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The uk adopted herd immunity to begin with, it went against

everything that everyone else was doing in the EU. In fact, it went against

medical advice and although they were told millions

will die

Malaysia is the safest country in the world and I think,

to be honest you just got a look at how it dealt with coronavirus

to see that at one point Malaysia was one of the worst

affected southeast asian countries in fact it was the worst hit

Malaysia had a big spike of infections through a religious event

and it wasn't a huge amount in comparison to what the eu have been

having but actually what malaysia did is they preempted it all and they struck

early and stopped religious gatherings they

then put the country into lockdown and that lockdown was enforced by the

police and they enforced rules by finding people

that were going out on the streets under the mco

they put a ban on outdoor activities um including exercise so people weren't

allowed out if anyone was caught out jogging

they would either be fined or be sent home

and generally the public adhered to all these rules

the key thing malaysia did to begin with is they closed the borders they stopped

foreigners entering they stopped interstate travel to stop

infections traveling across the country and they put restrictions on transport

such as one meter between each person one person per grab

only the head of the house was allowed out to get

food shops were closed and in fact what they did is

they left grocery shops open and pharmacies open

only for essential items and only one person was allowed

out at a time so that meant that there was a real real

low number of people out on the streets at any time

people weren't allowed to do exercise so there was none of that

and this lockdown wasn't just two weeks three weeks this was a three-month

lockdown with a number of different phases

basically heightening restrictions when conditions got worse

and reducing restrictions when things got better

and now they are reporting nearly single figures

the beauty about what malaysia have done is they have been

reporting each day the number of figures they've also been implementing at all

malls they had hand sanitizer they took your name

and your details they took your passport down they took your phone number down

so in case there was any outbreaks they would contact you

in some places they put enhanced security

down to lock down where there had been cases they were calling it off and

ensured that that area didn't leave their area

in fact you know they had gone from the highest and worst hit

down to nearly single figures so it's become one of the most successful

countries in fact it's had one of the highest

recovery rates in in asia or in the world even

um from kovid 19. got to look at the uk to to see that and where we're from

you know from italy and from the uk, i mean,

the UK adopted herd immunity to begin with it, went against

everything that everyone else was doing in the EU, in fact it went against

medical advice, and although they were told millions

will die they thought this herd immunity would work but. In fact

after a few weeks and the infections became out of control and the NHS their

hospital system started to get overloaded

they tried to change up the plan and go with a lockdown system,

but of course the lockdown system was you know a little too late and already

the infections were spiraling out of control

and then in this lockdown the lockdown wasn't enforced like it was

in asia or in malaysia for that for that reason

they had a partial lockdown in a sense where

you were allowed to go outside and exercise

you know suddenly the uk became a country where everyone was going outside

and exercising like it was a trend on social media like

we saw tons of people we do you know going out for runs and you're

like: you don't even exercise! you know it was crazy it wasn't

just them it was the whole of the uk doing it and you know you can't blame

them being locked up like that, I understand, but of course the police

didn't have you know the respect needed and they

weren't dishing out you know fines or arrests

um you know enough to warrant people staying at home so people

were breaking the rules and not sticking by and the uk didn't

really understand how serious it was and now the uk has

got the highest death rate in europe and it is now 250 000 or reached 250 000

active cases i mean that's a quarter of a million

and now what the uk is trying to do is reduce the lot down

and by reducing the lockdown they're trying to save the economy but of course

you've got 250 000 cases active you know and the nhs

you know is in a bad way trying to deal with all these cases

you know and you've just got to compare the numbers to what malaysia has done

to realize that the uk hasn't implemented the system like they have

and you know it all came too late and the situation in the uk

is really bad, i mean you know it's it's quite a similar situation or

it was quite a similar situation with italy

it is quite different actually I'd say, but

mostly because Italy was the first country in Europe where coronavirus

spread so quickly so literally didn't really have advice from

the other countries in europe, and in Italy

the full lockdown in didn't start until

around mid-march, which is quite a lot if you consider the first case appeared

around the end of january/first of february, so it was about around six

weeks that italy was under some kind of uh...

partial lockdown, which only took place in the northern

part of italy, and it wasn't even that strict in the

sense that people at some point were allowed to

travel, and people actually travelled across Italy,

trying to like reach their families, and um

you know going to their holiday houses. they spread it even more yeah

that's what actually contributed to spreading in Italy I

believe, all these people moving because they started panicking

and that's how the situation actually worsened in Italy,

and only then they decided to do a full lockdown

but yeah, similarly to the uk, even then the lockdown was not as respected as

here for sure, like people were advised not to

people were not allowed to actually um

leave their homes, you know all that, technically, but

some people obviously didn't really observe these rules so they did still

leave the house and you know they they did not

a lot of people did meet in groups

everything that should have not been done, it was not taken this seriously

for sure because we've seen it here and i have

family at home we know people, we know what's happened

in italy i was closely following the situation

and i can tell here the situation is way different

we wish that you know the uk and italy had adopted

a similar stance to malaysia and you know preempted um coronavirus in

that sense and actually enforced the lockdowns

earlier but also better i think it was all

located like too little too late in europe yeah

literally every country everything came too late so these

european nations like the uk and italy by trying to save their

economy you know by making the restrictions you know less

tight and less restrictive you know they actually made things worse

and now we're in a lot of a worse position than a country

like malaysia is yeah there's just a lot of uncertainty

on when this is all going to end because

you really can see the light at the end of the tunnel yeah

anywhere in europe to be honest italy is getting better but still

restrictions are being lifted and i i don't want to say anything

because i hope it's not going to happen but i'm worried

the curve might go up again because this is possible because it's a

bit it's a bit premature what what is happening you know both

those countries being our home countries is

it's quite difficult for us to watch you know

and see that unfold but you know at the same time be blessed

and feel lucky that we're in a country like malaysia where things have been

handled so well so yeah i mean what i want to end on is

malaysia can we borrow your health minister and

take some advice from your government because they have done an absolutely

amazing job we need we need the attitude of your

people as well to help our countries because i'll tell

you what you know we are really struggled with it but

also finally we just wanted to say you know that's why we think

malaysia is the safest country in the world

at the moment

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