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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Samuel L. Jackson Plays '5 Second Rule'

Difficulty: 0

Lauren is going to read a category

and you'll have to name three things in five seconds

and then hit the buzzer.

All right, Lauren.

You'll like this one.

Name three curse words you say the most.




Name three celebrities you'd want to go on a road trip with.

Tiffany Haddish, and Portia de Rossi, and Jennifer Lopez.



That's a fun road trip, by the way.

OK, name three things you always forget.


My name, my address, and my daughter's name.



You don't forget your name--

I'm 70 years old.

I forget all kinda [BLEEP].



What are three different names for your bottom?

Ass, rump, tuchus.


How could you forget booty?

I didn't have time.

You never say booty?

Three things.

OK, three things.

I've never said tuchus in my life.

It's good though.

I liked it.

There's a first time for everyone's first Yiddish word.

Name three things you shouldn't hit with a golf club.

Car window, another person, football.



Yeah, he made it.

He's still winning.

What are three ways of telling someone you like their food

when you actually don't?

Boy, look at this stuff.

Who made this?

That's some kind of taste.



Don't look around for approval that's a yes.

That's some kind of taste.

All right, good luck.

Name three things that are incredible.

Me, the movies, and life.


There you go!


Do we keep going?

Name three things you spend the most

time washing in the shower.

Oh, my face, my booty, and my feet.




It's a tie!

How do you wash your feet in the shower?

You wash your feet like that in the shower or do you bend over?

I have them on a stool.


Incredibles 2 comes out in theaters June 15.

Thanks to Fandango, everybody in the audience

is getting tickets to go see Incredibles 2!


Samuel L. Jackson!

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