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- From Kenso, Maine

- [Boys] Welcome to the GCN Show!

- Welcome to the GCN Show, brought to you by Wiggle.

- This week we talk gravel, the super wheel,

Russian potholes, and we look back at the Amstel Gold race.

- Got loads of new stuff this week, haven't we?

Some tech of the week, we got new shade

new wheels, new tyres, and amazingly,

a new beer as well.

And there's a new giveaway

more prizes for you to win at home!

- As well as all that shiny new stuff,

we've got all your old favourites as well.

- New and old, new and old.

(upbeat intro music)

(loud thud)

- This week in the world of cycling,

we saw the first ever women's cycle race

take place in Saudi Arabia.

47 women competed over a ten kilometre course

in the city of Jeddah.

When you consider that women were only allowed

to publicly ride bikes back in 2013,

this is a small but quite hopeful step forward

for a nation that is quite conservative.

- Yeah we also saw that if you spent seven hours

in the breakaway Ampstel gold,

then you can have quite a lot of food for you too,

because Lawson Craddock from EF Education First did that

and actually burnt get this, close to 7,000 calories

in the Ampstel Gold Race,

which equates to about 27 Big Macs.

- Whoa, that's a lot isn't it,

although I think I would go for 15 Big Macs

and leave the rest for chips, chocolate and beer.

- Yes a lot of it, yeah.

- Now we also learned this week that gravel is the new road.

- Or is it? Now there's several things

in the past few days that have led to that

and the catalyst for that kind of discussion.

First off, Mavic, they've launched

an all road range of products.

We have the Tro-Bro Lon the french race

that's run on a lot of farm tracks.

That got more exposure than most UCI 1.1 races

and then the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride in California.

That's one of the best events on the calendar.

- That does look like a really cool event doesn't it?

I think the trend is clear.

Starting with the races

you've already mentioned Tro-Bro Lon

but then we've got Strade Bianche of course

which we've talked about on the show a few weeks back.

That has become one of the biggest

the most anticipated races of the season

by riders and spectators alike, even though

it's only in its 12th edition this year wasn't it?

- Yeah and the the white rose stages of the Giro d'Italia,

they're always really hotly anticipated.

- Gay-moh-ver-gun they added some gravel last year

in the form of those plook stratis didn't they?

- Yeah Omloop Het Hardland in Belgium.

Last year's podium, Mathieu van der Poel first

Waf-e-nar third.

- Yeah and even close to home,

we've got the Rutland Milton C classic here in the UK

and that uses a whole load of farm roads too.

- Yeah that started out in 2005

and is now one of the biggest UK domestic events.

Believe it or not Matt actually podiumed

at that inaugural event before it got big.

- It was actually one of the biggest of all events in the UK

- We also had the inaugural Australian gravel bike

national championships and I must admit

I can see other countries follow suit there.

- Yeah they thought as though wouldn't it?

Now must admit I do like watching all the races

that we've just been talking about.

I like the spectacle that you get

from the dust all the dirt.

I like the extra degree of bike handling

that's required over the gravel roads.

And I also like the fact they look quite epic

and retro in some ways.

- Well if it's retro can gravel really be the new road

or are we just harking back to like a bygone era?

I mean before the advent of asphalt.

- That is a valid point isn't it.

I see where you're coming from there.

Because we know that the road riders' approach

don't really adapt their bikes much

to the gravel bike do they?

They just put slightly bigger tyres on perhaps.

But on the other side of the coin gravel bikes

are becoming quite a big thing amongst the general public.

But when you look at them I can't help but wonder

whether actually they're not too dissimilar in design

to the mountain bikes

that we used to race on back in the mid nineties.

- Yeah, bikes with no suspension whatsoever

and just clearance

for bigger tyres than road bikes basically.

- Yeah exactly, I mean the difference with gravel bias

is that generally you adopt drop handlebars

but on the other side of the coin,

there's John Tomac the legend raced with drop handlebars

in his first mountain bike didn't he?

The thing is though mountain biking

has changed dramatically since that Tomac era.

And I'm wondering whether the gravel bikes

have kind of just filled a void that was left behind.

- Yeah I know what you mean

but with the introduction of things like disc brakes,

it means that new gravel bikes have far more versatility

than the mountain bikes that me and you

were using back in the day.

And also many of them can accept standard road wheels

but with different tyre choices so six ties or slicks

and many could also accept 650b wheels

but with fatter tyres.

- Yes, so I actually did some riding

and a video using some gravel bikes

with exactly those wheel options

and it was quite interesting because you do then think,

you can have one bike at home that ticks a lot of boxes

and there's no doubt there's loads of competitive

or non-competitive shall I say

events out there at the moment

that accommodate gravel bikes,

not least the Canyon Belgian Waffle ride

that you talked about earlier.

That thing's got forty miles of gravel dirt tracks isn't it.

- Well there's the dirty Kanza as well

and somebody from that GCN team is gonna be riding there.

- They are?

- Katherine who runs the social media is gonna be riding

that event and guess what?

206 miles just gravel.

- It is isn't it.

Last years event though was won by Matt Stephens wasn't it?

- It wasn't me. I wasn't available.

- No I think people would've guessed

that you didn't were at 200 mile gravel event.

There's also the fact that the dirty Kanza

is only 13 years old and in the first edition

34 people turned up.

This year is gonna be 2,200.

- Wow and the L'Eroica events as well

they're getting increasingly more popular year on year.

But it's not just about more and more events is it?

Because gravel really is becoming well a proper thing isn't?

- It is and I think there are three reasons for that.

Firstly it's far quieter more peaceful

when you venture off road isn't it?

Secondly you get a heightened sense

of accomplishment and exploration.

And thirdly, there is a safety issue there

as well isn't there?

- Well I know where you're heading down

because roads are getting far more busier

and drivers let's face it are getting more distracted.

- Yeah I mean we're not shirking the issue here.

We know that there's a responsibility amongst us as cyclists

to educate and help the situation out there on the road.

But the fact is sometimes

it's quite nice to just venture off road

and not worry at all.

Plus there is the fact that if you want to gravel ride

to be social it most definitely can be.

(knock and thud)

- oh yeah, here's Katherine.

- Yeah Katherine. Come up.

I bet you're, you've got to be looking forward

to dirty Kanza.

- [Katherine] Yeah looking forward to it.

I mean I'm pretty nervous--

- I think we should get

- Come on, come sit - on the spot here.

- Shuffle up mate, just a little bit.

- Hi Katherine. - Hey.

- Sorry to get you in but we've been talking about

whether gravel is the new road,

and you'd be in a good position to tell us

because you must have been did a lot of training

for the Dirty Kanza.

Well I've certainly been riding my gravel bike a lot more

than my road bike so that'll probably give you

a bit of a insight your question, yeah.

- Do you reckon it'll be good idea

if we in the next few weeks

did a special ask GC anything, gravel special?

Would you up for it?

- Yeah I reckon that'd be good.

- I think that's a great idea.

Yeah one of us with Katherine and answering your questions

and all the things gravel

because she has built up a lot of experience in the gravel

bike over the last few months.

So leave all your questions

in the comment section down below.

We'll do that one in the next a couple of weeks?

- Yeah tell us about your favourite gravel rides

where you like to ride,

whether you like to ride it baggy clothing

or lycra as well

and if you don't really fancy riding on gravel

tell us why, I want to hear both sides of the argument.

- We do don't we?

Right so the answer from Katherine is yes.

Gravel is the new road, Matt?

- No I don't think gravel's the new road.

I think it's the new gravel.

- Nice answer Matt, typical Matt answer.

I think it's the nice addition

and option for some different riding when you want it.

- Bottom line is it's good fun.

- It's now time for cycling shorts.

- Can you reinvent the wheel?

Now many people have tried it

but Simon Chan claims to have done it

with what he calls the super wheel.

- It is power-assisted

but not through any kind of battery or modes of it,

rather it uses the rider's weight.

Now this technology has been four years in development

and they've been very tight-lipped

over exactly how it works in that time.

But they've given GCN some exclusive insight.

- [Matt] The system works

on the storage of action reaction force

caused by the weight of the user

in the upper section of the spring mechanism

continuously during rotation.

I.e, when the wheel is rotating in the clockwise direction

the mechanism starts to compress the springs

from the 9 to 3 o'clock of the rotation.

And the springs decompresses

from the 3 to 9 o'clock of the rotation.

- [Dan] It works like a lever mechanism

using the centre as the pivot

and then this converted energy

will be used to decrease the frictional force

in the opposite side of the wheel

and therefore facilitate the rotation.

- The current prototype provides around 30% assistance

and is quite heavy.

And that is something they are actually working on

but the production model they reckon provide

upwards of 50 percent assistance which is pretty remarkable.

- Hmm, I have to say that despite our explanation

I'm still none the wiser in my own head

because that's I'm not intelligent enough.

- Complex stuff. - to understand

something this complex.

But if it is gonna work,

it could be quite revolutionary couldn't it?.

Because although e-bikes are relatively green,

they still need charging,

there is still a battery there

that will need to be disposed at some point.

But this it's about as green as it it's gonna get isn't it?

- But it's gonna be something else

that the UCI probably gonna have to check as well.

- Yeah, that's very true.

All right back on to conventional wheels now

and a new world record which somehow we missed

when it was set a couple of weeks ago.

Back then Dr. Mitch Anson set a new 24-hour record

for an outdoor circuit where he averaged over 37 km/h

and rode 895.35 kilometres.

That beat the previous record set by Marco Belo

by just over 4 k's.

Now the monotony wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Fortunately for him he didn't have to do that

on a normal velodrome of 250 metres.

He still did on an outside track there

but on a circuit, New Victoria, Australia

of a 3.25 kilometres round.

But he still had to do 275 laps near that circuit.

And the distance well

and average speed just still blows my mind.

- That average speed is nuts isn't it?

Now on to potholes.

Something we have our fair share of here in the UK.

They're pretty annoying

but not as annoying as they are over in Russia.

This story is absolutely amazing.

It's in the Moscow Times they reportedly late last year

Andrei Chikin hits a pothole which was covered in snow,

so he didn't see it.

He broke three spokes and hit the deck himself.

Subsequently reported it and then was handed a fine himself

for damaging the pothole.

- That's just insane.

I mean cruelty to potholes?

That's a new one on me.

Now Uber who I've no doubt need no introduction to you

have acquired a dockless bike brand JUMP

in a deal reportedly worth

depending on which report you read

between 100 million and 200 million US dollars.

- Yeah it's in that vicinity somewhere.

Quite a large range.

- Quite a lot of money though isn't it?

- Jump's e-bikes is currently available

in 40 different cities across six countries.

But I'd imagine that number will grow quite quite rapidly

now they've got that investment from uber.

- You would've thought so.

Now from one performance gain to another.

Now the phrase some people never learn springs to mind

in this situation because a French professional rider

from Delko Marseille,

Remy Di Gregorio has provided a positive sample for EPO

from stage five of this year's Paris-Nice.

- Yeah, the 32 year-old has previously been thrown off

the Tour de France by his team at the time Cofidis.

He denied all of that doping at the time

and successfully sued his team.

So this kind of feels like karma.

Now I hope that team gets their money back.

GCN's wiggle of fortune.

Now you know the drill there are five prize up for grabs

one of which is a free beer for me.

Fingers crossed for that.

And then four different Wiggle voucher amounts

ranging from prize one which is 150 down to price four

which is 25 pounds.

Our lucky contestant this week from right in here in the UK

is Asa Botting, take it away Matt.

- I'll just go for a bit this stretch

because this is a big moment Dan.

- Three, two one, go.

And we are off.

What's it going to be this time around?

I think through odds it must be close to me getting my beer

- No, not really.

What we're gonna end up four - Come on.

Oh it's a three.

- Two?

Oh it's gone to the top prize again.

Hundred and fifty pounds of vouchers

will be winging their way to you.

- Oh tremendous.

- If you'd like to enter yourself in

with a chance of being a contestant next week

just follow the link

which is in the description below this video.

- That was ace wasn't it?

Get that, ace, Asa?

- Hot on the heels of Oakley's new shades release

that we talked about on last week's show,

this time 100% have been at it

they've released some new shades as well.

- Yeah now there's something special

in the nose piece of this shade so it's dissimilar

to the Oakleys cause that was all about

basically stopping the glasses fogging up.

This is about opening up

or splaying your nostrils to improve breathing

and therefore performance.

- Yes these nasal strips

are nothing new in themselves are they?

And to the best of my knowledge the scientific jury's

still out on whether they actually work or not.

But nevertheless this is the first time we've seen

something like that incorporated into eyewear.

- Yeah they actually work with a couple of magnets.

Which actually stick onto your nose roughly about here

then you put the glasses over the top

there's other magnets on the glasses

and they actually then link in or clip

via magnetic force to the ones on your nose.

And you can actually adjust how much

you want your nostrils to open or splay on a little dial.

- Well I'm not sure I need my nose any bigger,

if I'm perfectly honest.

Or in fact--

- It's pretty optimised isn't it right now?

- Not sure I need my beer collection any bigger either

but I think it might be about to be.

- Wow - Here it is.

In celebration of the upcoming tour to Yorkshire,

Wharfedale brewery in combination with Fat Lad at The Back

have made this cycling related beer.

Can't do a Yorkshire accent Matt so over to you.

- Uh it's from Wharfedale.

It's called King O't mountains blonde.

- Very nice, it's a blonde ale

and it's 3.9% so quite light.

- Fat like the back mmm aye.

- I think we can finish now with the Yorkshire accent.

You were good at it but it's just.

- Although as much as it looks very very nice

it's not really tech is it?

- It's a new cycling related product.

- This is a new cycling related product

but it's not tech but it is nice.

- In that case maybe we should start talking

about the Mavic All Road range just released

which we mentioned at the start of the show.

- Yeah Mavic have launched this new range.

There's four wheel sets to be precise

called the All Road

because they're not just specifically for gravel.

First up is the pro UST with a hookless design on the rim

to make it easier to fit tubeless tyres.

And they come in at around 1600 grammes.

- The next level down we have the elite UST.

which have an all-aluminium hub

because the pro UST's are partly carbon.

At the next level down from that

we have the All Road Elite.

That one is available in 700c but also 650b

and that's the first time Mavic have made a 650b

specifically for road or gravel riders.

And then at the bottom end coming in

at a very reasonable price of 225 or $300

are the All Road USTs.

- Yeah now in addition to that,

they've also launched a range of gravel tyres

sort of all road tyres

but we're gonna take a closer look at those on Thursday

in the tech show, so keep an eye out for that.

- We just want to say again

how truly humbled we've been over the past week

with your response to the GCN Cycling Club.

The club is something we're all I think safe to say

truly very very excited about.

We're all gonna get involved

and we want you to play a big part in shaping the club too.

- Yeah at first the club is going to be all about

top-quality custom designed socks, just like these.

Now each founder member of the club

will of course receive these unique pair of founder socks

complete with the crest on the back.

And then every month you receive

your regular GCN club socks.

The very first wave of GCN cycling club socks

went in the mail just before the last weekend.

And it's been great to see so many of you

sharing your photos of your new GCN club founders socks

on Instagram already using the #GCNCC.

And now for some really really good news,

if you joined the GCN Cycling Club waiting list

there could be a very few select memberships left.

What that means is we'll be sending out emails

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As soon as you get that email,

you better be quick and click on the link

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that many memberships left at this stage.

If you didn't register your interest last week

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And if you do join when you do get your socks

make sure you share them on Instagram using #GCNCC.

And thanks again for all of your support.

It's been amazing.

- The Amstel Gold race

doesn't actually take place in the Ardennes

but strangely it still traditionally

kicks off the Ardennes week

which continues on Wednesday with La Flche Wallonne

and then on Sunday

with the oldest classic of them all Lige-Bastogne-Lige.

Now both the men's and women's Amstel Gold races this year

were corkers weren't they?

- Yeah they're actually a tremendous

and in the women's race it was world road race champion

that's Chantal Blaak of Boels-Dolmans.

Who on home soil took the victory,

her second big win of the year.

Ahead of Sunweb's Lucinda Brand

and Amanda Spratt of Mitchelton-Scott.

- Yeah, in the men's race Michael Valgren

took what was his second classic of the season.

Riding for team Astana,

he of course won Omloop Het Nieuwsblad back in February.

But it was the manner of his victory

that was the most impressive really.

He was so cool and 4 Ks to go

he attacked a very select group of riders

which included a lot of the pre-race favourites such as

Alejandro Valverde, Peter Sagan and Julian Alaphilippe.

Took Kreuziger with him

who he duly dispatched in the sprint.

Meanwhile just behind was double winner of the event

Enrico Gasparotto in third.

- Yeah now Valgren isn't just winning big bike races,

he's winning a legion of new fans.

Just check out this tweet.

- Yeah that was one tweet of many

which came in to congratulate Michael Valgren after race.

I really think it shows somebody's character

by how many congratulatory messages you get after a race.

But it doesn't happen for every race

or for every rider does it?

- Not at all I think it's just why I like him.

He really is a likeable chap

and as I say it came from journalists,

fellow pros and fans alike.

So yeah, just great to see.

- Right over to the Commonwealth Games now.

Last week there was a huge disappointment

for young Melissa Lowther.

The 21 year old had made the 24 hour trip

over to the Gold Coast of Australia

to compete in the time trial but then couldn't start

because of an administrative error by team England.

- Yeah apparently had simply forgotten get this

just to put a tick in a box.

And they didn't realise until it was simply too late

so she could ride.

But imagine travelling halfway around the world

and not been able to ride.

I mean she would have been must been devastated

but thankfully she was able to compete in the road race

just a couple of days later

and finished a very very credible 9th place.

And that's a great contingency.

- That was impressive to get mentally back in gear

after that initial disappointment.

Before we finish racing news,

we normally leave the off-road stuff don't we

to GNBN these days but we've got to give

a massive GCN shout out to Annie Last, sister of Tom!

In fact Tom's more like brother of Annie these day isn't he?

- Officially.

- She got a gold medal

in the women's mountain bike cross-country event

at the Commonwealth Games.

So massive congratulations from all of us.

- Yeah and there wasn't even any gurning at all.

- There wasn't no.

(heavy panting)

- Giveaway time now and new giveaway

for our viewers this week.

In fact there will be five lucky winners announced

this time next week.

SIS had provided us with these prizes

and it is their endurance bundle.

All the details on how to enter

in the description below this video.

- Yeah now we've got three lucky winners to announce

from last week's Wahoo giveaway.

There is an Elemnt bolt.

And an Elemnt mini bundle.

So here they are.

Andreas Beutel of Germany you've won the Elemnt bundle.

Congratulations to you.

Next up Kiha Lee of the United States.

He won the Elemnt Bolt bundle.

And finally Jakub Tamchyna of the Czech Republic

has won the Elemnt mini bundle.

Well done to all of you.

We will be in touch shortly, if we haven't done so already.

And now if you haven't been lucky enough yet

to win one of our giveaways,

you should go over to the GCN tech channel.

There we had an unboxing of fabrics ALM

and you've got a chance there to win one of those as well.

It is time now for hack/bodge of the week.

It's on a sync with me now. - Yes, stereo.

- We've started this week

with this spotted in Hong Kong by Keith Savage.

There's a lot going on here.

And I always have no idea what's going on here.

Is that some kind of solar power?

- It is a solar-powered system

then we've got like a flag on top of what looks like a broom

but the most impressive bit attached

at back of the basket is almost like a some sort of temple

thing going on. But yeah - Blimey! I'm gonna say bodge.

What are you gonna say?

- Yeah Bodge I guess.

- Right next, sent in from Trent Green

over on Facebook messenger.

He's made a 3d printed sign to go in his bike cave.

- That is impressive.

- Yeah that's because it's got GCN logo, I'm gonna say hack.

- Yes hack it's a bit of a hack isn't it?

Very well done.

Next up is this from William Hardage on Facebook

and again a lot going on in this in this picture.

- Snowplough? - It looks as he's

in a very cold place.

But it's a chap who's adapted his bike

and turned it into

I think there's a little a place

for may be carrying hedgehogs in the back.

- Or chickens. - Or chickens.

Or yeah birds, small pets.

And there's a snow plough on the front.

- I bet it does a decent job.

Next up is this over on also on Facebook as well

from Zack Smith.

"My buddies cantilever brake to V brake conversion.

"Hack or Bodge?"

But that's amazing isn't there?

I've never seen that conversion done before.

- It's quite simple though isn't?

- I'm gonna say bodge but I'm pretty sure that'll work okay.

- Yeah it looks like it's gonna be completely functional

don't know how safe it is.

- Next up this from Todd Crandell.

"Saw this outside a cofee shop in Auburn

"and dad pulled in with three toddlers in that seat

"mum showed up a few minutes later in the car

"couldn't get a picture of all three of them on the bike"

- I bet that's great.

Imagine having your three toddlers on the back of that

and taking into school or the shops.

- I'm not sure about the structural integrity

of that avalanche frame though.

It looks a little bit thin isn't it?

But no, fine.

I mean little stampy over there isn't it?

- Yeah, kickstand is great isn't it?

Chris Evans over on Twitter

"What you think of this GCN hack?

"Someone was top of the class at would work."

- Oh that's amazing, and it's super aero as well.

It looks like something from the 1950s.

- That is an amazing piece of woodwork right there.

- That's a work of art.

- That's a massive hack.

- Yeah there's no there's no seat tube.

- I mean though that there's no grips on the bars there

but they look mega comfortable anyway.

- Its looks super aero as well.

This is a pretty amazing.

This is from Xander Griffo

who had a bit of an issue with his rear mech snapping off

in the Paris-Roubaix sportif and look what he's done.

He's made is a--

He's kept - like a chain tension

and zipties.

- Yeah and then it's that's that in itself is attached

to the front mech as well.

- I mean that's remarkably simple

but it looks like that would work.

- Yeah if it does work hats off to you.

Did it get you through to the end of the sportif?

Let us know.

If you've got any of your own hacks of bodges

that you would like to send us in.

Same as ever it's the #GCNhack

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Time now for caption competition.

Last week's picture -

Peter Sagan with a cobblestone on his shoulder.

And the winner is Shaun McNally who said

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

"I'm still Peter from the block."

Well he sent that in hoping

that Si would sing it on the show.

Unfortunately Si's away at the moment.

- Don't be fooled by the rock's that I got

I am still and still Peter from the block.

- Anyway this week's photo.

By the way get in touch with us on Facebook Shaun

with your address we'll get this to you.

Oh I think I forgot the Camelbak water bottle.

- Go and grab one out the fireplace

where we keep our Camelbak water bottles.

- One of these.

- Well saved actually.

- This week's photo is this one of Rigoberto Uran

on the deck at the Amstel gold race on Sunday.

I'll get you started.

- Took a while to get this one didn't you,

but it's a good one, have a listen.

This always happens on my Cannondale.

- Yeah you've set the bar.

It's quite intermediate level really I would suggest

and I'm surely you can do a lot better.

You know to leave your comments,

well your captions down below.

- Sorry.

- Yeah you need to apologise for that one.

- Before we tell you what's coming up on GCN

over the next seven days,

here's few of our favourite comments from the last week.

Last week actually pondered whether anybody

had previously done the Paris-Roubaix Amstel double.

Whether Sagan would be the first person

if he won Amstel.

So which he didn't of course.

Kovar gave us the answer

Jan Raas, Eddy Mercx and Bernard Hinault

have all done it before.

- Yeah correctamundo.

Next up is this some advice

for you actually Dan from Carter Hick.

Bear with me it's quite lengthy.

"Dan your hair looks better with the side part.

"Like it was before you shaved it.

"You don't have to do the hard part

"which can be high maintenance.

"Just keep the top longer than the sides

"and don't let it get too long." he goes on

"I mean unless you plan to use the product everyday

"on your current setup to keep it slick and not too puffy,

"I think going back to the side part

"is something to seriously consider"

Okay well great Carter for getting in contact.

I'm sure he'll take that advice--

- That's the most detailed advice I've got before.

Alright underneath "What does it take to film an epic ride"

with Matt and Emma which I thoroughly recommend you watch

if you haven't done so already.

Has this from Johan,

who is loving the guy in the background at 1:45 in.

- I only saw that when it ended up on YouTube.

But for that is pretty cool.

And then there we've got this one from Michael McDonough.

That was underneath "How to corner with confidence."

"I love it when stripey seniors show us how it's done magic"

- Stripey senior now.

- Well (mumbles) you've got your a stripes and so is Emma.

- Anyway there we are.

On the channel this week now on Wednesday

we've got "How not to ride steep climbs."

On Thursday we asked the pros

what they do if they weren't professional cyclists?

- A couch potato.

- A DJ.

- Be like some kind of adventure guide.

- And on Friday is ask GC anything.

- On Saturday Emma continues her series showing you

"How to train on your commute.

This time it's hill reps.

She's a real glutton for punishment isn't she?

Sunday we've then got my tour

of the CeramicSpeed factory over in Denmark

which I hope you find very interesting.

Monday we're back with the racing news show

and Tuesday back here in the set.

- It's time now down for extreme corner.

Which is come on get your X on.

- Yeah this week's was suggested

by a friend over at GMBN, Blake Sampson.

This is his friend Adolph Silver doing his stuff.

- Last for takeoff.

(crowd cheers)

- Oh my goodness.

- Dan that's the first time I think in history

Anybody has nailed perfectly an SSSGF.

Yeah and for those of you not as cool as Matt & I

and don't know what that means,

that is the Super surf saddle grab flip.

First time has ever been done, how impressive is that?

Well that's the end of this week's GCN show.

Don't forget to give us your opinions on Gravel riding.

Do you do it, if so, why do you do it?

And if you don't, why don't you?

And how about heading just down here

to see what it takes to film the GCN epic ride.

The Description of Is Gravel The New Road? | The GCN Show Ep. 275