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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Justified Final Season: Sneak Peek

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So, Fred.


Season six, this is the last one we're gonna do

This is the last time we'll be doing this.

We sitting here talking about an upcoming season. At least on this show.

GRAHAM: This is it, this is the last season.

We came to that as a collective decision

driven, I think, perhaps more by Tim and myself

than other people.

And it was just the feeling that the series ultimately

is about Raylan and Boyd.

And that we could only extend that story so far

before we felt that we would be trying the audience's patience with,

"Why doesn't he shoot him already? Why doesn't he just arrest him?"

So we kind of knew it would all come back to where it started.


And so that's been one of our goals.

And Raylan has to make a choice this year.

You know, his standard operating procedure

is to back someone into the corner, make them draw and then shoot them first.

Raylan's trying not to do that this time.

Didn't I tell ya, you were gonna wish I killed ya?


don't you?

It comes down to, is Boyd going to be robbing banks?


Is Raylan going to get Boyd? How is he going to get Boyd

and what's it gonna be like for Ava?

Who, you know, still loves Boyd,

but is now caught between Boyd and Raylan.

And then the Katherine Hale of it, Mary Steenburgen

with Wynn Duffy, our beloved Jere Burns.

Part of Boyd's plan as you'll see,

they're in league with Boyd.

And um, this is no real spoiler alert

but it does involve bank robbery.

You were lousy at running heroin, Boyd Crowder,

but from what I'm told.

You are really good at robbing banks.

GRAHAM: The object of their target is this guy that

Katherine Hale knew, that Jere Burns, Wynn Duffy knew

back in the day, and his name is Avery Markham

and he's returned to Kentucky to

stake his claim in a certain semi-legal business.

And get the hand of Katherine Hale who he still loves,

even though she was conspiring against him.

And that part of Avery Markham was played by your personal friend.

Sam Elliot.

Sam Elliot.

That was kind of dream casting for us.

I'm giving you one chance to get back into that car and drive away.

You have three seconds before we kill every one of you.

We also knew going to this year, we wanted to spend more time with

Tim Gutterson, played by Jacob Pitts

and Rachel Brooks, played by Erica Tazel.

She has to sit behind Art's desk

and be in charge, and it's a challenge for her.

We will see old faces, but to a degree,

I don't necessarily want to say who they're gonna be.

We are also studiously trying not to be Justified's greatest hits.

Sometimes we're just backed into a corner and it's like,

"Well, you know who we need here?"


Constable Bob.

Oops, I just said that.


If shit gets serious, you give me a call.

And I'll grab my go bag and be ready to jump.

FRED: The other thing is the Kentucky of it all.

You know, Raylan's been brought back against his will

to the place of his birth.

And there was a lot of unfinished business

there waiting for him as it turned out.

Really, a lot of that business has been tied up.

It's gonna be time for Raylan to leave Kentucky.

And the ending of the series I think, is huge.

It's gonna be a big event in their lives too.

At least, I hope so.

I hope we don't screw it up.


Oh, boy.


It will be sad when we're done.


But, uh, you know, it's been a great ride

and it's been great doing it with you.

And you.

Thanks, Graham.

Thanks, Fred.

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