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I don't know about you, John, but I'm looking forward

to this episode.

Why is that, Joey?

Because we get to drink.

Tasty drinks.


With summer coming up, this has got

to be one of the coolest products.

It's perfect.


Should we peep this?

Let's do it.


All right.

These are slushy makers.

They are cups.

Slushy cups.

They're kind of silicone, I think.

Kind of squishy.

And they have been freezer for four to six hours.

So, now we just pour liquid in, squeeze it,

and it becomes a slushy.

That is awesome.

Any kind of drink you want.

I got some Coke.

I've got some Gatorade.

Hear those bubbles.

Glacier freeze.

That's appropriate.

The old squeeze.

Making slushies.

The old fashioned way, just like my grandpa used to make.

Oh man, I've already got slush going on.

That was like, immediate.


It's supposed to take up to 60 seconds of squeezing.

Depending on what liquid you put in there.

It's kind of fun.

It is kind of fun.

Just got to squeeze.

So if you choose a really sugary thing,

you negate the fact that it's so bad for you.

Just burn off those calories.

Oh yeah, that's getting pretty slushy.

If you got some pent up anger, you

can-- How could you be angry with a slushy?

You can't.

It's impossible to be angry right now.

OK, I've got some pretty good slush.

How about you?

I've got some good slush going, yeah.

Open this up.


Check that out.


If you can see that.

It's pretty-- I'm going to go for it.

That's delicious.

Slushy electrolytes?

I'm going to try mine.

Look at that,


That looks awesome.

Oh, yeah.

Got a nice Coke slush there.

It's not all water down.

Like if you put like Gatorade in like shaved ice,

it would be all watery.

This got full flavor.

Mind If I get a little Coke?

Get some.

Want to go swap-sies?

That's cool because it's still carbonated.


It's like a crazy-- And ice is really fine.

It's not like crunchy ice chunks.

It's like this fine snow.

Yeah, it is.

It's a lot like snow.

So it works with Coke and Gatorade.

They can work with Lester sodas, or Jelly Belly sodas.

That's true.

Or baking soda.

Ranch dressing soda if you want to get weird.


OK, we've got some different colors of the slushy maker.

There are six colors.

So now, we're going to do some juices.


I got some apple juice.

A normal one.

I've got pickle juice.


Yeah, that's pickle juice.

That's a big dill kick in the nose.

I went from something delicious to pickle juice.

Why did I pick that?

My apple juice is going to be so good.

Man, instant slushy.

It doesn't take long.

That's awesome.

Smell incredible.

It looks good, but doesn't smell good.

How does yours smell?

Mine's awesome.

Big dill pickle.

It's kosher.

I think I'm pretty much ready to go.

Yeah, definitely.

Ready to reveal?

Oh, man.

There's like seeds in it from the pickles.

Oh, mine's got some froth to it.

Yours is crazy looking.

That's was kind of interesting.

It looks really, like, airy and light.

Mine looks like a normal slushy.

Looks like Gatorade or something.

I'd expect it to be lime or something.


It's so salty.

Yeah, I bet.

I never had just straight pickle juice.

Me neither.

We'll trade.

That one's really good.

That's a palate cleanser.

That's nice.

It's really salty.


This, on the other hand, I could get into this.

But that's a slushy, though.

I mean, that's a pickle slush.

Let me get one of those seeds, there.

Oh, that's weird.

It messes with your head.

It tastes like a pickle, but the texture's a sweet treat.

It's like an intense pickle in slushy form.

Which is exactly what it is.

That's weird.

That's real weird.

Got to cleanse the palette.

Yeah, this guy.

I've got to get some of this.

That's where it's at.

We should have done more sweet juices.

But pickle juice works.

We know that.

It does.

I think we should--

Take this up a notch to-- Boom.

Let's do some cocktails.

Let's see, a little honey.

A little bit of grapefruit.

Some pomegranate.

Slush it up.

Sparkling white wine.

Check this out.

I'm just going to eyeball this.

Look at that.

Let me see.

Oh, that looks amazing.

Last but not least, a little dash of your favorite

spirit and enjoy.

You got a pomegranate mimosa, is that right?

Pomegranate mimosa going on here.

So you could do cool aid.

All the way that to more adult beverages, if you want.

You could do like an ice coffee.

That I would do on a regular basis, I'm sure.


All right, let's try this bad boy.


Yeah, that's like a tasty wine.

I'll have another pomegranate mimosa, please.

Slushy, that is.

So now that we've kind of looked at the product.

Tested it out thoroughly.

I think it's time we talk about some ideas to make a commercial

about this product.

First thing you gotta do, is you got to keep testing it.

You can't test enough when it comes to something like this.

You just got to try it everything you can think of.

We need to shoot this whole video either on the beach

or at a really nice pool.

Or we just have a lot slushy makers.

Just spend a lot of time out in the sun.

In the pool.

Making sure this product works really, really well.

I mean, we could make tons of delicious drinks.

We can also make some disgusting ones.

Like Worcester sauce.

Fish sauce.

You could do hot sauce.


I bet you could get Tabasco in there.

Just tell somebody it's something else.

That might actually be good.

Tabasco's lush.

That'll be kind of good.

You could do some healthy ones, actually.

Like just a fruit smoothie.

That'd be kind of good.

I wonder what kinds of slushy that 19 characters would drink.

Like, pair a drink to a character.

Yeah, obviously Hans Gretel would

have some kind of beer slushy.

Really weird.

What kind of drinks do you guys think each of our characters

would drink.

Like Hans Gretel.

Chris Cadabra.


Jelly Bean Johnson.

All those kind of guys.

Obviously Redford would make his own slushy.

I'll make my own slushy.

Yeah, so let us know in the comments what you guys think.

What we should drink in this video.

What our characters should drink in this video.

So leave a comment with your suggestions,

and maybe you'll see your idea in the commercial.

If you want to win a slushy maker of your own,

look down in the description below this video.

Because we've got all the details about how you can enter

and when you're very own slushy maker.

And start making your own delicious drinks.


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That's right.

All right, peeps, thanks for watching.

Check out the slushy maker at Vat19,

and we'll see you next time.

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