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"Dude, affiliate marketing just has all these crazy terms like EPC which I have

no idea what it means. Well, John will show me..." "Will show you

what EPC means and also be showing you some examples. Not examples, they're

real-life data from my actual affiliates of my program of what their EPC is

actually are. Check it out.

So, EPC is a common term that's used in affiliate marketing. It's a very

important term and it's one that a lot of people look at to determine how

effective their marketing is. What it stands for is earnings per click. Okay,

for every click you send to the product, how much do you earn? And the reason why

EPC is such an invoke kind of acronym is because most advertising, the one metric

you have most under your control is how much you're spending per click.

A lot of affiliates are spending money on advertising on Google, Facebook,

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever. And the cost per click, the cost

you spend per click is very much in your control. Because on your side, you control

how much you're spending on advertising and you control

generally speaking the pre-sale page the landing page if you're more advanced. Why

is it important to know your EPC though? Let's say I know that the average

earnings per click of an affiliate for a product I'm promoting. Let's say I'm

promoting a... I'm getting solar leads. I'll have my assistant link it here. There's a

playlist I have with some very hidden videos from my friends Carlos Cruz and

Ronnie Sandlin multi-millionaire affiliates who it's called the Art Of

Copywriting. And I'll try to have my people link it there. If you don't get it

there, you can just subscribe to my channel and you get some free playlists.

But solar leads. Let's say I'm advertising solar leads and I know that

most affiliates are earning about 75 cents per click. Maybe I saw a case

study and they're earning 75 cents per click. As an affiliate, I know I shouldn't

be spending much more than 75 cents per click or else I'm not going to make money,

I'm not going to be profitable. So, that's a number in my control. So, if I earn 75

cents per click on average, if that's what other affiliates are seeing, I don't

want to spend more than this number. It's a good heuristic to measure your

advertising by. Now, let's go on my computer and I'll show you some of the

EPCs of my my top affiliates for my program on ClickBank called the super

affiliate system. So, I just read aside it. I'm actually going to show you another

great example before I show you my own EPCs of some CPA offers on the

affiliate Network. I just so happen to have this up. So, this is a CPA network.

And over here you'll see they have top offers. Okay, they have all the top offers

listed. And they also have the EPC. So, I'm going to zoom in on that. And what we see

here is the top offers on the affiliate network are crypto, paper called, diet, CBD.

And you'll see the EPCs which means the earnings per click. What this network is

doing is it's taking the earnings per click and it's averaging it out amongst

their affiliates. Now, you'll see the top EPC for crypto is $10.23

per click. That's a lot of money. That being said, it's extremely hard to

advertise these offers. Facebook and Google and YouTube and Instagram and

Twitter. None of those networks allow you to advertise if any of these offers that

you see on affiliate. So, in order to advertise these offers, you have to be

way more creative. And that's way beyond the scope of what I talk about here. And

actually I don't even recommend you do this sort of affiliate marketing. Because

you have to bend some rules or laws to do it. But that gives you an idea of the

high point of EOC's. And you'll see the EPC's range all the way up. you know,

from 10 to 2 dollars. The people that are advertising these offers also it's

more advanced. They're using landing pages. So, this isn't actually the cost

per click from an ad. This is actually the earnings per click. They've already

gone through a series of other pages before him. Gets more

complicated. Not going to go in to explain it. So, here are some results from my own

program. And you'll see the earnings per click varies wildly based on what sort

of traffic or where that traffic is coming from. So these are all affiliates

that were paid by me last month. And as you'll see here, affiliates sent over 1

million visits to my my product on Clickbank last month. And the overall

average because I get a lot of spam traffic, a lot of people send spam

traffic was 13 cents EPC. But if you'll notice, all of the affiliates that are

getting sales are getting earnings per click around somewhere between 2 to

10 dollars. There's some flukes in here I don't know how this was caused.

But in ClickBank they don't call it a click, they call it a hop. So, it's

actually EPH, I guess. Earnings Per Hop. And you'll see it says the initial sales

amount divided by the hop count. Now, the reason why affiliates promote my program

is because I do very well at monetizing my traffic. People make a lot of money if

they're advertising my program on ClickBank. And you'll see here for

instance, Cypher Street, they sent 5 hundred clicks and they made on average

about $6.42 per click. You'll see nomen sent a thousand clicks.

1,200 and made on average $3.40 per click.

You'll see EVP stud made on average $4.58 per click.

So, you get a wide range of things but they all, you know, then you see fend

Dorma sent 5,000 clicks and made 4,000 or an average of buck per

click. But he made a lot of sales. So, you'll see this is some real data from

my program and you saw some real data from another person's program. To give

you kind of a makeup of how affiliates, how much of money, you know, you should be

seen per click and just how what it looks like to help you measure your

advertising. Oh, man. That's complicated stuff.

EPC is one of those technical affiliate terms. Now, if you really want

to get into this industry, first off, I suggest to go through some of my

playlists. I have some really Cuddy affiliate marketing stuff. And

particularly, look up my videos with Carlos Cruz in them. Or just join my

training course. If you're trying to get this deep in affiliate marketing i

really suggest join my training course. But subscribe to the channel first and

hit that notification bell so you can see future videos i'll be releasing on

affiliate marketing. And please leave a comment to let me know if there's any

other topics you'd like me address with in affiliate marketing. Had a lot of

knowledge packed us here. Did a lot of marketing and i can help you guys out.

See you soon.

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