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really annoyed with the point that you've enjoyed it so much when i want to avoid you you soil

anything that i do now i'm born in berlin to the point of the voice working more than a blowtorch

yo this this man this rhyme hold up yo yo that was absolutely crazy but you know what's even

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on twitter and join the discord let's go matched sonic entered the sonic first battle rap i mean

last thing i've seen of matched was uh was the waluigi thing from kenneth the kenneth bennet so

i'm pretty intrigued and i like sonic so that's that let's just go let's go


there's not a cloud in the sky none in sight for some miles

yo that yeah hold up the beat is nasty but is it is it independent again yes it is oh let's go

there's not a cloud in the sky none in sight for some miles today's a day for good vibes

moods moments and smiles she bought a brand new grill even one for the smile firing up

the propane propelling up some patties in style amy brought some dessert and knuckles

brought the l tails brought some potatoes and my surveillance camera notified me an x-shaped

man was trespassing put a spatula through his head he's well done but i prefer medium rare

wrist wraps punch pads heavy bags

uppercut then i hit him in the blind side it was eggman uppercutting him then i met

up with amy she complimented my body she's sitting my muscles rainy explained with me

she always craved me probably gonna make some hedgehog babies it isn't a

at the casino i'm in my zone about to win me ten thousand bones gonna be

making high rollers fold royal flush that i'm about to show all things

lay my chips all of a sudden the table flips now i'm pissed gonna get whipped

hold up

okay oh my god i'm feeling furious feel so freaking ferocious now came to the conclusion

this won't stop till i shut it down i can't allow these intrusions to ruin my motives my

queue to end it once and for all this problem don't get resolved i'm really annoyed with the

point that you enjoyed it so much when i want to avoid to use soil anything that i

do now i'm born in berlin to the point that the boy's working more than a blocked horse

yo this this man this rhyme hold up yo i'm

hear some egg shells and empty cartons left on the ground all i'm seeing is some eggs wow okay okay

tory's a ghost town all this here's some eggshells and empty cars left on the ground i turn around

and spot that robot nick come out of a hole in his flat screen but his mustache not brown enough

lining up a red laser right in my face and no it's not lasik raising the hair to my blue

his body jumped out of the way just like matrix i'm out the ball gonna keep rolling like a ball

i'm hardcore with a parkour on the cardio's marvelous i can even outrun the car engine

oh [ __ ] okay i'm wiping blood from my eyelids look up into my surprises not just

a hole in a flat screen but a portal to another dimension it's a world of multiplied eggman

how he's reviving i'm guessing it's time to put the [ __ ] to a stop so sonic bout to go snapping

trying to keep you running


[ __ ] yo yeah

go get help i'm stuck in a wormhole is that

merch are you selling merch oh forget that i need to get out of here

[ __ ] man oh it's a part one oh there's gonna be more parts oh let's go let's go bro oh [ __ ] yo

i'm i'm excited i'm hella excited right now yo bro huge huge shout out to kevin the kevin bennett

the people behind the animation the storyboarding the [ __ ] uh the mixing broke that beat

this is kevin bennett himself oh yeah here it is music written

composed and performed by d kevin bennett alright so it's all yo

[ __ ] man this was crazy we're gonna get a part this part the first part bro this is the

first part and we're gonna get part two later oh i'm so [ __ ] excited about this [ __ ] yo

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boosts yeah boost sure i guess oh yo they kevin madden bro he he doesn't miss he doesn't miss

and i wish i didn't uh which got it like i hadn't watched like the witchy [ __ ] yet but

i already did but man it's so good make sure to check them out like those three videos

they're insane they're they're [ __ ] insane bro