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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 23.- Camino & Maite [DE-ENG SUB.]

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Our mother seems very distubed after the conversation she had with Ursula.

That was to be expected, nobody liked it.

What do you think could have made that woman want to come back to the neighbourhood?

Who knows.

You know, last night I had a very special conversation with Cinta.

That's great..

Yes, I wanted to tell you, but you went home.

I was exhausted.

I see, are you feeling better now? Did you get any rest?


What I was telling you... Yesterday Cinta and me...

Look, Emilio, I think it's great that everything's going so well with your girlfriend

but I am not in the mood to listen to lovers rambles, is that clear?

Yes, crystal clear.

But I don't understand why you're speaking to me like that.

You have never been so rude with me.

People change, Emilio.

Get used to it.

Camino, stop it.

Is something wrong or you are like this because of the painting competition?

Do I get involved in your life?

No, just the bare minimum.

So you should do the same.

I didn't ask you to ask me so many questions.

Has Cinta come asking for me?

No, something happened with her?

No, nothing, I will go outside to take some fresh air.

Good afteroon.

What's the matter with your brother, he didn't say hi.

I don't know, he didn't want to tell me.

Something worries him.

How are you?

I guess I am fine.

Has Ursula been here again?

If she bothers you just tell me and I will come here immediately.

No, don't worry.

Thanks for asking.

Do you want some pie? They have just made it, it's on the house.

It would be good for me, I am fed up with the conflict between Lolita and Arantxa about the dance.

I can't understand why you care about such a nonsense when some people have bigger problems.

Does something happen to you? Someone bothered you?

No, it is the opposite.

That face...those words...

Are you lovesick?

No, it's not that.

Tell me, I don't believe you.

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