Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dogs on Smallest Country in the World | Sterlstoltzkan Embassador

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(introduction to "Ode to Joy")

- Hello, reporters, and anyone else watching

document, propaga, (babbling), documentary film.

Today we are going to make a few updates

about the country of Sterlstoltzka,

greatest and smallest country in the world,

through slightly bigger than usual.

But today is a good day, because today

you will not only get to see the Sterlstoltzkan embassy

for the first time, but you will also

get to meet his family.

He is over there right now, crawling in the water.

This is the Sterlstoltzkan embassy.

He also provides country with dog poop,

which is number one export.

Yet again I'm not quite sure what an embassy is,

but, um, I think it's important.

Being Labor Day, the Sterlstoltzkan

embassy's family gets to come.

So this the Sterlstoltzkan embassy's family.

Houston, being the Sterlstoltzkan embassy, has an...

Stop eating the sand.

And up here are his brother and his mother.

This is Mama Lexi.

She is the mother of Houston and his brother.

He also has eight other brothers and sisters,

but we do not talk about them.

He does not have very good manners,

peed all over resort.

Oh, and now he's pooping.

Uh, that is disgusting, but it is the number one resource,

so I guess we should thank him for providing us

with number one export.

Today, thanks to drought,

Sterlstoltzka has gained a lot more landmass.

It is still smallest country in the world

probably last time I checked, which was never,

but it is much bigger, as you can see

from the volume of the beach over there,

is much bigger,

and over here we have gained peninsula.

Like, the four sided peninsula has gained a peninsula.

Many of you might not know national currency is rocks.

We use rocks as our currency,

but we now have national treasury,

where we keep all of our money.

It's basically a bank.

What once was fishing port has dried up,

and is now turned into a huge peninsula,

as you may see here.

We're going to explore, and talk about

the good things that the peninsula has done.

As you can see, this used to be underwater,

but then drought came and changed everything.

See, over there was nuclear launch site.

See other video to see nuclear launch.

Now, the good thing about this peninsula

is that of course it makes it easier

to get to Pelican Island.

As you see, the peninsula points

Sterlstoltzka closer to the Pelican Island,

and it is a closer launch site for missiles,

or boats, or stuff like that.

And it allows them, the fishermen,

to throw the dog poop into deeper water when they fish.

As you can see, it is also a,

it is also a dog poop area,

where we keep our dog poop before

a boat comes by and takes dog poop away

to mainland to sell, because it is number one export.

Hey, Lexi.

It's all svores, look at them, they're in the water.

There's Mama Lexi.

It is good new resource, and

Pelican Island is right over there.

Chase, come back, look at Chase.

He's just over there being a doofus.

He thinks he is a fish.

He is not.

These dogs are insane.

We will try to make the dogs sing.

Chase, let us sing national anthem.

Want to sing national anthem with me?

("Ode to Joy")

Glory to Sterlstoltzka greatest

He's really heavy.

Country in the world again

Glory to Sterl...

I'm putting him down now.

Stolzka we have nuclear division

So technically we're superpower

He's really, he was really heavy.

Glory Sterlstoltzka Sterlstoltzka

All glory to Sterlstoltzka

Greatest country in the world again

Bye bye.

("Ode to Joy")

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