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The following footage was recovered from a hard drive on July 17th, 2020.

Then say what you're saying, Nelson.

You work for these people,

and I think it's a little screwed up that you act like you're better than us.


I never said I was better.

It's the way you act.

"I could never watch these things."

ASH I dunno, is Mexico cliche at this point?

That's exactly your job.

It's not my job, and is that how you think I talk?

Guys, someone's viewer isn't muted.

Me. Sorry.

ASH martin?

I don't know why you're all over me on this.

Martin doesn't watch either.

MARTIN does it matter?

Martin, really? Martin, you recruited these guys.

MARTIN wherever you wanna go, we'll go.

These are your people! You don't watch?

No, I watch.

Oh, now you watch.

I watch if I have to, okay?

Do you know how much these people pay to watch this?

Chef, you gotta taste the food.


If I bred dogs for a living,

would I need to go downtown to watch every dogfight?

See, everyone. Attitude. Okay?

This is what I'm talking about.

Nelson's just testy because he's the only one who has to work on-site.

Not that I don't mind being in a bunker 30 feet underground...

but now that you bring it up, why am I the only one that has to be here?

Because you work the Blue Zone.

No, I'm just saying,

it'd be a nice sign, you know, of camaraderie if you guys, you know...

If I were to spend four days in a bunker with you that smells like hamburger?

Do you even know why it smells like hamburger down there?

It's 'cause that's where they put all the bodies after the match.

NELSON Is she serious?

Hey, is anyone else still getting the interference?

Audio or video?

I'm still getting both. Every time the Blue Zone moves.

Which cameras, Chae?

Four. Five. Fourteen. Fifteen. Twenty-seven.

You want me to keep going?

Yeah, I'm getting freezing too.

So you are watching then?

Piss off, Nelson.

Guys, chat's not pleased.

Yeah, the chat's never pleased. You can't please everyone.

ANON97004: Cameras are freezing again. ANON88839455: Fix your game

Working on that.

ANON235257: I have $6M in play, and can't see what's going on.

How about now?

Yeah, that's good, Sudhir.

Thanks, Martin.

Okay, shrinking the Blue Zone.

Anybody wanna make a bet--

I was just feeding in the data.

I was just doing the usual, and then it kicked me out.

Yeah. Cobaltic's still not loading for me.

ANON121454534: I expect my funds returned in full.

Nelson, I told you something was wrong with the Blue Zone.

It's been doing this all game. What have you been doing?

Everyone chill, all right?

This is why you should be on-site and not in some hotel.


Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, do we have a last known for squad four?

Which combatant?

Any of them.

What does system error mean?

System error means the bluechip's offline.

ANON22225184: I think they've lost a squad.

They can't be offline.

It says it's offline.

Is it possible they're just dead?

Then it would say deceased.

Nelson, chat's asking questions.

ANON33947538: Who is going to pay for this?

What should I tell them?

ASH: okay change of plans. how about Croatia?

ANON387223: Someone is going down.

Tell them...

ASH: pros: more culture. no frat boys. REPLY: Not right now babe

Just tell them we'll get this fixed.

We'll get this fixed?

Yes, Chae. Yes, Chae, we will get this fixed.

Do you know the kind of people we work for?

Martin, is squad four the one with the engineer?

Yep, Slade's team.

Why is it Slade's team?

Why isn't it Mad Malholtra's team?

Is Slade the American?

The one that you paired with the psychopaths. Ham meat?

It is Lunchmeat.

Oh, she is cute.

Skels? You know she killed 14 people before she was 18?

She's actually the one that broke Martin's nose during the interview.

So it's Slade, Malholtra, Lunchmeat, and Julie.

And you're saying we lost them? All of them?

Okay, everybody, calm down. Take a deep breath.

Try not to worry. Okay?

Don't worry about the illegal murder game we can go to jail for,

or don't worry about the fact that someone might show up

in my hotel room tonight with a silenced .45?

Sudhir, I need eyes. Give me omega override please.

I'm on it.

All right, I'm coming through the other side.

SAMARA: This is why we should have never done a squads match.

Nelson, you feel like jumping in at all?

Martin, has anyone tried to get off the island before?


No one's ever had their chip go offline before, Chae.


I think I have something.

Loot truck went down four minutes ago half a klick from Bootcamp.

I think it's them.

Yeah. Yeah, I see it.

I've got downed cameras south along Main Street.

Where were they when the Blue Zone messed up?

Say it was the Blue Zone again, Martin,

and it'll be your body stashed in this bunker.

I got it! Last knowns at the Quarry.

They're going for the center of the map.

Nelson, there's no way in hell they can get into the bunker, is there?

'Course not.

How do you know?

In the history of Battlegrounds, no one has ever found the bunker.

And no one's ever disabled their chip either.

Okay, guys, everyone just calm down. This isn't a bloody moon landing.

Nelson, what's going on over there?

-They're in. -Who's in?

I'm the IT guy, all right? I don't have any--

Nelson, get out!


Martin, what are we gonna do?

It was a pleasure working with you guys.

Sudhir, what are you doing?

I hope this works out.

If I leave now, I might have a shot. Bye, guys.

Sudhir, get back.

This is not our fault. We did not--

I'll tell him we were not involved with anything.

I mean, isn't there a team we can send in?

There was. They were at the bunker.

Okay, well, how long until they make it to the mainland?

Eighteen minutes.


I'm afraid the control room has been compromised, sir.

We're still trying to figure out exactly what happened with tech.

But maybe there was something in the backpack or something in the truck.

I mean, we were monitoring everything--

I understand right now that things seem complicated.

Let me assure you, they are not.

They are extremely simple.

Your lives, your loved ones, everything.

All of it now depends on your ability to do one simple thing.

Find... the Sanhok... Four.

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