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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Designing Business cards in CorelDraw

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this tutorial is all about making

business cards corollary is really good

at making business cards so first of all

when you open coreldraw or make a new

file it is always the page size is

always the letter size so that's the

default we just ate month by 11 inches

so what we're going to do if you measure

the business cards it's actually three

and a half inches by two inches so what

we're going to do we're going to change

this with to 3.5 inches by two inches

there so our objective is to make a

business card here okay so we can start

doing the tutorial here okay so if you

have the page size regular which is

trying to apply two inches if you double

click on this rectangular tool it would

give you a you know a box which is the

size of the page border right so now

we're going to do is we're going to do

this first part here okay so what I'm

going to do I'm going to click here i'm

gonna make a line going this side here

okay and when i'm going to go into my

shape to click here click on the line

and right mouse click and you go to

curve and we're going to make a shape

effect here okay okay we'll just make it

as close as possible as the original one

but if it's not close enough that's fine

okay so now we're going to do the bottom

part so you click here and then a plus

sign for duplicate without offset and

then you can move this and drag this

down okay so we have two objects now

what i'm going to do i'm also going to

copy this border okay by hitting the

plus sign so we have 22 right now in

there because we're going to

make a shaping you know we're gonna make

a simplify effect here we sang when I

explain later okay so what we going to

do is click here ok that's the box and

then click on ok I'll just make it still

zoom in so you click on the box ok

that's the box of the three off by two

inches and then hold on shift and click

on the the line that you just created

and you go to we go to arrange and go to

shaping and you choose simplify their

let's zoom out here so when you choose

click on simplify now you can delete

this shape here ok did that we don't

need that anymore okay so the next one

okay so we're going to do the bottom one

so you click the border and then you

click the that line and you go to

arrange shaping and then simplify okay

so then we can delete this one here now

what we're going to do is we're going to

break this apart so you notice see okay

so we're going to break that apart by

going to arrange break curve apart so

now we can isolate the objects now so we

don't need this Center one to delete

that one so this one okay I'm gonna okay

we just go to edit and copy properties

from and we go to fill and click ok and

this brown here I'm going to remove the

outline but going to the outline tool

and click on X okay so we go to the

bottom part okay you go to edit copy

properties from Phil click OK and rich

feel this one and I'm going to remove

the outline ok so doing really good here

so now this one if you notice this

you've gotta like

shadow but it's blue so they affect

their issue and style their issue okay

in your in your keyboard click on the

plus bottom for duplicate without offset

and then move it like expand it a little

bit this one by using this and then

since its blues we go to edit and then

copy properties from feel click OK and

I'll click on this one ok now the brown

disappeared because it's behind so you

go to arrange order to back off page

there you go same thing with this one

plus sign your keyboard ok and then you

make and put it up like that ok and then

edit same thing that we've done to the

first one and then click OK feel would

be this one and then you go to arrange

order to back up page I go and it will

just make this smaller a little bit ok

ok ok you're not going to explain with

the other effects because we're kind of

limited in time here but what I'm gonna

do I'm gonna do this part here because

it says here mute okay so okay so I'll

make that bold ok I'm shrink it down

they'll make that white ok and what I'm

going to do is I'm going to okay so you

go to effects and then go to add

perspective so when you click on add

perspective and you can ya make

perspectives say this one light you

click on that node and move it down and

you can also move this up here ok that

one's done okay celeb

different but that's right now and now

i'm just going to copy this one because

you know how to do this already right

and then and then this one the same

thing okay just type in it make it black

and then for this one you notice i put a

white outline okay just to make sure

that you know the name would be seen so

I so when you click on that one okay

actually when i type in there's no

outline so if you want to put outline go

to your outline to land the first one

okay and then you go to all try to white

this one is important make it it has to

be behind field and scale with images

okay because if you don't do that the

outline would go inside okay I know and

I to the well-bred okay now this one I'm

just going to copy that one okay so and

I'll just explain you know this is just

a color part and what I do here is I

didn't mind my one of my tutorials this

one is fitting text to path here so made

a circle if that's the path and then I

type in DMC enterprise and I put it in

there okay so so that's pretty much it

right so i can delete the snow and then

i can group this one ctrl G to group ok

now if I'm kind of I don't have a big

budget for creating a business card so

I'm going to print it in a card stock

paper in my own printer so so we can do

that here so instead of custom here in

the page you go back to letter size okay

so this is my letter size paper I'm

going to print it a card stop okay so

this is group together ready so what I'm

going to do I'm going to tile it okay I

get tile five here and then five down ok

so now when I click here and I know it's

3.5 is the width right so in here

in your nudge okay not offset okay type

in three here for three inches sorry not

three in just 3.5 okay so 3.5 in the

nudge okay so it means to say when you

copy this one with my plus sign right no

offset and then in the keyboard you have

the right arrow going to the right side

so you click on that and it makes it

jump three inches to 30 features to the

right so that's how you do it now now

let's do the other one so you know our

height is 2 inches so you change the

nudge to 2 inches okay and then you

select this one and plus sign then arrow

down plus sign pero down plus sign arrow

down plus sign arrow down and there you

go so you can print that in your colored

printer it's already child without the

offset so you get a guide there for


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