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I got to tell you guys

When you first get the waist cincher ,

you will definately need help to put it on!

There is no other way!

...people say that I only publish it,

I only make some posts about it,

but honestely, i really do use the waist cincher.

It's been 3 years now

I wear it to sleep for 8 hours

and then I wake up, and I do my cardio wearing it too

nowadays I have two waist cinchers,

I have this blue one

that is a smaller version that they made

and this one I wear it for working out

and i also have a black one, that is a little bit larger

that I use to sleep with

I got to tell you guys

When you first get the waist cincher

You will definately need help to put it on!

There is no other way!

Ask your man to help,

ask your sister, even ask your mother

it doesn't matter

because it is impossible to do it on yourself

When you pull on one side,

one of the little locks get loose on the other side

So you really are going to need someone's help

because the cincher is very tight.

The first time I wore it, during the first week

I got out of it in the middle of the night.

I couldn't breathe, and when I woke up

it was laying there, by my side.

Guys, I wear the waist cincher

because I never had a waist.

My hips were always wide

but waist was something that I never really had

75 cm, 76cm, I even got to one point where I had a 78cm waist.

And to me, that's not a waist!

So I wear the waist cincher to have a thin waist.

And I have to say that it works.

But you have to insist on wearing it.

I've been wearing mine for 3 years now,

every night to sleep, on the morning to do cardio.

Sometimes I forget to wear it before I sleep,

I will be already laying down, but I get up,

turn the lights on and put it on.

This really changed my waist!

For me, the best way of using it is like I told you,

Wearing it for cardio and at night to sleep.

I don't wear it during the day because

my outfits usually show my belly and so it wouldn't look

very nice.

But if you go to work and you are fully dressed,

if you wear clothes that cover your belly up and things like that,

I would wear that way also,

it's based on your routine.

A waist cincher does work,

it's a fact!

A lot of people ask me if it's a

mith or if it actually works.

To me, it works.

A few years back, when I started to wear it,

I used to put a fat burner gel on my belly,

and then tie the cincher up, to sleep.

It helped me out, A LOT, to reduce my waist measures.

So it's really something that I can't live without

So, let me reaffirm this to you guys,

I wear the cincher for 3 years now,

it's not something quick!

It hurts, but what else can you do, right?

You suffer to look better!

You have to wear it.

And obviously,

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