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This trip

I sell all my herd of chickens

I'll not play cockfight

And raise them

Really? All of the chickens?

Sell all of them and raise a new breed? So keep the one

I said stopped

No cockfight

Are you deaf?

Glad to die

Why do you glad?

I'm thinking about you quit the cockfight and do the business



Your brother is trustworthy people


Ba Yen goes to the hospital in the city

Maybe it has some problem

So she doesn't invite you

She said don't be sad

Why do you know?

I picked her up at the station

Ask honestly

Do you really like Ba Yen?

My God! I said many times

I really love her

I think this time you drunk so you were joking

God! You're..

I always say that

What do you think?

No, I accepted

But, Ba Yen...

Do you think she doesn't accept me?

No, I don't think so. But she is sick

Don't worry

Sick, and cure, and well. How can sick all the time?

But... that disease....she... haizz.. I don't say that

So shy

A, who are they?




My son and Thao invited


Sit here

I have some gift for your family

You're so formal, that's enough

So formal


You're home


Drink some tea

How does Yen do?


Did she come there?

She did


How long did she go?

2-3 days

Why doesn't she go to our house?

She said she went to the hospital every month

But I don't see her

Did she not in your home?


Where did she go?

Whose house?

We don't know

May be she feels shy so she didn't dare to visit my house

I think that's not a reason

You were so rush that day

You shouldn't tell her we know her disease

Because I worried about her

But I comforted her, not scolded

That's a reason why she feels shy and she doesn't visit again

I think

She had some problems

It's not like that


But where did she go?


Take this mango for me, please

Okay, let me do

Ut Huong

Ut Huong


Di Bay?

Are you home?

Do you find me?

I have something to ask you

Sit here and wait for me

Drink some water

Hey, let me tell you

I don't want to drink water

Ba Yen said she went to the city to go to the doctor, but I haven't seen her in a few days

I'm nervous

Are you sure she in the city?

Sure, Bay

Hm, wait a minute, I'll check

Anh Hai

Anh Hai

What's wrong?

Come here

Why did you tell me?

Hi, Bay


She asked about your trip to you and Ba Yen in Sai Gon?

This morning. I picked her up to the station and go to the city

Did you give her a drive?


I'm so worried because she's been fone for a few days

Don't worry

She said she need to stay there to solve some problem

About one week

Did she tell you that?

Did she have something in there?

Where did she stay?

Maybe Hai Truc's house

She didn't

If she stayed there, I won't feel that

how do you know she's not in there?

Yesterday, he went back with Thao, but they didn't see her

So where did she stay?

I remember

Wai a minute



I'm Ut Huong

Mrs Yen went to Saigon, did you see her?


Did she stay at your house?


Is she there?

I wanna tell her something


Did she go to work?


No, I don't have any important thing


Yes, he's there

yes, yes, I'm gone

So don't worry, Bay

She stayed with my mom

Okay, I'm fine, I'll go home

Yes, bye

Bye Bay

Poor her

Give me the mother's number


Sometimes, I call her to ask about her health



Give me

I don't believe you

0 - 8

Do you know that?

You look down on me

Area code


6 - 2

9 - 5

9 - 8




Give me her address too


Sometimes, I visit her




You make me surprised, why did you not visit her?

I didn't, but now I do

By the way, visit Ba co Muoi

Go quickly





Do you really visit mother? Or someone else?

Leave me alone

Double talk

You make me crazy

Who do you find?

Is there cousin's house?

He left a long time ago

Many people found him from that time

Did he rent that house?


He doesn't have a house

Do you know where is he now?

He didn't tell me


Thank you

Hey girl


... No...

I so sorry about that


Many previous girls were cheated by him


You're welcome


what's that?

Who are you?

Why did she hit him?


So sorry

Sorry everyone

I got it wrong

Why does she not eat dinner?

Mrs Yen?

She visited her friend

She ate there

I saw that she's very fashionable

What does that mean?

Tell her to be careful


I'll tell her tonight


She backs. Let me see

Ba Co Muoi, I'm home

I just reminded you

Why did you always go somewhere at night?

Dear, I found my friend

Have you found?

Yes, I have

They invite me tomorrow night go there

Have you not eat dinner?


Give her a dinner

No, I can do it myself

Done, I rest

There are some dish in the kitchen, go there

I'm so hungry, Tu

Why did you say you eat at your friend's house?

I said that for your peace of mind

I found their until night

I'll visit their tomorrow, and after that, I'll back home

Eat it

I go to upstairs


Who are you? Why do you hit me?

I'll call the police

That's my behavior

Give me a phone


Stay there

If you run, I will hit you too

But who are you?

You fooled so many people that you don't remember

Do you remember me?

You chatted with me

And what did you say?

You enticed me to go there

Promised that you'll take me to school

After that

You drive me to meet a women

Give me an anesthetic

Make me become a cave

Remember that?


Don't hear her

I'll call the police

My responsibility

Your organization was cloistered

Do you know I find you a long time?

I'll beat you to die

I beg you. That's my fault

I don't do that again

Remember that day. Repent


Don't leave me

Go away

Wait for me

Who's that?

Really, let me check

Hey, you



When did you go there?

Just a moment

Take a bike in

Go home


He's not a theft

My son

Your grandchild


Is there Hai who good at a cockfight?


Say something to her

Hi grandmother

Have you visited your mom?

I've visited you

And my mom

Too long to visit her

He just takes care of his chicken more than his parents

I quit it

I'm Hai Tin

So that's why you have time to visit me


Take a rest. I need to sleep

Take a relax, Muoi


How does Ut like?

She always practices her homework

Does she?

I have a plan that picks her up there to study more

But she doesn't want it

She really bored of SaiGon

Why? Just study

That's a reason

You should advise her

Studying in SaiGon has more chances

Hey, what do you find?


Where is Mrs. Yen?

How do you know?

That day Ut Huong called to you

I heard everything

She went somewhere in the morning

Did she come to Hai Truc's house?

She still here

She goes somewhere every morning

Maybe she has some problems that needed to be solved

Did he say he is Nam Lang Tu?

Yes, this is his nickname

2 years later, he said to me that he was Ba Tho Bac

Ba Lonely was his nickname

I sure he has many other nicknames

To cheat other girls

So luckily, I met you

I went to the house that I lived with him

He said that was his house

I found him there

I met the real owner

That was a rent house

He left and disappeared

Ba Co Ngoai, we back to hometown

Does Yen go with you?

Yes, together

Do you eat breakfast?

I'll eat in the street

Eating full makes difficult to drive a bike

That's right, Muoi

Let's they eat later

They want to go together


Keep it carefully

Be careful

Bye Mom, bye Grandmother

Bye Tu, bye Co



He just wanna pick her up, that's the main reason why he is here

I think so

I know from their conversation

To be honest, I wanna they married in order to he's less playful

Not sure

It's in the blood

Let me see them off

Go go

Hey hey

Tie it in

That's neat, not enough to tie

Be careful in driving


They like a pretty couple

Tell me the truth

why did you go there?

to pick you up


you're a bad liar

how do you know where am I?

and how do you know when I back?

I'm honest

It depends on you

I don't trust you

I swear

Swear it

If I lie to you, I will get hit by car

That's unlucky

Do you care about me?

Sleep and dream

If that, me too

Would you like to drink iced coffee?

How about you?

Black coffee

Me too

What do you need?

Clean that

And 2 coffee

1 iced coffee, 1 espresso

Why do you not order for me like you?

I know your favorite drink

If I change my hobby?

Except for the coffee hobby, what do you change?

I solve my job

I'll change everything

I'll, too

But I don't know how to do that?

You haven't answered my question

What's the question?

Why did you go to the city in order to pick me up?

Why are you quiet?

Do you really want to hear my answer?

The question needs to have the answer


I'll answer your question

Why do you so long?

Because that's important to my life

I just ask the reason why you pick me up


Because I love you

Do you know that?

For a long time ago

Please answer me

No, I cannot

Please go home


Are you here?


Hi Dad

Who picks you up?

Hai ga noi

How does your sick?

It's normal

Where is mom?

She goes to the fertilizer barn, she'll back soon


That's Tu Trau's gift for our family

How does she like?

She's well

Her job is leisure more than in here

Happy for her



How did you plan for this crop?

We'll do that

I think bro has the opportunities to help you

Our family also have a garden

I think you should focus to take care of the garden

I think that's enough to live

It's better to earn more money

But you're not young

I can take care of you

Don't worry about me

I cannot be farming

I have a plan

So don't worry

I go the backward

To soon

How about the price?

So expensive

I don't dare to give them a deposit, I wanna ask you

The price increases like that, how do we do?

Yen rights

Sell the crop and just take care of the garden

Is she there?

Just a moment

Too early to come there

Hai, Tu Trau's son pick her up, not a taxi


What is that? Whose?

Tu's gift for our family

Why did he go there to pick her up?

He comes to pick her up

He also drave her too


I have a question for you

Did he like my daughter?

Ask them, don't ask me

I know, but I wanna ask you first

It's better to ask Yen directly

Of course

But what is your opinion?



I think he really loves our daughter


If he doesn't, why does he do that?

I'm afraid

What's her opinion?

Let me ask her opinion

Do that


Why do you so rush?

Did you pick her up?

How do you know?

I'm not stupid, you asked me mom's address

I visited mom


How does mom like?

She's well

She wanna you to go there to study


Go there?

No, I can study here

I tell her that

Ba Yen

You haven't answered my question

I know you love me

I didn't understand that


I still love you so

No, it's not...

Too late


Why late?

You know

I really love you so much

I cannot

Why not?

I back

We'll talk later

Let me do

No, thanks

I can go on foot

I wanna go alone


Let me see you out the gate

Why are you here?

From you opened the door for Yen

I don't see you

You look happy, so you don't see me, right?

Happy in suck


To be honest

You're my sister

How do I like?


Not bad

After you quit cockfight, you're the best

Why does she deny me?

That's other problem

What's that?

She has her reasons


Do you know that?

I don't

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