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>> Michael Levin: We selected Automatic Sync Technologies and their CaptionSync service

because they have serving the education industry for a number of years,

they were experts in the field, and they were able to prove

that this is something they could enable within our service cost effectively and quickly,

which were really important characteristics for us.

So as part of that process, we worked with Kevin Erler

at Automatic Sync Technologies to run a couple tests.

I was initially thinking that this project would take over six months due to the enormous amount

of content that actually had to be transcribed and captioned.

But I was amazed because through their services, and a collaboration between our two teams,

we were actually able to caption our entire archive,

over 12,000 resources, in a matter of weeks.

And so when that project was started in November 2010, by January our project was complete,

and all the resources were made available on our site captioned -

which was very exciting for everyone here at NBC Learn.

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