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ln memory of Bengal's famous writer, Saratchandra Chattopadhyay...

a story based on his "Boikunter Will"

An Alok Bharati Presentation

Sautela Bhai

Released in lndia via Gemini Pictures Circuit

World Distribution Rights Jawahar Theatres Pvt. Ltd, Amravati

Starring Guru Dutt Pranati

Raj Kumar Bipin Gupta Kanhaiyalal, S.N. Banerjee Asit Sen Ratna

Bela Bose Radheshyam Sarosh lrani Honey lrani

Jeevankala Rani Surendra Madan Kumar Dev Kishan Laxman Singh

Suresh Anwari Samar Chatterjee Bagla Mohan Jerry Shahji

Narbada Shankar Keshuri Ranibala Khatana Dulari

Story and Screenplay Mahesh Kaul Dev Krishna

Dialogue Dev Krishna

Cinematography Ratan Lal Nagar (W.l.C.A)

Sound Arrangement (Late) M.V. Raman Thackersey

Music Arrangment and Sound Mixing Kaushik

Processed At Ramnord Laboratories, Worli

Production Assistant Tej Bahadur

Color Consultants Shrinivas Manik Ghosh

Costumes Narendra Kumar

Assistant Directors S.N. Kaul Nirmal Kumar Nirvan Kumar Prem Bedi

Art Assistant Monu Dey

Music Assistant Bahadur

Assistant Cinematographers Rustom lrani Ashfaq

Sound Assistant Rao

Assistant Editors S.V. Madhusudan Prem Singh

Assistant Director Rajkumar Bedi

Playback Singers Lata Mangeshkar Meena Kapoor Suman Kalyanpur Anil Biswas

Playback Singers Manna Dey Mahendra Kapoor Pankaj Mishra Arun Dutt

Lyrics Shailendra

Music Anil Biswas

Edited and Directed By Mahesh Kaul

Hey, hey, watch it! Okay, get out of my way quick!

May Goddess Durga destroy all evil!

What trouble they give me!

Now listen! l've already told you, l'm only a servant, he's the master.

He can go wherever he likes. Why are you people after me?

Why don't you tell us where Vaikuntha Majumdar has been for the last eight days?

When he returns, why don't you ask him yourself?

What's he going to tell you, Masterji? l'll tell you where he's gone.

- Tell me. - Come close, l need to tell it in your ear.


The palanquin arrives! The palanquin arrives!

He is my son. Gokul.

Poor child. He was just three months when his mother passed away.

He's barely a year old now.

l wasn't really interested in marrying again.

When l realized l couldn't manage both the business and my child alone...

l had to reluctantly agree.

So that my Gokul gets a mother's love.

And when l look at you, l think...

that God may have heard my prayer.

Sister, nobody told us about a child!

You are yourself very young. And now a child on top of that!

What are you going to do now, sis?


Mother, Mother, little Krishna calls out

My feet are tired from trying to walk

At least take me in your arms now


Yashoda mother takes the little child in her arms

Whoever sees this picture of motherhood...

can only marvel at it

The mother sings her child to sleep and wakes him up with a kiss at dawn

Yashoda wakes him up with a kiss at dawn

She says "wake up, wake up!"

"Wake up Kanhaiya, wake up Gopala, wake up"

See how each time she speaks his name differently, so lovingly

When water is poured on him, Shyam flashes his beautiful smile

Like a lotus smiling

Whether he feels cold or not, the mischievous Hari...

keeps a smile on, flashing his teeth

Today, my darling son's going to school for the first time.

He's going to study and become a very capable man.

Here, wear your slippers!

- Let's go, Father. - Let's go.

Tell Masterji not to scold my son.

Sure, l'll tell him. Don't worry. Come on, son, let's go.

l'm going, Mother.

Jaddu, don't leave Gokul on his own in school.

No, Mother, how can l possibly do that?

Weren't you all saying that Vaikunth's new wife is a kind, loving woman?

That she loves her stepson beyond imagination?

Now, l want to see how much she loves him.

Now that she is going to have her own child.

A five-year child! On top of that, a stepmother!

On top of that, a stepbrother!

Oh Goddess Durga! Who knows what lies in store for Gokul!

Vaikunth! lt's a son!

Congratulations, Vaikunth! Now give us sweets!

Of course!

- My son, you've got a brother now! - Brother?

So l've got a brother now?

What's all this going on?

Are you playing Ram-Lakshman here?

We're going to take part in a Ramayana play.

l'm Ram and he's Lakshman.

Come on, let's go! Victory to Lord Ram!

- Jaddu, you? - Not Jaddu, l am Hanuman.

- Do you know some magic? - Magic?

You've just transformed this house into heaven.

Come on! l've done nothing.

lf you haven't, who has?

l am really such a lucky man.

Sometimes l wonder what would've happened if l'd got somebody else in your place.

Gokul and Vinod are supposedly stepbrothers.

They love each other so much. l don't even see that in brothers anymore.

Mother, l've passed double today. l've got double promotion.

Then we should be getting double sweets too.

- Where's Gokul? - Brother has failed.

He's failed? But where is he?

There he is. Brother!

Gokul! Gokul!

Your mother is calling you. Come here!

My son! Gokul!

Bhawani, where are you?

Congratulations on Vinod's double promotion.

Your womb is a jewel. What a bright child you've given birth to.

Come here, my son, come to me.

Amongst all the boys in the class, your son came first.

And has been given a double promotion too.

l'm telling you today, this son of yours will become a High Court judge. For sure.

And this Gokula? No comparison between this boy and your son.

This Gokula is such a dunce, l don't even want to talk about it.

On the examination day, l was the examiner in the hall.

A lot of students had their books open and were merrily copying.

On both sides of him, the Mallick brothers were copying.

l could see it all but just turned a blind eye to it.

ln fact, l even winked at this boy to give him a hint.

But he is such a dunce he sat like a statue.

He didn't even look up.

Otherwise, you think the Mallick brothers would pass and he, my student, wouldn't?

All the boys were copying. Only you didn't think of copying and passing.

Anyway, just say, my son, that this time you'll study seriously and pass.

Oh, yeah, Gokula will come first?

And the sun will rise from the west!

The one who will come first, is sitting on my lap right now.

Does this boy have any shame at all?

You know what he goes around telling the boys?

"So what if l haven't passed? At least my younger brother has come first!"

You're showering so much love on him out of sympathy that he has no mother.

But let me tell you, he who's not born to you can never be your own.

Don't let Vinod be influenced by this Gokula.

Otherwise, this Gokula will take him down with him, too.

Okay, my dear, it's getting late. l need to go now.

But keep in mind what l said.

One day, your son will definitely become a judge.

lf you want, l'll come and teach him myself.

May Goddess Durga destroy evil!

Gokul! Come here!

Tell me, when everybody was copying in class, why didn't you?

Tell me, why are you standing quiet? Why didn't you copy?

Yes, my son, give your father an answer.

What's this, Gokul? You're such a big boy and you're crying?

Tell me, my son.

Before the exams, the headmaster had said that no boy should cheat and copy.

Okay, then. From now on, you don't need to go to school anymore.

Come, let's go to sleep.

- Mother? - No, he doesn't mean it.

You just put your full attention to your studies from now on, okay?

Vinod got a double promotion. And you can't? Of course you can, you're the older brother.

Just watch. Next year, you'll also get a double promotion.

Go, go to sleep.

- You come too. - Now, go to sleep.

Put those books back and come with me to the shop.

- Shop? - Yes, Gokul won't study anymore. He'll come with me to the shop.

Come on, hurry up!

What is this? You want this little boy to come run the shop with you?

As long as l'm alive, l'm not going to allow Gokul's studies to be stopped.

l've never ever seen anybody getting so upset.

- But who's got upset? - You, who else?

Have you ever seen me getting upset?

Then what sort of talk is this?

When young, children often pass or fail in class.

ls that a reason to stop their schooling? Come, my son.

Just listen to me.

- Okay, tell me. - l wasn't upset.

Rather, l'm very happy with your older son.

That's why l want to take him with me to the shop.

Unlike Jailal Master, l can't give you this assurance...

that your younger son will become a judge one day.

But, there is one thing l can say with confidence.

When l'm gone, it's only on Gokul you can depend, to live a worry-free life.

And you are seeing for yourself. l don't have the same energy anymore.

But... but my Gokul is a simpleton.

Will he be able to understand the intricacies of your business?

Whoever comes across him, will end up cheating him.

No, not everybody will cheat him.

Yes, there may be some.

But at least he won't cheat anybody. And that's enough for me.

Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) will come to him by herself.

By not copying in the exams, the way Gokul has shown character at this young age.

Maybe you don't quite understand its significance.

l'd say he's already learnt ninety percent of what he needed to learn of business.

The remaining ten percent l will now teach him.

But... but what will people say?

l don't know about people. l only know what l think.

By handing over Gokul and Vinod to you, l can close my eyes in peace.

Don't say such things. lf you think this is the right thing to do...

Son, will you listen to one thing l say?

From today, go with your father to the shop, okay?

Wait, let me get your clothes ready for you.

Mother, why are you crying? l'm fine with going to the shop.

l'm fine with going to the shop, Mother.

l have no interest in studying anyway.

Vinod will study. He's younger. Let him study a lot, Mother.

Mother, l'm the older one, right? lf l don't take care of the shop, who will?

- Let's go, Father. - Have you taken your mother's blessings?

Go, my son. Learn the work with full dedication. We're depending on you for our future.

Come, let's go.

Seek blessings from your granny.

And from that day on, Gokul removed all thoughts of study and play from his mind.

Following his mother's instructions, he began learning the business from his father, Vaikunth Majumdar.

Vinod, on the other hand, got busy studying day and night.

The total amount? Two hundred and three rupees, fifteen annas.

Time passed by. Vinod regularly stood first in class.

At the business, Vaikunth Majumdar was very happy to see how Gokul was handling the business.

ln due course of time, the parents got Gokul married.

And thus got a daughter-in-law by the name of Manorama.

The mother was overjoyed beyond limits.

Then one day, the granny, giving everybody blessings, passed away.

Manorama gave birth to a beautiful girl. lt was as if Goddess Lakshmi had come home.

Vaikunth and Bhawani became grandparents.

On Gokul's insistence, his parents sent Vinod to Calcutta for higher studies.

Vinod kept up his good work, getting good grades in college, too, just as he had in school.

There was nothing to worry about at all in Vaikunth Majumdar's life.

Here, Gokul, take these keys to the shop.

From today, l'm handing over the reins of the business totally to you.

But, my son, don't forget one thing ever.

Nobody can ever cheat an honest person.

l've had to face many difficulties in life.

But thanks only to my honesty, l never had to bow my head before anyone.

My son, keep this principle of mine as your guiding principle in life.

Keeping his father's principles in mind, Gokul worked so hard day and night that...

in just four years, the business grew to several lakhs of rupees.

Vinod was still away at college when Gokul built a big home for his brother in the village.

One day, the landlord's two sons, Suresh and Ramesh, came to the shop.

- How are you, Gokul? - Aha, you! How are you?

When did you come from Calcutta? Vinod is doing fine, l hope?

- Have the holidays started? - They begin today, but we left a day early.

- And Vinod? - He's arriving on tonight's train.

- Tonight's train? - He's given this letter for you.

Why did you take the trouble? l could've come to your place.

Chakravarty sir, Vinod is arriving tonight.

Jaddu, get the new place totally cleaned up. Vinod is arriving tonight.

- Tonight? - Yes, tonight. Now get going!

And inform Mother and Father also.

Chakravarty sir, l'll be back in a minute.

Excuse him. When he hears his brother's name, he forgets everything else.

The other day he was saying he'll receive Vinod with a big band when he arrives next.

Maybe that's what he's gone to arrange now.

Uncle has come! Uncle has come! Uncle has come!

Yes, your uncle has come!

Masterji, look at this. Vinod has won a medal! A gold medal.

Why won't he win a medal? After all, he is my student.

Touch Masterji's feet.

Mother! Father! Vinod has earned a medal as best graduate.

A gold medal.

A medal like this has not been won by anybody in Ballygunge.

Or in Hooghly.

Or in Alipore.

Just look at it, Mother. A gold medal. Even Vinod's name has been inscribed on it.

- Vinod! - Mother!

ls your heart made of stone or what?

ln six months, you couldn't write even one letter to your mother?

You're the limit, Mother. "Didn't write a letter".

How could he have written? You think he'd have had the time to write?

You know, Mother, he has to study such thick books.

lf he'd been writing you letters, how'd he have won this medal?

You haven't even seen the medal properly, Mother. Just look at it.

Vinod's name is written on it.

Vinod Majumdar.

Gokul, my son, actually this medal should've been given to you.

To me? Ha ha... Mother, you're a laugh! This should've been given to me?

Why not? lf Vinod has achieved anything, who's behind his success?

lt was you who fought with us and insisted that he be sent to Calcutta.

You toil day and night to earn money to send to him.

Look here, my son, you are very fortunate to have an elder brother like him.

Until now, he's never done anything for himself.

He's always thinking and talking about you.

- This new house he built is also for you. - Really, Mother?

The government may have given you a medal.

But if l had my way, l'd have given him a medal.

Father, see what Mother says.

What are you waiting for? Come, let me show you your room.

Hey, bring the luggage.

This isn't luggage, Gokul.

This is all nothing but sweets. Calcutta's sweets.

So what has he brought for you?

These are sweets from Calcutta.

What else? A doll, a toy bull. This is for you.

A peacock! Also for you.

What else? What else?

This isn't something for you.

Medicine? ls your uncle not well?

Sir, Vinod has asked for his bag.

Uh... okay, take it.

Mother, what are you sitting quiet for? Get something more.

- Rama! - Enough, l've had enough.

- How's that enough? You must eat everything. - Today your brother's in charge. Eat everything.

Uncle will have to eat everything.

Vinod, since when have you started taking medicine?

Medicine? What medicine? You were unwell and you never wrote me about it?

lt's nothing, brother. My stomach sometimes gets upset.

That's why, before dinner, l sometimes take...

Hey, there are all sorts of stomach-related problems one can have.

Come with me first thing in the morning. We'll show it to the doctor.

No, brother, it's not something to worry about.

Vinod, right now in our lives, we have nothing to worry about...

except our worry over you.

Vinod, if you don't take care of your health, how will you be able to study so much?

You still have to study MA, study Law. You have to become a judge. Why, Father?

l was going to Kashi for a pilgrimage.

When the train stopped here, l couldn't resist getting off.

l thought l'd meet my daughter and son-in-law.

And also get to meet you.

ln another half an hour, l'll catch my next train.

How is that possible? You've come after so many years.

You'll have to stay for at least a few days.

And l also have to discuss some things with you.

You're an experienced person.

My daughter, how can l possibly eat in my daughter's house?

The day your daughter has a separate house, then don't eat at her place.

- Oh, so you're thinking of living separately? - Gokul!

- lf you want to live separately, why not just leave with your father? - Gokul!

How many times have l told you, don't talk so much.

You don't have the slightest idea what to say, when, and to whom.

Okay l'll start getting ready to go to the shop.

Live long!

Sorry, Rai moshai. He's grown up but still doesn't know how to talk.

Oh, that's all right. We can't start taking offence at what our children say.

Please don't start worrying about these things.

What can l say, Rai moshai?

l'm not getting any younger.

There's Gokul of course.

A very good boy, but you see for yourself how short-tempered he is.

And then there's Vinod.

One thing, Rai moshai, you live in Calcutta.

By any chance, did you get to hear of any stories about Vinod?

See, now that you've asked me, it becomes my duty to tell you.

Well, he's an intelligent boy, and talented. He has a lot going for him.

But then, you know how it is. He's still just a young boy.

And that too in the city of Calcutta. With money not being a problem for him.

And you're seeing for yourself how the times are.

There's nothing to worry about as such. With age, he'll be alright.

But for now, the company he keeps.

Like the sons of your local landlord here, Ashu. l'm talking about Suresh and Ramesh.

They are there together with him.

And you know how landlords' sons are.

There they've come. They've come.

Friends, this is our Sri Vinod Majumdar.

He's the one who's won a medal at college and brought all of us glory.

Hey Three pence, why is this sucker being extolled to the stars today?

- Five pence, this is all the power of money. - Power of money?

You don't understand.

Both our masters are in debt from head to toe, aren't they?

Sure, they are. Even their house is mortgaged.

- How long since we last received our wages? - Six months.

And this man happens to be a rich man's son. So obviously they've to flatter him.

Great! Our masters have also found the perfect sucker.

Look here, Vinod, this time when you go to Calcutta, you can't stay in a hostel.

- Why? - You'll have to stay with us. What do you say, Ramesh?

Yes, of course, he should stay with us.

- Stay with you? - Vinod babu...

you need to teach our masters whatever you know.

And they will teach you what they know.

Okay, now start preparing to return to Calcutta.

Mother! Vinod won't come home tonight.

He won't? Why not?

There's a party at the landlord's home to celebrate his passing his exams.

So he'll be having dinner there. And also staying the night there.

Did you hear that? Your brother won't be back home all night.

How can he come? There must be high-ranking officers there.

They'll be speaking in English.

You think he's an ordinary person like us.

- But all night... - Stop it! "He won't come home".

But Jaddu, what will he do there all night?

ls the party going to run all night?

lt's a party for the upper-class, Mother. These things don't finish early.

No, no. My doctor has advised me to have a little bit only before dinner.

After this, we're going to be having dinner.

Look here, please don't worry like this. Worry kills.

l shouldn't say this but until a boy learns bad from good...

he shouldn't be entrusted with money, property or any wealth.

After all, what is the root cause of evil in this world? Money!

lf l didn't have this money...

l wouldn't be like this, l'd be somebody else

You can't trust a thing today

The only thing you can trust is money

Money is your master. Money takes care of you. Money is your friend

So my friend, praise be to money, praise be to money

Fold your hands in front of whoever has money

When you get a chance, grab your share of it too

Bite into every penny you have

But don't let any money go, don't let any money go

- Ask me why - Why?

For money is your master. Money takes care of you. Money is your friend

This is a world of tug of war. You need to tug at money the right way

You make sure your thirst for money is alive, and money will pull in more money for you

- Ask me why - Why?

For money is your master. Money takes care of you. Money is your friend

My heart is surrounded by these circles of yours

l understand now why this world is round

The sun and moon are also round, just like you

This earth is round, this sky is round

- Why? - Because...

For money is your master. Money takes care of you. Money is your friend

l've explained to your mother-in-law. But it's like Vinod has a second mother.

But who do the two of you have in this house?

The biggest problem is that Gokul keeps saying "brother, brother" all the time.

He doesn't even think about himself.

But you've got, not one, not two, but three little kids.

lf you don't think about their future, who will?

l'm leaving by this evening's train.

- But l want to make it clear that if anything untoward... - Father!

My dear, it's the duty of girls to serve all at their in-laws' place.

That's how happiness and peace are maintained in a household.

And you've got a Dashrath-like father-in-law, a Kaushalya-like mother-in-law...

and a Lakshman-like brother-in-law. You are so lucky, my dear, so lucky.

- You called for me, Father? - Yes, my son, sit down.

l heard you're planning to return to Calcutta very soon.

Er... yes... if l don't return soon, it'll be difficult to regain admission.

- And this time l have to study for both MA and Law, don't l? - Hmm.

Look here, my son. lf you ask me, l think you've studied enough.

lf you could stay here and help your brother with the business, it would be good.

Why, what do you think?

What opinion can l possibly have?

Whatever you think would be the right thing to do.

Hmm. The first thing, Vinod, is that...

l'm not very much in favor of too much education.

And secondly, it's becoming difficult for Gokul to manage the business by himself.

Who says it's becoming difficult?

You're always looking for some excuse to stop his studies.

- This won't happen. lt will never happen. - Gokul!

l am making it very clear, Mother.

lf he stops Vinod's studies, l'll lock up the business.

And go to Kashi.

Look here, my son, you're quite an intelligent boy yourself.

Think carefully about all l've said.

Understand it properly.

After that, l leave it to you to do what you think best.

You can go now.

l say, what was the need to debate with Father on this?

He's barely educated himself to give somebody else advice on education.

Don't talk about stopping your studies.

What will you do? Sit in this shop with me? l can't allow that as long as l am alive.

l didn't say anything of the sort, brother. But when Father...

Yes, Father may have said it. But Mother didn't talk of stopping your studies, did she?

- No, Mother didn't. - Then, what's the problem?

Chakravarty Sir, whenever he needs money for his studies...

please send it to him right away. You don't need to ask anybody.

As you say.

- But, brother... - You stupid man, why don't you understand?

When you pass MA and Law, you will become an advocate.

Then one day you'll become a judge.

Won't Father be happy on that day?

Can l ask you something?

Why won't you tell me what's worrying you so much?

Worry? When l have you, what's there to worry about?

But l've been observing this for the last eight days.

You don't eat properly. You don't sleep well at night.

What's the matter? Has Vinod done something?

No, no. Vinod's done nothing.

- Then what... - lt's nothing. Everything will be alright.

Why do you worry? As long as l'm here, you have nothing to worry about.

So, when do you have to leave for Calcutta?

lf l'm leaving anyway, l'd rather leave tomorrow.

Suresh and Ramesh have already left.

Okay. Chakravarty Sir, please give him five hundred rupees.

- Five hundred? - Yes, five hundred. Please get started on it.

Why are you staring at me?

As you wish.

Look here, Vinod. As long as l'm here, don't ever worry about money.

After all, for whom am l working so hard day and night, earning all this money?

But you really need to study sincerely and work hard.

l've told everybody here that my brother is going to become a judge one day.

lf you don't pass your exams quickly, how will l show my face around here?

You got it? Good, come on.

You saw this with your own eyes?

No, l haven't actually seen him drinking as such...

but l do know the company he keeps isn't good.

And now l hear he's going to stay in Calcutta with Ashu Mallick's sons.

Vinod, come on in! What are you waiting there for?

We've been waiting for you since yesterday.

Come on in! You'd put a shy girl to shame.

Ramesh, go bring his luggage in.

We thought your father may have caused some problems for you.

Madho, bring his stuff in.

This is our close friend l was telling to you about.

My greetings to you, Sir.

Come on, give him a reply.

Give him a reply for his greetings.

He deigns to come to our humble home. lt is the Lord's mercy.

l sometimes look at him, and sometimes at my humble home.

- Okay then, Sir, l'll take your leave. - Are you crazy?

Today we're going to celebrate the arrival of our friend.

- Today? - Of course, today.

Today, the girls' throats are a bit sore. And l'm also not feeling very well.

We'll find a cure for the girls' throats. And also a cure for your condition.

Just step outside with me.

- Vinod... Vinod, do you have any money? - Money?

Throughout his life, my father used to take loans from your father, right?

- Right. - Then, like father, like son. l mean, this is also just a loan.

The thing is, the money we brought with us from home is gone.

And our money order hasn't arrived yet.

- lt's in this, right? - Yes, it's in there, but...

Go, l won't speak with you

You can try as hard as you like

l'm not going to remove my veil

The eyes know no rest...

counting the stars

- And you went away. - Where?

To my rival's place

Don't tease me, my beloved

Now don't tease me

l may curse you...

that you just lie there like a lazy lout

Go, l won't speak with you

- The fever is somewhat less today. - What do you mean, "less today"?

You said the fever would go in two days.

lt's been eight days now.

See how weak Father has become.

What's the point in worrying, Gokul?

An illness hits you quickly but takes its time to go.

Okay, l'll change the medicines today.

Jaddu, go with the doctor and bring back the medicines.

- Okay, l'll be leaving now. Greetings! - Greetings!

- Gokul, my son, if you could call for Vinod... - Of course, Father.

l've sent Shambhu and Bhutwa to Calcutta.

Vinod should be here within a day or two.

Come, let's go.

- Vinod babu... - When will he be back?

We've brought a letter for him.

"Brought a letter for him!"

Look here, there's no saying when he'll come here.

Give me the letter and l'll deliver it to him.

Why are you following me now? Go, sit there.

My love is gone, my wealth and faith are gone

Everything has been spoiled

For your sake, l've been dishonored, l've lost my name

Vinod hasn't come yet?

He should be coming any moment, Father. lt's time for the train anyway.

Look here, l think my time has come.

l'm leaving all of you and going.

Until the time you join me...

take care of my two boys.

But l can't even die in peace, can l?

This business, which l worked so hard to build, will be destroyed by Vinod in no time.

l won't be in peace even in that world.

This thing will prick me even in that world.

l worry about this day and night.

l'm not even able to pray to God because of this worry.

Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me?

There'll be no place even for you to live.

And even Gokul's children will be out on the streets.

Look here, leave nothing for Vinod. Nothing.

You've worked day and night for this business. l won't let it get frittered away.

The business, house, property... leave everything to Gokul.

Leave everything to Gokul.

- You... - Do it right now.

l will myself sign as witness.

l promise you l will sign as witness to this.

l want nothing. All l want is that you should be at peace, without worries.

Now you shouldn't have any grievances, nothing to bother you.

- But... Vinod... - Don't you worry about him.

He's an educated man. He'll find his own way.

And... however bad he gets, Gokul will never stop caring for him.

He'll definitely take care of his younger brother.

According to this will, your only heir will be your older son, Gokul Majumdar.

And your younger son, Vinod Majumdar, will get nothing.

Here, sign this please.

But why did you make such a will, Father? Why did you?

By leaving it all to me, why are you denying Vinod his right?

Gokul, l have put a lot of thought into this.

And as l go, l still give Vinod blessings...

that one day he'll be back on the right track.

A person coming from the womb of such a mother can't be bad for long.

And l also want you to do nothing without your mother's consent.

One needs to do a lot of penance to be fortunate to get a mother like this.

Father, my mother will always be my mother. But you must give Vinod his half-share.

For God's sake, don't deny him his right, Father.

This property belongs to both of you, my son.

But until Vinod starts on the right track...

l insist that you should not give him anything.

Don't give him anything.

He's got all the property transferred to his name.

- What? - Yes, he's made sure Vinod doesn't get even a single penny.

But how's that possible? After all, Vinod is also his own son.

Yes, but the brother is a stepbrother, after all.

That's why we've come all the way, spending our money, to give you this news.

You think Gokul has sent us here?

By the way, where is Vinod?

What? You keep asking me this as if l've hidden him somewhere.

l told you he's gone to Hazaribagh. l'll let you know when he's back.

l think Gokul's wife instigated him to do all this. What do you think?

l don't think so. l think he's been instigated by his father-in-law Nimai Rai.

- Oh, you mean that "grey hair, black mouche" man? - lndeed.

But now the question is, what should Vinod do?

Should he go back to the village or not?

He should certainly go. You need to think further. What does Vinod say?

What will that poor guy say? He'll do as we advise.

Uffo... what are you doing sitting here? l'd told you to clean the room inside.

Can't you see it's time for the train?

Where will he sit if he comes? Come on, clean it quickly.

lf you don't pay personal attention here, nothing gets done.

Look at this silly man. He's so concerned about his brother.

Vinod doesn't seem to care one bit for him. Maybe he won't turn up even today.

Why have you come here without him?

Master, three trains arrived. But our master did not...

So, are you telling me there are no more trains coming from Calcutta?

There are still two more trains to come.

But the horses haven't had anything to eat, so...

And the little master's coming after having a sumptuous meal, right?

Will your royal horses die if they don't get something to eat?

- Go back right now. - As you say, master.

- And don't return without him. - As you say, master.

- "The horses had not eaten..." Huh! - Yes, Master!

"Yes, master!" Everybody in this house acts like royalty!

The little master can always come in a hired carriage.

Why do you worry so much about all this?

You think l'm worrying about that boy? What are you saying, Chakravarty Sir?

lf the women hadn't been crying, do you think l'd have allowed him inside?

lf l get angry... you know how l can be, don't you?

l want to know why Vinod can't get his share. Just because of this will?

What wrong has he done? Has he stolen from somebody?

Has he robbed somebody? Has he killed somebody?

But look at this mother!

You're a woman. Why can't you behave like a woman?

You whispered something in Father's ears and got him to make this will.

You've conveniently sidelined me and my views.

Gokul, come to me. Come!

Mother, l always thought you were a very good woman.

But now l'm seeing that you're just as bad as the others.

Women are like this only!

Don't say these kinds of things, my son.

l can understand what's going on with you at the moment.

But what will people think?

- Mother! - My son, you need to understand things better.

You're now the man of the house.

You're the elder son.

- Haran! Oh Haran! - l'm just coming, Father.

No, Masterji, l know things will happen only if l go.

l know Vinod very well. He's upset with me.

He must've heard about the will. And has gotten upset. Stupid guy!

Until he hears the whole story from me, he won't believe anybody.

My parents have completely ruined me, Masterji.

Gokul! Okay, l will send Haran to Calcutta this very day.

He'll explain everything to Vinod. And bring him back with him.

How dare he not come back?

- Haran! - Yes, Father?

Make preparations for going to Calcutta.

- Today? - Not just today, this very minute.

- Okay. - And listen!

How much will the fare be? There and back?

lt'll be about... fifty or sixty rupees.

Fifty or sixty rupees!

What's fifty or sixty rupees, Masterji?

Just make sure my brother somehow returns home.

l'll take care of whatever it costs you to bring him back.

Here, take this.

Five and five, that's ten.

That's eighty. And a further five. That's eighty five.

- You keep five, Father. And give me eighty. - Back off!

You think l'm a stupid lout like Gokul?

With just ten or fifteen rupees, one can make a full trip of Calcutta.

But what l'm saying is, what's the need to go to Calcutta at all?

Just sit quietly at home for two days.

And then tell Gokul that you couldn't find Vinod at all.

Here, take two rupees and buy yourself some sweets.

Look here, Father, you're of an age where you sit at home and count your money.

And l'm of an age where l travel and spend money.

- Here, give me fifty. - Fifty! l'd sooner give you fifty slaps!

- Okay, don't then. l'll go and tell Gokul... - Wait, wait, just listen.

Today's children don't even spare their fathers!

Here, take ten rupees.

And go to your in-laws' place.

Spend two days there and come back.

Whatever you spend, l'll give you double that money.

Are you going to give me forty now, or should l go tell Gokul?

Okay, shh... don't shout like this. lf somebody hears us, we'll get into trouble.

Here, take another ten. And leave me in peace.

Okay, give me another ten.

- Here, take another rupee. - One rupee?

Now, start getting ready and go to your in-laws' place.

- That we will see, where l go. - What do you mean, "we will see"?

Today's youth doesn't even understand the value of money.

l'll deposit it with my brother.

Aren't l alive anymore that you want to deposit it with your brother?

- Here, give me the money. - Leave it.

ln your horoscope, you and Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of money) don't seem to have a match.

As if you and l have a match!

Just listen to me!

l wonder how l ended up marrying this woman! Goddess Durga, deliver me from this!

Master, Haran has come back from Calcutta.

He's back? Where is he?

He's at home. But... Master... Master...

Master, please listen to me. Master!

Looks like you've just returned. But why have you returned alone, Haran?

- Did you manage to meet Vinod or not? - Yes, l did.

- And how is he, Haran? - Oh, he's fine. He's fine.

But why didn't you bring him back with you?

l tried hard, Gokul. But it looks like he's not going to come back now.

He's not going to come back? But why?

l think it's better not to ask these questions.

You're lying. You are jealous of Vinod.

The whole village is jealous of Vinod.

Maybe you didn't go to Calcutta at all.

You just wandered around a bit, blew up the money and have come back.

l know not just you, l know your entire lineage.

You eat up my money, and try to make a fool of me?

You thief! You gambler! You scoundrel! l'll see how you get away with this!

l'll take the whole village to task!

Jaddu! Have you told Mother?

- Gokul, drink your milk. - l don't want it. Get out of here!

lt's always "drink milk, eat your food, do this, do that".

As if l don't have other work to do.

Master, the list of donations for the Vaman priests is ready.

- Master? - My father didn't leave an estate, that l go about treating priests like kings.

Go, tell all of them that this practice won't continue in our home anymore.

lt's all a fraud, brother. lt's all a fraud.

lt's not just the business.

The house, garden, jewelry, money... Gokul's taken everything.

He's not left one paisa for this poor guy.

So now Vinod has to be at his mercy all his life?

Not just Vinod but his mother as well.

And this poor boy was always saying "Brother, brother"...

After all, that's why a stepbrother is a stepbrother.

Mother, anybody who listens to you is an idiot.

Just because Father used to listen to you, it doesn't mean l should too.

l'll be "pure" if l feed just one Brahmin. l don't need to feed them all.

Son, he is in heaven right now.

ls this the way to speak about him?

And if you behave like this, won't people say all sorts of things?

Let them say whatever they want. l'm not scared of anybody.

Look here, son. He has left us with so much wealth and property.

lf we don't even do his last rites properly, how will his soul rest in peace?

When did l object to spending money, Mother? Spend whatever you like.

But Vinod has got upset and is refusing to leave Calcutta.

Now you tell me what all and l manage all by myself.

Gokul, does Vinod even know about this?

- Of course he does, Mother. - Who informed him then?

He's got the news, Mother.

Father's left us forever, you think he doesn't know this?

You think his heart won't know the pain l'm feeling?

He knows everything, Mother. He knows everything.

lf this is indeed true, then don't feel sorry for such a brother.

Just assume that there was no other son in our lineage.

lf he's so upset that he can't even come for his father's last rites...

then we won't have anything more to do with him.

- What are you saying, Mother? - She's absolutely right.

You think Father has done all this without thinking it through?

He definitely had foresight.

When, after searching so much in Calcutta, your brother couldn't be found...

your father correctly surmised his qualities very well.

That's why Father has left all the property in our name.

Now how can anybody blame us for this?

lt's you who constantly says "brother, brother".

- Anybody else would have... - Did you hear that, Mother?

This is how an upper class girl speaks.

Say whatever you like about me. Don't talk about my father or grandfather.

- My father and yours are very similar. - What did you say?

Look here, dear, you needn't get involved. You should stick to your work. Go.

l've never opened my mouth before now.

The only thing l've been doing is working day and night like a servant.

But when l see him do nothing day and night except keep saying...

"my brother has passed this", "my brother has passed that"...

has that brother ever had a normal conversation with him?

lf my husband had any self-respect at all, l wouldn't even need to tell him anything.

The only purpose his elder brother serves is to send him lots of money every month.

But if l try to make him understand even a little bit, l'm the one who gets shouted at.

l don't care anymore if anybody thinks l've got a sharp tongue...

but l can't sit and watch my money going down the drain...

and not even think of the future of my kids.

Don't expect me to sit quiet anymore.

lf he's milking his simpleton elder brother, let him. Why should l care?

But he should realize his own children will be out on the streets.

Me a simpleton? Who says l'm a simpleton?

After all, who's earned all this property? Vinod or l?

You think Vinod could possibly make a fool of me?

He's the younger one, l'm the older one.

He may have passed four exams, l can pass ten such exams.

Let him try to enter the house. l'll stop him and kick him out.

l'd also like to see who allows Vinod to enter the house.

Look here, Vinod. No doubt you're going back home...

but make sure you don't talk much with Gokul...

or even touch the keys to the business or the safe. Understood?

We'll see you again after first meeting some lawyers and getting their advice. Come on!

Mother! Mother! Uncle has arrived. Uncle has arrived.

Then why are you making a commotion? When did he arrive?

He arrived late at night.

- What's he doing now? - He hasn't awakened yet.

He's sleeping in the new house.

Okay, now you go and play. And don't wake up your father.

Come here! Come here quickly! What did your grandma tell your uncle?

l don't know, Father.

She must've got very angry with him. Must have scolded him, right?

- Yes, maybe. - Now, tell me the truth.

What did your grandma tell your uncle?

- l don't know, Father. l was sleeping. - You're lying!

Looks like you're in cahoots with your grandma.



Vinod, l've explained everything to Mother.

You weren't in Calcutta at the time, anyway.

So if you didn't even get the news, it's not your fault, is it?

Er, Vinod, you'd left Calcutta and gone to Hazaribagh...

and here Father, in his last days....

Anyway, we can talk about that later.

Just writing out a will doesn't change anything, does it?

You understand, don't you?

But the people here are such crooks. You know how they are!

You know what? From now on, you keep these keys to the safe.

And listen, all the priests have been invited.

You decide who needs to get how much. Only you can do this sort of thing properly.

And my brother, l don't have time to sit and have long discussions with you.

Please don't involve me in these things. l won't even touch these keys.

You won't even touch these keys?

Where's the need to? After all, l'm an outsider.

l've come here for a couple of days. And l'll leave in a day or two.

You're leaving? You're leaving, Vinod?

l have no choice.

And then, this is all about money matters.

l am a poor, needy person.

lf l can't give you an exact account of everything, you'll label me a thief.

Maybe you'd even turn me over to the police and get me sent to jail.

- Did you get to speak to your brother? - No.

Did you hear what he's going around telling people?

He's saying he didn't even receive news of Father's death.

He's saying he was in Hazaribagh or some such place.

Oh God, look at the types of lies people come up with nowadays.

Lies? You don't believe him?

Believe him? Am l an innocent kid or what?

Even if he swears the truth, standing in the Ganges, l wouldn't believe him.

Listen, from now on, you need to be very careful.

This is the time people will be playing all sorts of nasty games.

You shouldn't do anything without first checking with my father.

He'll be here first thing in the morning.

- Who'll be here first thing in the morning? - My father.

Your father's coming here?

Why not? ln these difficult times, would he forsake his daughter and son-in-law?

l've explained everything to him very clearly in my letter.

Get, some more vegetables! See, there's no chutney on that leaf.

You people don't notice things properly.

Look here, if there's any shortcoming on our part, please excuse us.

l've come in a great hurry from Calcutta.

l haven't been able to attend to anything myself.

And Gokul is still just a young boy.

He needs your blessings.

You people have graced this occasion. l'm very thankful for it.

l've made one thing very clear to him. His brother won't be staying in this house.

He can choose to get a job or do whatever he likes.

What did he say then?

What could he say? You think l'm scared of him?

Come here, my son, come here.

You called for me?

An arrow that's left a bow and a word that's left a mouth... can they return?

Tell me, can they return?

Of course not.

Then what is this you're going about telling people?

That Vinod was in Hazaribagh and therefore couldn't be here?

This way you're chopping your own foot with the ax.

Father, that's exactly what's happening. And that's why l called you here.

My son, court cases are a very nasty thing to get involved in.

Don't people curse their enemies "May you get caught up in court cases!"?

And that's exactly what's started to happen in this household.

My dear, just go outside and see if anyone's listening to us.

One never knows. This is enemy territory now.

Sit down, my son, sit down.

Look here, my son, this Nimai Rai has never been afraid of court cases. And will never be.

On just hearing my name, the faces of the best of lawyers go pale.

And this boy here is just a little boy.

So what if he's learned a few words of English?

Who are you talking about? Who's going to file a case?

- What? - Did you hear that, Father? He's asking who's going to file a case.

l swear in your name, you will not find a bigger simpleton in this world.

lt would be a piece of cake for his brother to just cheat him out of everything.

l'm just so relieved you've come.

Otherwise, in less than a year, you'd see daughter and grandchildren on the streets.

Vinod's going to file a case?

- Against me? - Just listen to that, Father!

Now, is this even something to be surprised about, my son?

The entire village knows that Ashu Mallick's two sons are supporting Vinod.

And that a lawyer is coming from Calcutta.

And here's this man, going around doing all he can to please that very brother.

When you people have begged me to be your boatman in this storm...

l can take charge. And l will.

But you also need to then ensure that you sit when l tell you to sit...

and stand up when l tell you to stand up.

Where are you going?

Maybe he's going to ask his brother.

l tell you, that's the kind of effect money has on people.

lt can sour the relationship even between brothers...

and here it is a case of a stepbrother after all.

Gokul won't give us even a paisa without our fighting a case for it.

That's what even l am saying. We've therefore taken the advice...

of Calcutta's top lawyer, Mr. Dutt.

And we've also explained it all to our two lawyers.

So Vinod, you have nothing to worry about now.

- We're with you. Don't you agree, Ramesh? - Yes, of course we are.

Gokul will have to give you your share.

- Even if we have to go to the High Court... - Have you heard enough...

or do you want to hear more?

That's great, Mr. Chakravarty. l wasn't here...

so God knows how much money you've been swindling.

l was only...

Okay, tell me how in just one month a thousand rupees was sent to Vinod?

That's what Master told me...

- Nonsense! Your master isn't so foolish... - Easy, my son.

Even if we accept that Vinod tried to get money out of you...

it was your responsibility to advise Gokul properly, wasn't it?

Why would he advise him, Father? He's hand-in-hand with the enemy.

Wait, my son.

- Mr. Chakravarty, now you can pack up your bags. - Sir?

You're being dismissed from your job.

But Sir, l've been serving here all my life.

Master knows me very well.

Shut up! You think my father can also be fooled like your master?

Master, my salary of four months...

Of course, Chakravarty Sir, that is outstanding anyway.

- Other than that, if there is anything... - Wait, my son.

You just keep quiet.

Look here, l'm the owner of the shop, not he.

My word is the final word.

And hear me out carefully, you will not get your salary.

Consider it your good fortune...

Consider it your father's good fortune, l'm not sending you to jail. Got it?

The door's at this end. The door's at this end!

- Chakravarty Sir! - Look here.

lf you interfere once more in my father's decisions...

l'll either take the children and go to my in-laws' place...

or tie a noose around my neck and kill myself.

Father, why don't you get Nandlal also into the business?

But my dear, that's exactly why l brought Nandlal with me in the first place.

l can't be here all the time.

Otherwise my business back home will suffer.

You don't worry, dear. l'll train him well and leave him here with you.

However he is, after all he is my son.

But Father, you'd better arrange it before you leave. Can't trust this man.

Master, your mother is here.

Gokul, who asked you to embark on this madness?

Chakravarty Sir has been with us for many years.

For as long as he lives, l am keeping him in our employ.

Let him take the books and go to the shop.

There's one other thing, Gokul.

Your father-in-law has been kind enough to visit us...

so let him even stay for four days if he likes, rather than two.

But he needn't worry about what happens in our shop, if money gets stolen or not.

Chakravarty Sir, please don't delay. Please go to the shop.

l don't want any outsider to sit in my shop and have access to the books.

Gokul, give him the keys so he can go.

This is what's called controlling other people's money.

Look at the way she orders others around.

Let's face it, Father. lf we're here, how will people get a chance to steal?

Why? What are you standing here for?

l thought, you're a Brahmin, l'll give you five or ten rupees, then leave.

But you're back to your bad ways. l should've sent you to jail in the first place.

You crook! Get out from my sight!

Master, please give me the keys. l'm going to the shop.

ln a few days, all arrangements can be made. What do you say?

Yes, but it's very important to get Vinod's mother on our side.

Please come, Rai moshai, please come.

Look here, Rai moshai, however much Gokul may have grown up, he's still a boy.

- That's true, Panditji. This boy doesn't understand...

the complications of court cases. lf he comes unglued tomorrow...

the responsibility for him will be on you.

l'm willing to take the burden on my shoulders, but..

No ifs ands or buts. Gokul is like your own son.

He'll do exactly as you say.

Then Panditji, with your blessings, l'll show people here what l can do.

One thing's for sure.

l'm not going to allow the enemy to stay in this house any longer.

Whether it is my son-in-law's mother. Or brother.

And until l get Chakravarty out of the way, l won't drink a glass of water.

- ls there somebody? - Don't speak ill of Chakravarty Sir.

- Look here, Gokul... - But Masterji, Mother won't dismiss him.

And Father hasn't given me permission to overrule Mother.

Oh, so Chakravarty will stay at the shop?

Yes, he will.

And what will then happen to Rai moshai?

He's most welcome to go back home.

l'll ask Mother to send send money to cover any loss of his.

Father, tell me, is it a good thing for a widow to covet wealth?

- Son, first of all, a women of good virtue can never become a widow. - Oh, l see.

And son, if you're a widow... and you covet wealth...

then the scriptures say that for such a woman...

there was no good in her previous birth...

there is no good for her in her present birth...

and there will be no good in her next birth.

Rama dear, remember, today is Monday.

- l will have only milk at night. - Yes, Father.

May l ask you something?

Doesn't Gokul want me to stay in this house any longer?

And if this is what Gokul wants, why doesn't he tell me so himself?

Why does he allow me to be taunted so, by your brother and father?

The whole world knows who has taunted whom.

lf l try to save my property by having my father and brother manage it...

why does anyone have a problem with that?

Why is it necessary to ruin someone to benefit another?

Why, dear, who am l ruining?

Those you are ruining, are also the ones who are taunting you.

Can't blame them. And l can't do anything about it either.

He who throws bricks, must be prepared to get stones back in return.

Just getting upset is not going to solve anything.


Mother, l've rented a small place near the railway line.

l'll leave here tomorrow morning.

Vinod, take me also with you, my son.

l can't stand the taunts here any longer.

l'll live there in any condition, no problem.

Somehow get me out of this place, my son.


Brother, l'm taking Mother when l move to my new place tomorrow morning.

- New place? - Yes.

So you've found yourself a new place without even discussing it with me?

- Yes. - ln other words, you've stopped your studies?

Yes, l have.

Vinod, you won't pass MA?

No, l won't.

Anyway, tell me how you'll support Mother in the new place.

That remains to be seen.

l've got myself a job which pays fifty rupees.

What? A job? You're going to take a job?

A job that pays fifty rupees? With me still alive, you'll get a job?

Stupid man!

- And you've asked Mother if she's ready to go with you? - She's ready.

l only had to ask you.

Ask me? What's the need to ask me? Who am l to all of you?

Go wherever you want to go. lt's not like l've chained you or anything.

Come on, bring everything quickly!

Put it here.

And listen, you people sit here.

Mother, the palanquin's here.

lf you're ready, come quickly. l have to go to work after that.

Mahua, tell Mother she can't go today.

Why, Master? What's the problem?

Today is Dashami. Ours is a home with children.

lf you travel on Dashami, something will happen to the children.

Tell Mother l'm not going to allow her to leave under any circumstances.

lf she likes, she can go tomorrow.

Jaddu, send back the palanquin.

When she's going of her own accord, why stop her?

l want to, l stop her!

She's the head of the family.

lf she leaves today, and the children start dying tomorrow?

Jaddu, what are you staring at? Send back the palanquin.

What are you guys staring at?

Take back the palanquin. Mother won't be leaving today.

Does anybody leave on the day of Dashami?

Won't something bad happen?

Son, what's the use of just one going?

Until a few more leave, there will be no peace.

But Father, l'd heard that even a witch does not rob her own.

That was in the golden age.

ln this age, a witch doesn't even spare her own home.

After all, this is Kalyug for a reason.

Rama dear, is the halwa ready?

Yes, Father.

Brother, l'm taking Mother with me today. Please don't obstruct me today.

lt won't be possible for her to go today, Vinod.

Why not? l'm taking her with me right now.

"Taking her with me"! Who are you to take her with you?

Father told Mother to stay with me.

He didn't leave her in your care.

Go, do your job. "Take Mother with me"!

Brother, if you'd really taken care of Mother...

she wouldn't have to listen to taunts in this house, day and night.

Mother, come out. The palanquin is ready.

Mother! Are you really going?

Where are you going, Grandma?

Tell me, Grandma, where are you going?

Look here, Mother, if you insist on leaving like this...

then that will be the end of our relationship.

Father, Grandma is leaving. Stop her, Father.


Mother, am l not your son, that you're leaving me like this?

Didn't you bring me up too?

Now what's happened to you?

- Where are you going? - Kashi. - Kashi?

What to do? Mother has gone off with Vinod.

And here Master's father-in-law is constantly harassing me.

Gokul doesn't even speak to me properly anymore.

And you also left me.

So l'm going to Kashi to get my head shaven.

- Okay, get your head shaven later. First eat what l've got you. - Okay.

- Oh, so it is you? - Greetings, Sir!

What a wonderful place!

Looking at this palace, my eyes are gleaming.

But, gentlemen, the way you left Calcutta was very sudden.

The other day, when we landed up at your place...

all we found was a lock on the door.

That too a lock from Aligarh.

We're very sorry that the day we were leaving, we couldn't...

And Sir, these two girls cried their eyes out for you.

They lost interest in music, dance, and everything.

As for me, l've been roaming the streets looking for you...

from Howrah Bridge to Tollygunge, and Shyam Bazar to Ballygunge.

Finally l managed to get your address from the police.

- The police? - What else could l do?

After all, it's a matter of three thousand rupees.

Oh, why did you trouble yourself so much?

Just this morning, we sent you a money order.

- Right, Ramesh? - Of course. - What can l say...

when they come up with such replies?

Sirs, you can at least not lie for once in your life.

Okay, listen, the truth is that there's still a problem for a few days more.

- Right, Ramesh? - Of course.

After that, you'll get whatever you ask.

- On top of that, we'll give you a reward too. Right, Ramesh? - Totally.

- You know our friend, Vinod Majumdar, B.A. Hons? - He's sitting upstairs.

ln just a few days, he's going to get a share of his father's property.

- Three or four lakh rupees. - Four lakhs!

Girls, what are you waiting for? Greet the gentlemen! Greetings!

Mother, l'm not going to have dinner today.

l've eaten and drunk a lot today.

Whatever happened, Mahua, it was just the right thing to happen.

lt was the right decision not to give this boy any wealth or property.

Even if Gokul's been caught up in his father-in-law's games...

and treats us in a shabby manner...

at least he's taking good care of the business that his father so painstakingly built up.

At least his father's soul will be at peace.

l can't give Vinod anything, Sir.

l can't violate the instructions Father gave me at the time of his death.

These are all only verbal things, Gokul.

My clients may be forced to adopt different means.

Tell them to adopt whatever means they like. And you do what you like.

And the men who've sent you here, Ramesh and Suresh, they can do what they like.

- Tomorrow is Vaishakh Sankaranthi. - Tomorrow?

Every year, you arrange to feed all the Brahmins in the village.

What will happen to that tomorrow?

You don't have any money in your hands anymore.

You haven't told Vinod about this yet?

l did tell him. But he hasn't paid any attention to it at all.

Okay, let him come today. l'll remind him about it.

You go and sleep now.

When he comes, l'll take it up with him.

The flowers are blossoming in the gardens

The buds are blooming into flowers

The beautiful season of Spring is upon us

All my friends have gone to their husbands' places

l have been left alone

What should l do, l am charmed by you

My body burns with a sweet fire

Oh my beloved!

Ever since l've fallen in love with you...

sleep has vanished from my eyes

Men and womenfolk are jealous of me

They don't understand my pain

My friends make fun of me

They taunt me when l walk by

My friends are also annoyed with me

l got thrown out of their group

You didn't sleep all night?

The young master hasn't even come yet.

What will happen to the feeding of the Brahmins?

l've decided to stop the practice.

l'll keep only a fast.

But you've been doing this for twenty years!

Then what do you want me to do, Mahua?

lt now depends on what he wants.

Open the door!

Are all of you still sleeping?

Open the door!

- What is all this? - Get out of the way!

You're always asking "what is this, what is that"? Can't you see?

There are fruits, there's ghee, there are vegetables, there are sweets...

and lots of other things. Come on, bring everything here.

Keep everything properly. Bring it here. Put it here.

Open your eyes and see where you're putting things.

Mahua, l've gone and invited all the Brahmins.

You think l could have left this responsibility to that man?

Where's Mother? She's probably asleep.

Like mother, like son. Nobody seems to be bothered.

As if l'm the only one here who has to take care of everything.

Tell Mother they'll handle everything. l'll return in a couple of hours.

Why are you staring at my face? Give Chakravarty Sir milk. There.

Masterji, why aren't you taking more?

Enough, Gokul, enough. l'm feeling a little under the weather today.

Otherwise l'd have eaten another twenty or twenty five rasgullas.

Bring the rasgullas. Why are you staring at my face?

Ganguly babu, you're not eating anything. How is this possible?

At least have some fruits.

Come, Vinod, come. No point in being shy in your own house.

Even the feeding of Brahmins is done and there's no sign of you?

Sit down. Do you understand this new game your brother is playing?

- Game? - You didn't get it? Looks like you'll definitely win the case.

Okay, so you've passed the BA.

But you haven't learned yet that gaining control of your mother is the goal.

Because the weight of the entire case depends on just this.

No, Masterji. lt's nothing of the sort.

Gokul, now was l your teacher, or were you my teacher?

Don't allow this Gokul to enter your house. Otherwise he'll ruin you.

Baba, he's left without even eating.

lf he hasn't eaten here, he'll eat at home.

Mother! Mother!

Son, you're really something!

There they are, preparing for the case against us...

and here you are, running to their house all the time.

Today he's gone and got us insulted by his mother.

What do we do now?

l'm telling you, if you ever go to the enemy's home again...

- l'll jump into the river and kill myself. - Then go kill yourself!

Peace, son, peace. What's there to get upset over?

Son, you think your mother is a very decent lady.

- But she's a first class... - Stop it!

From now on, if anyone says anything like this about my mother...

l'll drag him or her by the neck and throw the person outside.

Vinod, what's all this l'm hearing about a court case?

- Court case? - What was Jailal Master talking about the other day?

Are you going to file a court case?

Mother, well... court case... it is a sort of...

Anyway, you won't understand all that, Mother.

lt's not something women will understand.

l won't understand? And you will?

Careful! l don't want to hear such things again!

And l don't want you to mix with those people.

The other day, Jailal Master, in front of everyone in your own home...

insulted your brother. And you just sat there quietly, watching it all?

l think from now on Gokul will never come here.

And even if he does, how will l show him my face?

What has brother done for you, Mother?

You raised him when he was a child, you made him a man.

- And now, thanks to him, you had to leave your home empty-handed. - Vinod!

Don't you feel any shame at all? ls this why you brought me here?

You don't even measure up to Gokul's shoes.

At least he doesn't bring dishonor to the family.

You've been born from my womb, but you're an enemy.

My real son is actually Gokul.

And now you've made sure l can't even show him my face.

Eat something before you go. lt's your birthday today.

So what if it's my birthday? All that disappears as my mother leaves.

You're talking as if nobody else knows how to cook here.

See what l've made today.

Go, give all this to your father and to your brother. There they are.

So, Mahua, have all of you eaten?

Oh, it's terribly warm today. Just get me a glass of water, will you?

l came here because l have some business in this area.

l'm tired of roaming around in this heat.

Vinod must have gone out. And Mother is probably sleeping.

- No, Master... - Okay, okay, let her take rest.

Okay, tell me Mahua, in this dark age, is there any virtue left at all?

- What, Master? - Sit down! Sit down!

Look here, Mahua, before Father died, he entrusted Mother to my care, right?

- Tell me! - Yes, Master, he did.

Then who is Vinod to bring Mother here?

Am l not Mother's son?

You think l can't take Mother back with me by force?

- Tell me, can't l? - Yes, you can, Master.

But l am just a straightforward person.

Otherwise, you think Vinod would have the courage to take Mother from me?


- Tell Mother l'll come some other time. - Master!

- Master! - Gokul! Gokul! Gokul!

Mother! Mahua, Master hasn't returned yet.

When did he leave, after having lunch?

Lunch? What are you talking about, Munimji?

He came here to this area on business.

He just had a glass of water and left.

Just hear that! Today was Master's birthday!

- Oh, no! - First thing in the morning...

he had a fight at home.

He left home saying, "l'm going to have Mother's food today".

Looks like he hasn't eaten at all, all day.


Without Madhav, all of Brij is desolate

Whether it is Gokul, or the banks of the Yamuna...

He has lots on his mind

He must be looking for you day and night

lf you have ever loved Him

Krishna gives you so much love

Mother Yashoda, if Krishna had been your child...

you would have protected him like a little baby

So what if He wasn't born in your womb?

He was still considered to be your child

Though we are not related to you in any way...

we cannot stop ourselves from saying this

Without Krishna, everything will go wrong

lf you'd told him not to go...

he would never have gone against your word

We wouldn't have been so morose without your child...

and he wouldn't have agonized so much, without his mother

Alas, you didn't even think for a moment

No need to tell me anything, son. l understand everything.

What else can you expect in the home of a zamindar?

Tell those who don't know such things.

But don't tell your brother-in-law.

He thinks we're jealous of his brother and therefore speaking ill of him.

But what's going on there, Nandlal?

Don't ask me, sis. l'm even ashamed to talk about it.

What's to be ashamed of in telling the truth?

There's all sorts of revelry happening. Dance, music, drinking.

And if anybody doesn't believe me, he can go and see it with his own eyes.

This isn't just today's news, dear. This is a daily saga.

But just look at this boy...

who's given up his studies, faith, brought dishonor to his family...

and is going about drinking openly like this.

My attachment to you will never end, even if l die

l did not believe in your word anyway

Yet l waited for you all night

l was startled by every sound in the silent night

My heart repeated this again and again

- What? - Stay away from me!

lf you keep making and breaking your promises like this...

my heart will lose hope and break

Don't ask anyone about the state of my heart

Listen to the lament coming from my grave


My attachment to you will never end, even if l die

Gokul! What are you doing? You want to kill him?

Come on, boys. What are you waiting for? Catch him!

You scoundrel! This is why you found your own place!

Let me tell you a tale about beauty and love

Let me go! All of you are rogues! You've destroyed my brother.

l will see to each one of you!

- But from both graves there was just this lament. - What?

My attachment to you will never end, even if l die

Well done, Gokul! First you grab all the property.

Then you go and beat up your brother in front of everybody.

And now you say you won't give him any share?

Yes, l won't give him a share. l won't give him anything.

He's a drunk. He's a rogue. He's a wastrel.

l won't give him even one paisa. You guys can do whatever you like!

Look at him! After all, what can you expect from a stepbrother?

Okay, Gokul, even if we accept that Vinod is a drunkard...

who are you to steal his share away from him?

And Masterji, what is the evidence that, at the time of his father's death...

Gokul didn't indulge in some fraud or skullduggery to grab the property?

l committed fraud? l'm a trickster?

Who says that l've committed fraud?

The whole village says it.

Can it ever happen that a father gives all his property to one son...

and doesn't leave even a paisa to the other son?

Okay, then l'm a fraudster. l'm a trickster. l'm even a crook.

Then go and file a case against me. Let the court decide.

- Gokul, my son... - Now, all of you please just go away!

Peace, my son, peace. What are all of you standing here for?

The matter is clear now. You can go to the court.

Think once again, Rai moshai. lf the matter goes to the court...

then even Gokul's mother will have to stand in court as witness.

You'll drag my mother to court?

You'll make her stand in the witness box?

Then you can have all this property! Burn down this shop.

- Son. - You please stay out of this. Let this be decided this very day.

Listen to me, Gokul!

Sis! Sis! Sis! Master is dragging Vinod and bringing him here.

There are lots of other people coming here too.

l don't know what drama has happened.

Mother! Pack your bags! l'm giving all the property to this rogue.

And the two of us, mother and son, will go live in Kashi.

What sort of childishness is this, son? You will go to Kashi?

Better your enemies go to Kashi! Come, let's go home.

- Think, son, think of your children... - You please stay out of this.

l want this to be decided today.

l am a fraudster, am l not? l am a crook, am l not?

- But brother... - Your brother is dead! - Gokul!

You'll take my mother to court?

You'll make her stand in the witness box?

And all this for property?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Whatever you want to say in court, you can say here. ln front of everyone.

Come here, touch my feet and tell me l'm a fraud.

Unless l give you the property instantly, l'm not the son of Vaikunth Majumdar.

What are you saying, son? When has saying such things ever helped?

What are you thinking so much about? Be brave.

The entire property will become yours.

Let them go to court. We'll see what the court decides.

- Come, let's go home. - Leave me alone.

While dying, Father had said to me "Gokul, this belongs to both of you".

"When Vinod gets back on the right track, give him his share".

And Father is seeing from above l'm watching over his property like a snake.

l pray to God day and night that the day should come soon...

when Vinod comes back on track and comes back home with Mother.

And he says l am a fraud?

Come, touch my feet and say in front of everybody that...

l have grabbed your property through fraudulent means.

Go, my son, touch his feet and say it. What are you scared of?

You won't get such a golden opportunity again.

You're right, Masterji. l won't get such a golden opportunity again.

Brother, l know you very well.

lf l touch your feet and call you a fraud...

then may my right hand be cut off right now and fall off.

l'll never be able to say this. Never.

But today l swear, at these very feet...

that l will never again touch drink.

Brother, please give me your blessings that from today l should be deserving...

of being called your younger brother.

- Vinod! - Brother!


Okay, all this has been going on for too long now.

Give me my five thousand right now.

Otherwise l'll break this building to pieces.

And whatever little honor you have, will also be ground to dust.

Even then we won't let you get away.

Even if we die, we will appear before you as ghosts.

And if anything should happen to you...

we'll even land up at the cremation ground.

Neither will we be in peace, nor will we let your souls be in peace.

So, what do you want to say?

Look, all of you. Look at the love between brothers

lf this love had not been immortal, what would be left in this world?

The Description of Sautela Bhai