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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Building TWO STARFORGES in Empire at War Yoden Mod!

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Damn he built really quickly. Alright, let's draw up malgus

Mmm even build here are dropping malgus down here

Ladies and gentlemen

We got two of them one star Forge

We saw that before

Two star forges

That is pretty good


Hey guys, this is a car slaughter hello and welcome to a brand new Star Wars

Empire at War video today we have returned to one of the most insane

Ludicrous fever dreamlike and pirate war mods of all time. That is of course the Odin mod

Last time we played we built the Imperium ultra class super heavy duty

badass to our destroyer which I think was

260 kilometers long and

It's just gigantic today. We'll be doing something almost as ridiculous actually

Probably even more ridiculous and building the star Forge and perhaps maybe two star forges

So I can't remember exactly which map it can be found on

Definitely not any of these official Maps. It's definitely not on Kessel run -

um, I

Think it's the Old Republic

Faction which gets it and I the Sith faction which gets it sorry

so Empire

Will play against a Jedi?

Rebellion and we'll try

Mod map 5

Charlie cut me and if it this isn't the one

You guys will have to excuse okay, there's only two

So there's only two resource asteroids on this that's not very cash money we're gonna choose a different one it's literally not very cash money

Let's try

older public versus SIF


I'm trying to see if there's any detail. Let's just try one

Backup - Jed, I want a little bit of a challenge. Let's go

Also guys, my voice is a little messed up

Yes, that's better. My voice is a little messed up

My family has been pretty sick started off with my son Josh his name is August

my wife got sick next and then and me after that we just turned on a desktop audio but

So yeah that coupled with the fact that at the end of last dream

And this isn't a stream this reveal watching this on YouTube, but just recorded this offline

But at the end of last stream, I tried to record my my longest ever

Yeah, boy because rampaging Rhino donated 100 pounds


my throat was already in a

Rough state and that just definitely did not help

So we'll build Lord Baracus

Who is a Dark Jedi?

during the

the post Endor period but has the picture of I

forget the name of that Republic trooper from The Old Republic and

He's almost certainly flying a craft which doesn't meet either of those

Qualifications, so let me build you

So, yeah, it's a very diverse Amell had to put it lightly let's just take a look

That's like a Sith is construction I forget the name of that ship is

the infiltrator scanners

I can't remember. I don't know Old Republic stuff

It's why to make three videos on YouTube just over and over again, you'll come on

I'm just joking

All right, no sign of the AI yet

so we now have Darth Revan we have the

Ardent frigate. I'm gonna build the Dara fan because it's actually a pretty decent ship model. I would guess that it was like a

homicide waver Jedi I would guess that it was like

As one of the well-known eaw monitors who made this one?

Definitely have a really embarrassing voice crack at some point during this video

Let's get the Dare fan in here. Now. One thing that really annoys me about this mod is we've got room for all this ridiculousness

Or sorry we have all these ridiculous ships but it gives us 30 population slot like what's up with that?

So, I mean I guess the Dare fan start that nice but it matches its depiction in the books so

Just like in the essential guide to warfare

Actually, I don't think the Dare fan was in that just like in the Old Republic comics. I

think the Dare fan was in the

old Dark Horse

Jedi comics, I

Was never really I couldn't afford comics really? No not that we were poor or anything. We weren't it's just like

For one was a bit overwhelming because I didn't know where to start but also there and there were just like so many comics I

Didn't read dark I bar until I was already a man

As opposed to pain I don't know if that came through at all

So we are dominating asteroids and they will still I guarantee they'll still find some way to hit us with like a

Mega class ultra super duper Star Destroyer

Also just to be clear I've said this before I joke about Yoda in law but I kid because I love I

Think it's totally okay. There's a mod that just fully embraces ridiculousness

May stop my understanding they're not stealing assets. They kind of just

they ask for permission then they upload them as

I'm cool with that

Copy I copy

It also spend my money on right now, I guess I'll buy


Reporting just buy some asteroids. Oh, I didn't buy that one. I'm just sir fool. It's received. I am a fool

I wanna take a look at the

Is this the infiltrant? I can never remember nameless if fighters?

All right dear fan show your worth these are the aurochs I believe which pretty short auric is a in

the Star Wars elf event

Which is there's more than one Star Wars often, I'm referring to more. Oh gosh. Now I messed though because I can't

My chat when you are sorry commenters video Watchers, let me know what ship featured in today's video is your favorite

We're playing mods like Thrones revenge which are so like fully new UI, you know

Mechanics of combat are changed completely like you don't just see fighters get picked off like that

So easily then to go back to something like this

I gotta admit. I do like how some of the older mods did let you like destroy fighters or whatever so quickly

It's got a satisfying

Well good Canadian, I've had Arcade Fire

Stuck in my head all day actually all month really it's been really since 2010 or so, uh

Let's just hold off cuz I don't want to take up my population cap

Just because the more the truly ludicrous ships will come later on. Maybe I'll just buy like Darth Maul's just in the ebon Hawk

I think I

Mean it's a cool freighter. It was just a freighter

It's not like the sexy Dara fan right here

Darah fan

The number one treatment for

Lactose intolerance, I don't know

Things got no shield. Hey

Crazy, oh you also check out the Astra in the middle here. I

Should give us some stars

Right Dara fan

Hey, it's what's-his-name form akira

It's not who it is, but that's what it looks like. I don't know if that's an imperial knight from legacy

Oh, man, they're coming hard now

There's too many of them they're all from different eras

Scam and I'm somehow gonna give me a decent care of playing single-player. Just watch

This model also has absolutely no balancing like some of the ships will have like literally a hundred hardpoints and others will have like


And they'll be like equal cost and equal population cost

Let's keep pushing so this is the SIF destroyer

Darth anger. Let's spice it destroy

You guys watch me doing nothing for too long a

Bit more firepower they're coming in hot and heavy

Kind of reminds me of one of the

Cellies not able to find a match for this probably of one of the concept art Star Destroyers. That wasn't

Created for the force awakens. There's a whole video on that. Yeah, there's a starter story that kind of looked like this

It had very similar kind of rear side here. It don't think it had this

Monster thing

That gap-toothed at the front

So funny after playing sony multiplayer games of this I'm like anxious about addy sinking

You know, it's obviously not going to happen

Nihilus has his

Not the hair or is it?

Man, I'm so - if gun, I'm just sucking

So, oh, it's a Centurion. I


I'm gonna go to Star Wars hell lawyer youtuber he'll

Look how many hard points this tiny little ship has oh

We didn't we gotta get to that asteroid as well so I have some cool stuff there

This is the Ravager

Brothers the harbinger bow. I think that was a

Was the harbinger in Mass Effect 2, but that was I think just a good guy shit

And we got lots of money at least

Let's take the hut asteroid station

Full power towards the hut asteroid station get that dare a fan there too. I

Gotta say I really enjoyed Charlie's edit for the last video

Charlie if you want to insert part of that here, feel free

But in case you want a second show in case you don't quite believe me

If you don't understand the dangers of this weapon

Another example a fully crewed space station tens of thousands of individual

Just gone

Second this thing doesn't have any hard points. It's just like who knows what you're gonna get

Now the asteroid bases ours, I guess I

Don't know I'm not too worried about it

SOooo. Is that his neighbors?

Well, we've really learned during the streams that my memory is terrible, alright upgrade would you



So we've got our first star Forge here

And I believe Darth Malgus

will give us our second one and

For those of you saying hey did Darth Malgus show up after the star Forge. Well, that's an interesting point


He board it for a day

Okay, so we could build these no

Damn he built really quickly. All right, let's drop malgus

Mmm can't even build here are dropping malgus down here

Ladies and gentlemen

We got two of them one star Forge

We saw that before

Two star forges

That is pretty good. Alright

All right, now we've got Sith Lord from different ages we have this is Darth Talon who was actually considered

George Lucas really liked her character and if you google image search Darth Talon, you might figure out why

But when he was brainstorming ideas for

Episode seven

Back what he was working on Episode seven himself

He was modeling a Sith Lord after her cuz he liked her so much

Spilled sire I

Can't wait Jesus deep deep fried voice there. We met the most mighty

Space Station ever envisioned. What's it good against uh asteroids like yeah, we can take asteroids. No problem

Alright boys man, this thinkin's boogie -

Can't tell like that but look at it go look at that sucker fly

Like that one Corvette had more hard points than this

All right dark great reporting for duty

Let's also build us

let's build this battle cruiser harrier hera where I think definitely not a Harrier that's like

You guys thought battle the dread-nots was cool it wasn't you know, what's cool battle of the immobile Space Station's

Said this one's not a mobile for some reason

Oh my god

Boys this is just like in the movies

Guys remember this this was from Colin Trevorrow who's leaking episode nine in the script?

This is ludicrous, alright

Let's get the man to angry to die in here before Darth Maul did it

Can you make anything cool

No, not really wait, hold on what's this weapons platform, that's boring

Builds a missile defense satellites, why not?

Why weighing standing by

this thing just

Sa kind of interesting ship design. I wouldn't meet I wouldn't mind seeing something like this in Star Wars. I mean

Maybe refined it a little

the little

Edgy I guess. I don't know if it needs to be read. I don't know what that big tail fin does either


Yes, I will

The dark side of the force

Corrupts a person that and doing too many yeah boys when you've already got a

I was said an ear infection

Let's streaming for too long

when you already have a

bad throat

Alright, let's move this gigantic space station, which certainly couldn't buggy around the map at the speed

Focus all firepower in your giant winged

Ion cans and never knew what was what would hit them

That's kind of cool oh this is this is HK 40 at the HK 47 class capital ship I

Gotta say the AI here actually beat like a belt like a knock completely ridiculous fleet besides for Tetsuo there

It's not Tetsuo is it I mean, I know it's not any of them, but that's not what I'm thinking hold on


He wears a wet. Yeah, it looks like Shotaro cuz he wears a red jack. I think they call him by his last name. I

Know it's been a while since I watched that movie

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