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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Steam] Dezatopia - Normal Mode - Standard IV ALL Clear (Starting Rank 500)

Difficulty: 0

What items these hidden spots give seems random afaik.

Can be a bomb, life-ups or something for the Museum.

Museum items are really useless in the context of trying to beat the game though.

You can water plants and they give you animal items for the shop.

The shop activation gives you some i-frames and the shop frame itself also damages enemies.

I'm not sure what determines what items the shop gives you. It feels pretty random.

Order of importance to buy: bombs, HP extends/refills and then weapon upgrades.

Front and back shots are also more important to upgrade than the up and down one.

All bosses have weakpoints you want to shoot for maximum damage.

The weakpoints are indicated with the white square on the boss and the screen shaking when you are hitting them.

Bosses themselves just kinda use whatever attack they want a lot of the time.

Water in this game pushes you around a lot when you're in it.

Also these boats can just kinda spawn on top of you.

There are plants in the water you can water(???) but they're pretty annoying to get.

I really don't like how the water messes with your movement.

There was a full HP restore in that secret box there, that was kinda lucky.

You can recover your resources pretty well in this stage.

The bottom of the level has tons of these boxes that give you instant shops.

The scrolling in this stage seems really jank.

Like it seems like the crushers control the screen scrolling and not you.

That was really close, I was one hit away from death with no bombs.

This stage has a bunch of hidden items in the rocks but it's hard to get them without getting overwhelmed.

Front and back shot works good here to hit both targets at once.

Losing a life gives you extra bombs.

You don't get the bombs you used during the boss back.

So you want to make sure you have enough resources to beat the boss before using them.

These ships shoot revenge missiles at you.

This boss has a ton of forms and you mostly want to speedkill all of them with bombs.

Big problem when you run out of bombs though.

This shop was super lucky. Full HP restore and a bomb.

Every route has a different requirement you need to meet at this point to enter the tower.

This stage is insane, I have no idea how you dodge most of this.

This spot has a bunch of hidden items.

Wanted to get the max HP extend from the shop but couldn't because it was above the wall. :(

This spot too.

The small debris from the statue can still kill you here.

This part has an insane amount of enemies and bullets coming from the top of the screen.

Bomb them so they don't follow you around forever.

The small enemies in this stage can only be killed by fully charged shots from any weapon.

They chain-react with other enemies close to them.

You basically need to use the chain-react explosions to destroy these big ships.

This boss has two targets, one at the bottom and one at the top.

You can enter that blue sphere without dying.

Didn't want to try this boss with only 1 HP left.

Weak point of this boss is in the chest.

He didn't take damage from the bomb here and I don't know why.

That almost killed me too.

I want full bombs for the final boss, so I'm going to take a few deaths here.

Now it's time for the serious attempt.

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