he's gonna tells the scenes song and dance

writing for the two thousand four election in order to help two percent

bond up promoting and george w

and he's in a look at heart that same guy because he's a what bush is the guy

whose help in his career his promoter of all along and called a brilliant but the

democrats those patsy and the media bill passing this sea bass is fraud

doing this country a great disservice wed-fri trestles while you know four and

he's wrong now we know what he's going to say and its impact on lies

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