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hello everyone this is kimmiso in new video and ... new episode

this is the video that you guys waited for long time ago

you didnt notice anything changed about me? not my hair style i just change my hair color and try to take of it because these days can feel my hair dying anyway

today we are going to talk about something new , in my body

i think you guys are knowing everything

anyways you guys knows how much i talked to you in my channel about diet and working out

and from i start my youtube channel till now i aploaded a lot of videos talking or giving you tips how to lose weight or how to workout

and you guys noticed that i always gained weight and lose it gained and lose it , till i lost hope

and i always had a problem that i dont lose weight from two places which is my arms and my tights

and of course i hated my tights so much because you know that feeling when you cant lose weight from that place

so today i came with the solution or the steps for you guys that saved my life and i lost a lot of weight

and i know guys that you all noticed in my last videos that i look different and you all was curious about it

and some of you who are following on instgram i think they know what im talking about but i told you to wait till i aplaod the video

so the secret is that i did liposuction on my arms and tights

yeap thats true i did that surgery for the first time on tights but on my arms it was second time

this surgery they remove the fat from the place you want they dont suck the fat they remove it all that will help you have the shape you want

so i was searching here in south korea and as you know here is the country of the beauty hospitals

i have been here for 2 years and half and i always sow and advertisment of 365MC hospital on TV

even tho i bought their toy it was so cute if you guys are kdrama fans you will know this toy and it is always apear in korean tv

and i always wished that i can do my body there in the hospital , and i had luck that i came back to korea again

you know guys i was locked in morocco for almost 10 months because of corona and i gained a llloooottt of wieght

so when i arrived here i talked to them and told them about my problem and they welcomed me and asked to come for apointment and lets see what can we help you

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