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Hey, it's me, Moriah Elizabeth.

And I'm here to say good-bye, 2020.

Hello, 2021. Thank goodness.

Yes. It is definitely a time to celebrate,

and I'm gonna do that just the way I like to.

With paint.

I like to paint on all kinds of things.

To ring in the new year, I got this, baby.

Hopefully you can't see any of the cat hair that's on it.

We all know the little black dress.

Classic attire for New Year's, right?

And isn't it pretty... boring? Yes. Yes, yes, it is.

No, okay. In reality, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this dress, okay?

Perfectly reasonable dress.

But, but, but, but, but, it could be better.

It could be exciting. It could be unique.

I have a thing for customizing objects

and making them more my style.

Call it a superpower.

So, I think I'm gonna want to add some New Year's flair to this dress.

I'm thinking confetti. Yes.

( music playing )

Okay, so we got that finished.

I went for a kind of half and half vibe.

All of my confetti is blocked in.

Now's the fun part-- the color.

So let's really bring this dress to life now.

( music playing )

Hi. Here we have it,

the final confetti New Year's dress.

Whoo! I just love it.

Completely customized and unique.

Nobody else will have the same New Year's dress, I can guarantee it.

I am definitely happy with the final results of this.

The dress was fine before, yes.

But I am ten times more excited to wear this baby.

I hope you guys like it, too.

Don't ever be afraid to customize your stuff

and make it fit your personality better.

Trust me, it's fun.

Thank you so much for joining me

while I customize my New Year's dress.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and I'll see you around. Bye.

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