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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TONS of NEW Toys to See !!! | Toy Fair 2020 Day 2

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- [Lucy] At toy fair!

- [Maya] My favorite's a puppy!

Ruff ruff!

[upbeat, bright music]

[children chattering and laughing]

- Hey everyone! We're on day two at Toy Fair,

this is where we get to go all around the

New York Convention Center and see all the toys

before they hit the stores, and we're going to

go in Spin Master girls!

- [Daughter] Yeah!

- [Lucy] What does Spin Master mean?

- Um, Twisty Pets, Hatchimals, UniVerse.

- So many fun things! We're gonna go in

and show you all the cool new toys that are

coming to stores soon! You're gonna get a

sneak peek! You girls ready?

- Yes!

- [Lucy] Let's go!

[Upbeat Music]

The girls were so excited to see Twisty Pets.

It's what they are more excited to see than

anything else at Toy Fair, and they have new ones

that are going to be color changing based on your mood

so you put your finger on it, and if it turns blue or

yellow or green you can use like a little code,

and it tells you how you're feeling apparently,

so that's pretty fun.

Maya, these are Twisty Girlz, so you have Twisty Pets

and now they have Twisty Girlz.

They turn into bracelets. How fun.

- [Addy] Look, little pets!

This is my favorite, it's a unicorn dog.

- So you get like, this car but it's all pink.

And then you put it in this cool cloud

and then you pour water in it

and then, right here, it'll rain out water

and then it'll turn into that type of car!

- [Lucy] Whoa!

So you may have seen we did have a video for UniVerse

a while ago, where it was that Cutie Patootie Drive Through

and then have a new line of UniVerse coming out

and they have cars and they're so fun

and so colorful.

And they're for the little unicorns to ride in,

so we're super excited about these too.

The girls are checking out new characters

that are gonna be with the UniVerse

and we're gonna see their favorites.

So which one's your favorite, girls?

- [Addy] I like this one, the glittery one.

- [Lucy] So let's see, she has a little ring in her mouth.

- My favorite's a puppy!

- [Lucy] Let me see which one, show me.

Puppy, ruff, ruff!

Ruff, ruff

- Now we're checking out the Candylocks

and we've never actually featured these

in our videos, we've never actually opened one.

I don't know why, because they're so cute too

so we're gonna have to put some of these in our videos.

That hair is super long, fluffy,

so it's really cool.

And Addy's really into, like, braiding hair lately,

doll's hair, friend's hair, her hair, yarn,

so these would be great to practice, like, braiding,

to practice hairstyles with.

(bright, happy music)

We're now at the Kinetic Sand station

and the new Kinetic Sand is actually scented.

So they're smelling from the cherry scented,

banana, vanilla.

And the cool thing is you can kind of mix them

together and smell them and make

all sorts of concoctions.

(bright, lighthearted music)

What'd you think Maya?

- Cool!

- So all these different toppers

help the sand explode in different ways.

So you can make different patterns, different designs.

- [Toy Fair Rep] I've got yellow, I've got pink,

I've got purple.

- [Addy] I'm interested in pink.

- [Lucy] So this is the new product from Spinmaster,

it's called Rainbow Jellies and the girls

are gonna make some jelly figures,

some squishy figures.

I'm sorry my voice sounds so bad

I'm trying to talk but I've had a sore throat for days

and it's not going away, so I'm sorry!

- [Toy Fair Rep] Now, what you're gonna do is,

see these two little holes at the end,

on the bottom, you're gonna put them right in there.

Ah, keep going, keep going!


(lighthearted music)

- [Toy Fair Rep] There we go!

And now mix it with the peas, there you go.


(baby toy talking)

And you can pull it away, let's see if she likes it.

Let's see!

(baby munching)

(baby gags)

She's not!

- (laughing) Yuck!

Do you wanna try now?

- [Lucy] The girls are feeding Mealtime Magic Babies.

Some of her food she likes,

some of the food she doesn't like.

When she doesn't like something, she let's you know it.

(baby laughing)

(people chatting)

What do you think of the Pixie Crystal Flyer?

- I love it! - Do you like it?

It's like a Hatchimals version.

So cool!

- It's like Owleez. - [Lucy] It is!

There's two different ones, and they come inside

a really cool crystal egg.

This one's Crystalina Rose.

And this is a Violet Onyx.

And here's the beautiful case they come in.

(bright music)

These Hatchimals are called Cosmic Candy.

They're little candy inspired

and they're from like outer space!

So what are these, Addy?

- [Addy] Um, they're the Cosmic Candy Pixies.

- Cosmic Candy Pixies!

They have the little characters

and Pixies, they're adorable!

Which is your favorite?

- Um, I like the Cotton Candy one.

- The Cotton Candy one?

Aw, she is so cute!

This one's my favorite.

She's cute too, with her glasses.

Now these are the new Hatchimals Pixie Riders.

There are ten different Pixie Riders you can collect

and they all come in different colored boxes

so you make sure you never buy the same one twice.

You look for a different box

and it's gonna have different characters

and different riders inside of it.

- I'm a Pixie Rider with wings!

- [Lucy] It looks like it!

Cute girls.

- Oh you don't like it?

Are you sure?

- Thank you.

- That's the coolest cotton candy I have ever seen.


You girls are gonna share with me right?

- I don't know if I'm gonna-- - Can I get a bite of it here?

- Wait I don't even know if I'm gonna eat mine yet,

it looks so beautiful!

- I know it's so pretty,

you'd hate to like, eat it almost.

- The girls are now at the KumiKreator Salon,

which is all part of Spinmaster still

and they're getting their hair done

with new extensions that are gonna be

in stores really soon

and I think they're gonna get their nails done too

with the Go Glam Nail Stamper,

which Maya actually owns at home,

it was her top Christmas present that she wanted

this year, but apparently there's a whole new

Go Glam Nail Stamp out this year,

you can do toes, there's new colors

so I'm dying to see it.

(lively music)

- [Lucy] What design did you choose?

- [Addy] Um, I chose candy.

- Candy?

Oh that sounds very pretty!

- It's like the cotton candy.

- It's like the cotton candy, I like that.

- Yes!

(lively music)

- Addy's using the Hollywood Hair Extension Maker

to make her very own extension.

And its cool because you put a ribbon through

this machine and it shreds it into tiny little pieces

and little strands, so it's kind of like a

cool hair extension by the time it comes out

of the other end.

- [Salon Rep] Then you can curl it, you can

style it, you can braid it with another extension.

(lively music)

- We really are getting pampered back here.

Oh, you get bags too?

Woah, those are cool.

- Thank you!

(guitar strumming)

- Now we're moving on to the Jazwares,

so let's see what they have inside for us there.

- Yeah!

- I don't know what its gonna be, you excited?

- Yup!

- Squishmallows!

They're giant here.

- The girls are super into Squishmallows

and you should've heard their squeals

when they saw them over here.

They love them, they have really cute ones!

(upbeat music)

- [Lucy] What'd you find Maya?

(farting noises)

- [Addy] I wanna try one out, I wanna try the unicorn.

(Maya laughing)

- And apparently these are called Fartimals!


- [Addy] Look at these.

Here we go.

- [Store Rep] Oh, she knows!

She's like, I can do it myself!

- [Lucy] Yeah, we have these at home!

I like it though!

The girls are also big fans of blingers,

so they're blinging out their hair right now,

making jewels, if you haven't seen Blinger before,

you an bling your hair out

but you can also bling out like, your clothing,

accessories, backpacks, all sorts of things.

- [Store Rep] If you girls want one of those,

you can pick one of those too!

- [Lucy] Girls!

What do you say?

The girls just got giant Squishmallows, I don't

think they could be more excited.

Wow, girls, that is awesome, say thank you!

- Thank you!

- Grab whatever you want.

- [Lucy] And you got a Hug-A-Pet too?

- Yes!

- [Lucy] A Narwhal?

What'd you get, a unicorn?

- [Store Rep] Do you want one for Brother?

- [Lucy] Aw, you wanna get one for Colin?

So, Hug-A-Pets are stuffed animals that you can

put your arms in, you can really hug them

and cuddle with them,

so they're gonna pick one out for Colin.

What'd you get for Colin, Maya?

- A shark!

- [Lucy] A shark!

I love it, show them how it works.

- So basically, there's this, um, hole on each side

where you can put your hands through it,

you can just hug it.


- We just got to meet Josh from Blue's Clues.

Colin is a big Blue's Clues fan

and he's gonna be so excited to see that.

They have the cutest line

of Blue's Clues toys coming out.

They have a notebook, did you see what else they have?

- [Addy] Um, I know they have a huge toy of

Blue, the Dog.

- And Magenta and even his mailbox.

Colin's gonna go crazy when he sees this.

We just heard Blue was outside, actually,

so we ran outside the booth so we can come

take a picture with Blue.

So now we got Josh and Blue.

- Colin's gonna be so happy. - [Lucy] Yes!

(lively music)

- [Store Rep] So, this one's more marsh-mallowy (inaudible)

- [Lucy] So you seem to like that one.

- [Jason] I do, it smells like marshmallows.

Can't get over it.

- [Store Rep] So they have their own scent,

you can make molds out of them.

- [Lucy] We're checking out Floop and Foam Alive

and Play Dirt and Sand Alive and having

so much fun with all these fun sensory materials.

We're heading in to IMC Toys,

which make Cry Babies, who I just adore,

the girls just adore, so we're excited

to see all the new Cry Babies they have

inside right now.

(lively percussion)

These are the new Cry Babies Magic Tears,

they're darling, they have all new sorts

of fresh accessories and above me are 2021

ones, which won't launch till next January

but they're all fruity and they're scented.

- They cry gold tears.

Totally, only these Cry Babies cry gold tears.

Super, super cool, these will be a limited edition

gold edition in the fall.

- These are the cool ones! - I love them!

- They're so cute, and sparkly.

(bright music)

- They're all glittery!

- They're sparkly Cry Babies.

- Squeeze this little head.

Blue, blue tears.

- [Lucy] Wow!

(bright music)

- So the girls not only love Cry Babies to play with

but they love to watch their show on YouTube as well

and I think now we're checking out something

else they have here.

I love VIP Pets, lets see what they are.

- You pour water over it and the towel will

actually dissolve, totally dissolve.

So then, you get your little dog in this chair,

with all of this cool hair, feel!

- I am gonna do Nyla's look and add

a pink hair extension.

- [Lucy] That one? - [Addy] Yes.

- So she was telling us that you know how you girls

like to watch Cry Babies?

That these VIP Pets are gonna have a show

on YouTube too!

A whole show and they get their hair done,

they have like, a glam village

and it sounds really cute.

We're gonna have to watch for it.

This is what Toy Fair does to you.

It's so much fun that it's tiring.

Are you tired, Maya?

- Kind of, but I'm playing with my toys.

- I'm tired too.

We're just waiting for Addy to get her hair done.

The it's your turn to get your hair done.

- I saw people with their hair,

they had like, glitter in their hair.

- Yes, you know how you're gonna get your hair done?

Do you wanna look at the menu?

Alright, I'll go get it.

This is the menu, let's see.

Uh, Taylor, Lady Gigi, Juliet, Gwen, Nyla.

- I'm gonna do Taylor.

- [Lucy] Which One?

Taylor, cute.

(lighthearted music)

Maya, I think you're on the crazy stage before

you completely pass out.

She's like, at that part when you get that

second wind of energy

and a little bit of bonkers.

Do you think so?

- No.

- (laughs) You don't think so?

- Definitely not.

- Definitely not. - Nope.

- You have energy to go for hours?

- Yes.

- [Lucy] We might be leaving soon because

I know Maya and this is her

before she completely tires out phase.

- No, I didn't!

We had the best day ever!

- [Maya] Pretty!

- [Lucy] Let me see Addy, woah!

I love it. - I love it also.

- [Lucy] Maya's turn now.

Looking good girl.

Love it girl!

That was so much fun and you guys got

whole bags of Cry Babies Magic Tears goodies.

We're gonna have fun tonight in the hotel, won't we?

- Yeah!

- Opening them all but you know what we're gonna do?

- Sign off. - We're gonna say goodbye to

our Tic Tac Toy fans right now.

Thank you so much for watching,

we're gonna be back another day.

What do we say girls?

- (All) XOXO, bye!

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