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Gee it's like a new van

Welcome back to another episode of Stauffer garage

Today's video is probably going to be the most

dirtiest vehicle and the most

Challenging vehicle I've ever done that I'm gonna learn a lot and I'm hoping you guys will learn a lot too

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I'm gonna start doing more videos like this of cars that need some serious help. So without further ado

Let me show you what the car looks like before so

As you guys can see this is going to be quite the project this car is a landscaping truck

so it's getting dirt thrown in all the time plants pulled in and out and

Really cars like this and trucks like this don't get detailed as often because they're just they're workhorses, right?

But that doesn't mean that we can't clean it up and that we can't make this thing look

Ten times better than it does and bring it closer to back to new. There are some components like there are no floor mats

So I have no idea how this is going to turn out. I got my steam cleaner

I got my extractor through my wet vac

I got everything I have in terms of products that I can do to do the best I can

But I have no idea how it's going to turn out

so make sure you guys stick around to see how this whole video turns out because I I really have no idea if I maybe

I'll pull this one off or not

I do know that I'm gonna be able to make this ten times better than it is now

so after I pull everything out of the car, we're gonna roll straight into

Vacuuming and getting the big stuff out before we get the extractor out or anything like that

And if you want to know where I need the products or tools that I use in this video are found make sure you check

out the link in the description box below

Until the owners credit

I asked him to leave the car like this instead of doing any sort of prep whatsoever

Because I thought it would be make for a better video. Plus it just allows for

Just a little bit more unknown

you never know what you're gonna find and also just makes it a little bit more of an

Intense detail and more of a challenge for myself

So now that the back is cleaned up what I'm gonna go ahead and do is vacuum this portion out and then we'll move up

Front and then go ahead and pull everything out of there as well

But for right now, I'm gonna go ahead and try to get all the big stuff out of the back first

I'm gonna say one thing real quick. This is one of those details that

Aren't the most glamorous. It's not a Lamborghini and hashtag. I want to see in. The comments below is work trucks need love, too

That's the hashtag that I want to see in the comments below because they do they deserve love till everybody does

including this truck

So if you can remove any of the seats in the car whether it's the front middle of back

whatever it ends up being if you can pull those out it will make your job ten times easier when it comes to vacuuming and

Getting access to areas that you typically wouldn't be able to otherwise

All right, so even just vacuuming it out we are at least making progress

I mean, it looks halfway decent now

right We got some mold and some things here that the steam cleaner is

Definitely gonna be doing but the actual pretreat when I spray that down that'll help get a lot of this stuff out and get everything

Ready for extraction. I got it now move up to the front of the car, which is a whole different story

It's got a lot of stuff that I got to pull out first

Pull it out and vacuum it and then I'm gonna be busting out my Wagner steam cleaner

Which I've used once before on a car and it did an amazing job

And I know that on

Everything in this car including the carpet to the panels to the windows the steam cleaner will come in handy and I'm gonna show you

Guys exactly why and how good of a job it does

I will leave a link to the drag nerd one that I use in particular cost me like a hundred bucks

It's great for the hobbyist. It's nothing crazy. It's not like a commercial

Super powered machine for the average enthusiast like myself and showing you guys tutorials or if you use it around your house

comes in handy

Let's get the rest of this cleaned out and then we can go ahead and get into

The actual steam cleaning in the majority of this detail

So the ability to remove the center console proved to be priceless to be honest because the amount of stuff that was found in these

Cupholders was insane a lot of it had been caked in there a lot of it had been melted

I found a ton of melted crayons. It was completely worth it

I have a steam cleaner in this position because the crayons were so melted and everything in there was so gunky that the heat and

The water and the steam just truly helped release it from the surface and allow me to get it completely cleaned

Which you will see in the end results

So while the steam cleaner is heating up what I'm going to do is this is my all-purpose cleaner

This is a 303 aerospace cleaner and half water

so 50-50 mix and

We'll go to start pre treating and kind of giving to some initial scrubbing in while the steam cleaner hits up

So that way we can finish up that front dash panel before we put it back in

All right, I've just kind of sprayed the area first I'm gonna use this other brush as well this one works

Okay, but you're extracting the same time

I kind of want to let this sit for a minute and agitate it and then I'll use this to extract it

It is now time to use my new favorite tool by far

I think the one tool that I wish I bought even sooner when I started doing

Detailing I've watched videos I've seen ammo NYC talk about it

I've seen all of these guys that do detailing videos talk about steam cleaners, and I never truly understood the

Magnitude of how important of a tool it. Is this tool

Changed everything for me and I highly recommend that if you are detailing even on the side if you're doing it as a hobby even

If you're around your house

you can use this to clean tile you can use it to clean a ton of different things that you'll find uses for and

Like I mentioned this will be in the description box. I am not affiliated. I am not sponsored by any means

I am just trying to share my personal opinion of a product that I have truly fallen in love with that

I know that you guys would appreciate

For me the steam cleaner came in particularly handy when it came to getting the stuff that was caked into the cup holders and melted

Away, it just needed to be wiped off at that point and with a couple different passes

I was able to get everything removed and restore the entire console back to new

You can also use the steam cleaner to remove stains on plastic panels, which I'm doing here

just take a rag and wrap it around the end of your steam cleaner and you can use visit on your seats or carpet or

fabrics as well

So it's not as abrasive as many uses for the steam cleaner that I've found that come in handy and I also use it here

on the brackets to remove the mould and the different grime that had built up that had solidified on to them and it also

disinfects the area as well

This black plastic panel had these grooves across the top of that made it kind of tricky with a brush to get all the dirt

out of but with the steam cleaner kind of just blasted it all out and made it really easy just to wipe up to get

It completely clean. So for these door sills, they're actually contained outside of the vehicle

so I soaked them pretty deeply with on one cleaner and then I use my brush to agitate them and then wipe it up or

In some cases you'll see I actually use the garden hose just to kind of rinse it out

Now if you guys want to see a more in depth cloth seat cleaning video be on the lookout for my video come in next

Week and I'll go through the process that I'd use to get out stains and get out any dirt. That is

Collected in any cloth seat these ones in particular had some pretty deep stains

So I'll be sure to make the video more

In-depth kind of explaining the different processes that I use to get seats looking completely clean and looking brand new again

So at this point in the detail, I'm about six hours in and I'm working on the front dash and front door panels

And I'm just using my all-purpose cleaner, which is 50/50 mix to scrub down the panels get that dirt

That's kind of collected on the armrest and inside the different door panels and do it from little cubbies

and this is a pretty important step that you don't want to miss out on because you're trying to clean the panel so that way

When you use your top coat protectant

You have a surface to bind to and you want to make sure there's no residual dirt

Showing on the surface when you put your top coat on

So for the dashboard I have different types of detailing brushes of different sizes and different stiffnesses

and then I'm using my all-in-one cleaner that I talked about earlier that is a 50/50 mix and then I'm using invisible glass which is

Probably one of the best detailing glasses that I've ever used

One area not to neglect is the area underneath the steering well there's that panel there

That's essentially protecting all the electronics but it is something that you'll see every time you get in and out of the car and also

When you open up the doors themselves on the side of the dashboard

Our panels to that getting pretty dirty that if you clean it just allows it to be more aesthetically pleasing when you get in out

Of the vehicle and also the customer will appreciate it when they receive the vehicle after the detail

The area between the dashboard in the windshield is one of the hardest areas to get to but it's easiest if you

Face the rear of the car and you reach back with an underhand motion in your microfiber towel

It allows you to get into that area as easily as possible

So the driver footwell proved to be the dirtiest part of the carpet and I used several pre training methods

I used the carpet cleaner several time and then I had to go to an extreme of using the garden hose and my shop vac

To remove as much dirt that was caked into that fiber as possible

So for my interior topcoat that I'm using on all the plastic panels I am using the Chemical Guys silk shine dressing

I've in the past used 303 aerospace protectant

But recently I've made the changeover to Chemical Guys products and I will say that it dries clear it dries smooth

It doesn't have that glossy greasy feel and some products do it's very similar to how 303 aerospace works

but I feel like it goes on and spreads more evenly than 303 aerospace does so I'm definitely

Changing over to Chemical Guys for this product in particular and if you guys want to pick them up

Like I mentioned all the links to all the products I used in this video are in the description box below

And this is a shameless plug for Larry at Cedarbrook Landscaping's who let me borrow his van to do this detail

I saw that his car needed to be cleaned and it was an opportunity for me to become a better

detailer and also for me to show you guys different methods and processes that I use to take a car that was

Extremely dirty to something that looks 10 times different and looks practically brand new by the end of this video

So if you are in, Ohio

And you are looking for landscaping products or looking for somebody to help you with plants?

definitely go check him out and you'll see his reaction at the end of the video how appreciative and how blown away at the

transformation he was

All right, so the detail is done I'm heading to go drop off the car at the owners facility get his reactions I

Think yeah

Gee, it's like a new van like if this came off

Like the carpet was a different story. Oh my gosh

What I did the best I could Harley has never been this clean before never never since I bought let's cook


Italy it smells good now, it doesn't smell like dirt anymore

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