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GIZAMALUKE & GIZAMALUKE'S GROTTO gizamaluke is a boss from final fantasy 9 that you find in gizamaluke's grotto. from what i've gathered you typically wouldn't fight gizamaluke at all, but zorn and thorn are controlling him. It is said that gizamaluke is normally very loyal to protecting burmecia. In order to get to gizamaluke you have to aquire the holy bell from moguta.

Gizamaluke is the final boss of the first disc if i remember correctly in Final Fantasy 9, you must defeat him to get through his grotto and arrive in Burmecia. in case you are wondering some of gizamaluke's classifications, it is a aerial slash heavy type of enemy. Many people online think he is kinda a god to the Burmecia people due to his grotto being highly decorated and such, but that is just a theory

now the grotto which you have to progress through is called gizamaluke's grotto obviously . the grotto sits right between the mist continent locations of lindblum and burmecia. if you haven't played final fantasy 9 then you are in for a few spoilers. the reason the grotto is important is because you find out that zorn and thorn have already made their way to the grotto with a hand full of black mages. it's kinda sad for the burmecia soldiers due to the fact that they are no match for the black mages magic. the grotto isn't very big so zidane and his party can progess through it very quickly, but in order to get anywhere you have to acquire a few bells to get in the doors.

the grotto consists of 3 main areas the cavern, bell room, and the sacred room which is where gizamaluke resides. the importance of the holy bell which you get from a kupo that you encounter is the only way to access the sacred room. that kinda wraps up gizamaluke and gizamaluke's grotto. I tried to do some more research on gizamaluke himself, but it just comes down to theories.

what made the grotto hard for me when i was younger is i had no idea you could get your 4th character named quina from the marsh before the grotto.

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