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Hello. This is Sami with Special Needs Apps for Kids (now Okay. This

is the iPod. I've already put a screen protector

on it. This is the back, this is the front, this is the top, right and left

side, and bottom.

Let's go through this step by step. The iPad on the front only has one

button, and this is the home button, and it's a little square. The next

thing that's especially for special needs kids is that you actually have to

press the button. It's not touch-sensitive, so they have to be intended

about it. The button's also slightly recessed, so it's really good for them

because they can't accidentally hit it. They have to intentionally hit it.

It's a recessed button, shallow, and a positive contact button.

That's the front. There are no other buttons in the front. This is the

screen, and then right up here is a small light sensor. At some point,

that's going to be a camera, but for now, it's a light sensor.

That's the front. The top has really just two things on it. This is the

power button, and this is a headphone jack, so that will be important later

if your kid likes music. There's also a mic up here too. On the bottom

right hand side, you have a slider, down and up, and you've got a plus and

minus. Let's talk about the slider first.

In the original launch of the iPad, the slider actually prevented the

device from rotating. If you slide it down, the screen automatically

senses, and I'll show you this with this device when I power it up, but the

screen automatically senses what direction it is and will flip landscape

or, if you're in portrait, it'll flip portrait. In the original device,

when you slid this down, it locked in place, and for special needs kids,

that's perfect. Since version 4.2, if you buy a modern one that has 4.2 or

greater, this actually locks the sound now and not the rotation, although

there is a setting that will allow you to change that.

The other thing is that this is a rocker. This is plus, this is minus, and

this sets the volume, so that's what you have on that side. On the left

side of the device, there is nothing, no buttons. On the bottom are two

very important things. One is the speaker for the device. If you're using

Proloquo or one of the audio communication ones, this is important, and

we'll talk about that in later videos. Then this is the jack that connects

into the computer. This is a multi-port connector. This is where you power.

This is where you do your syncing with the computer. This is the same kind

of connector that's on iPad and the same kind of connector that's on iPod

as well. The back has got the apple, and then it says iPad 16 gigabyte, so

it's got the monikers on it.

The first thing you want to know is how to turn it on and off. The way that

you turn the device on, and this device hasn't been registered yet, but you

turn it on by pressing and holding this top button. That's the only way to

turn the device on when it's in the complete off state. When it's in

standby, you can use this device with the home button to turn it on from

standby, and I'll show you that.

What it's doing right now, you can see, is it's booting up, and it will

likely ask me to register the device. That's the next video, and that's the

first step of the device. To turn it off, you just click that button. I

clicked that, so you can turn it off. Since it's in standby mode, it's not

actually off, it's just in standby, when I do a quick click like that. If I

click it again here, it'll turn on. This is the only one that will turn it

off or put it in standby. If I click and hold, it'll turn the device

completely off. If I just click once, it'll put it in standby. If it's in

standby mode, either button, the top one or this button, will turn it on.

You can see that turns it off and that turns it back on again. It's in

standby mode. When it's off, the only thing that can turn it on is this


That's it. Thank you.

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