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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Designing Your Career: The Outsider Problem

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Being a jobseeker can be really


Youve applied to all the jobs,

at least all the jobs that are listed

somewhere, and you think youre done.

And the competition feels fierce.

Its hard to know what to do or even

where to start

to find a really good job in this

crowded space.

But there are more jobs available than

you are aware of.

As a job seeker youre facing what we

call the outsider problem.

The outsider problem is that

many potential jobs are invisible to you.

Depending on industry, as many as 80%

of available jobs

are not listed publicly.

So if you think youve applied to

"everything," its possible that youve

really only applied to about 1 of every

5 positions.

The other 4 positions?

Theyre either available to those with

access to the "inside," or they may be

in the process of being created.

The people inside the industry are building

things, talking to each other, and they

know where they need help.

And as an outsider, you just cant see


So how do you find these unlisted


To connect with people and

opportunities on the inside,

you need to get into the


You need to hear

insiders' stories to understand what

jobs need doing, what its like working

there, and whether you might fit in.

And as you talk to more people in an

industry, youll also learn their lingo

and the right questions to ask.

Sometimes, opportunities may even

be generated on the spot thanks to the


Talking to people who are

inside the industry is the best way

we know of to discover or create new


We call this process informational

interviewing and well dig into how

to do it well in the next video.

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