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Peace Corps is a life-defining leadership experience.

Volunteers live,

learn, and work with a community overseas for 27 months, providing assistance

in a variety of program areas, including youth and community development.

Peace Corps volunteers act as catalysts for change in a wide variety

of locally sustainable projects, working with students, parents, and other community members.

From experienced educators and social workers to recent college graduates, volunteers bring

diverse experience and educational backgrounds to their assignments.

Peace Corps is special because volunteers get to work firsthand

with community members. We build personal relationships. We're in the homes, we are in

the community centers, we are in the organizations, we are just amongst the people, making decisions

with them, interacting with them on a daily basis.

Peace Corps is a very different type of work

than any other work I can even imagine. Bridge to the Future has

one primary project going on right now

that has to do with youth employment in the community,

and that occupies a lot of their time, and also a lot of the people who come to our office

are coming regarding the services that that project provides, which are things like job placement services,

vocational training courses, and job-seeking skills trainings. I help them

whenever they're planning new projects.

I help them with the project design,

writing project proposals, trying to get grants. As we have ongoing projects I just get involved


whatever aspect of them I can help out in.

Well the first thing I did was accompany the social worker that does some of the different


and through that I got to see the poverty and the condition of the families.

Well since I have a background in business I decided that I would focus on small business projects.

The baking program was started as a workshop.

The workshop lasted for three months, and then we converted it into a income-generation project

where we sold the bread, and I shared the money

to buy more materials and giving money to the kids. The baking projects taught a lot about

responsibility, working in teams, sharing. A lot of these children are from some of the poorest

areas in Ecuador.

They don't really know about sharing or working in teams so that was something

that I try to implement in their daily lives.

So for me it's a good opportunity for them to

be involved in activities and not out stealing

or joining gangs.

My primary projects are art-foucused.

In Azerbaijan young people don't have the opportunity to really express themselves artistically

and allowing youth to find their artistic self

is very important to me. It provides youth with critical thinking skills, with self-expression,

with stress management, with all the things that I think are very important for a young

person to develop so they could become a better adult. I believe in education.

People grow through education.

You learn, you empower. That's what it's all about here. It is about change.

Changing of yourself, changing of your mind, and changing of your soul. Finding that gap between who you are

and what you really stand for.

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