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Umbrellas for your shoes, a door for a power outlet,

and a selfie stick umbrella!

Learn totally awesome ideas to make your life easier in our new video!

A day in the life of an office. Ben works hard.

He types reports every day. But he is completely out of energy.

His office soul needs some inspiration.

And his glance falls on a useful and fun headphone and wire holder.

Super glue old plates to make one piece.

Coat it with spray acrylic paint.

Superglue d-rings to the sides.

Put Lego mini-figures onto the base.

Little men invite Ben to take a break and listen to some music.

What a great idea!

Ben enjoys the music.

He sings along to Bruno Mars so loudly that the whole office can hear him!

His boss wont approve of this musical break!

Strict Samantha takes the headphones away from the music lover!

Samantha cant look at her laptop and her phone at the same time!

Thats a fast route to going cross-eyed.

She needs to make a phone stand! Chewing gum inspires her!

Coat parchment paper with rich lotion.

Squeeze out a thick layer of hot glue.

Attach a stick of hot glue at an angle.

Squeeze out some more hot glue.

Attach the hardened glue to the stick at an angle.

Add volume with hot glue.

Make it look like a stretched out piece of chewing gum.

Make a hollow in the stand with the hot nozzle.

Paint it pink.

Hot glue a silicone suction cup into the hollow.

Samantha attaches her phone to the stand.

It looks like its stuck to pink bubble gum.

But now Samantha can easily type from her phone screen.

Thanks, chewing gum!

The weather looks like the apocalypse.

Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain!

No one wants to go outside when this is going on!

Except our fearless Blondie! Light rain wont scare her off!

But after a short walk Blondie is soaking wet! Poor girl!

But Stephanie managed to stay dry! Whats her secret?

Does she know some water repellent spells?

No, she just knows some hacks!

Hot glue a zipper to the hood of an old windbreaker.

Attach the other half of the zipper to your backpack.

Stephanie shows her friend a backpack with a hood!

What a wonderful idea! Plus, you can take the hood off when its sunny!

Stephanies hair is completely dry!

But thats not all yet! Stephanie invented special umbrellas!

Who is going to use these tiny things? Smurfs?

Nope, these umbrellas are for your favorite shoes!

Fold segments of thick blue paper into triangles.

Bend the corners of the square you get to the center.

Fold the corners inside.

Cut off the bottom part.

Make the same piece from patterned paper.

Make two cuts on the sides of the triangle.

Open the piece. And bend the sides inside around the perimeter where the cuts are.

Fasten the two pieces with double sided tape.

Insert a wooden skewer.

Make a glittering hot glue plug on top.

Put a straw onto the wooden handle.

Hot glue it.

Bend thin wire.

Hot glue it to the handle.

Cover the wire with lotion.

And hot glue it to the sole of your shoe.

This umbrella can be easily set and removed.

This protection will keep your shoes dry.

Just attach the umbrella to the sole!

Real fashionistas dont care about the weather!

Blondie is complaining about the rain!

She wanted to arrange a photo shoot, but the weather ruined her plans!

Stephanie has a device for rainy photos! Its a selfie-umbrella!

Take an umbrella with a broken handle.

Put a cut out glue stick cap onto the handle of a selfie stick.

Fill it with hot glue. And insert the umbrella handle.

Paint the cap the same color as the selfie stick.

What an unusual hybrid! Rain protection on one side!

And a selfie stick on the other!

Having a photoshoot in the rain is no longer an issue!

Ben remembers about his case with a pocket!

He fishes a fun whale out of a drawer!

Its both a phone case and a headphone holder!

Coat a phone case with acrylic paint.

Trace its size on felt.

Add a little whale tail. Cut it out.

Place the felt piece onto the case. Mark a hole for the camera.

And one more on the opposite end.

Draw a curved line for a pocket. Cut it through.

Hot glue the felt whale to the case.

Shade the holes with a black marker.

Put headphones into the pocket.

Ben takes headphones out of a handy case!

Carrying headphones along with a phone is a brilliant idea!

Ben has warmed up and is back on-beat.

But Samantha, the musical buzz kill, is already here!

She takes his headphones away again! Its unfair!

Samantha is reading their end-year plan out loud.

Now you just have to send the document to a flash drive!

Samantha takes out her flash drive organizer that looks like cute ice cream!

Make the hole of a Tic Tac container bigger and cut off the flap.

Hot glue a strip of a soft foam sheet.

And fasten it inside the cap under the hole.

Coat the container with acrylic primer.

Add a funny face. And color it with acrylic paints.

Attach a piece of wire to a flash drive.

Put the body of the flash drive into the loop.

And cover the cap with pink light clay. Shape a cherry.

Put the cherry cap onto the flash drive.

For slime mix slime glue, gel laundry detergent and shaving foam.

Make slime.

Color it with yellow acrylic paint.

And put it into the container.

Decorate the top of it with light clay.

Make it look like ice cream drippings.

Cut a thin roll of clay into sprinkles.

Attach it to the ice cream.

There is a flash drive hiding in this cute ice cream!

And slime to clean your keyboard.

Samantha removes all the dust with the slime.

Now her colleague has a clean laptop.

And the slime makes a great stress reliever for tired fingers.

Stephanie is looking for a free power outlet.

Its always a challenge in this office.

Blondie just sits there looking innocent.

Because shes hiding a power outlet behind a secret door.

Trace two details shaped like an oval door on a piece of pressed Styrofoam.

Cut out a square in one of them to fit a power outlet.

Cut out doors.

Cover them with cardboard.

And paint.

Make the surface look like wood.

Paint a heart.

Attach a little wooden doorknob.

Fasten the two pieces using little hinges.

Glue the door to a power outlet.

Blondie has a secret treasure behind a door.

Her outlet lives in a separate room.

And no one knows about it except for the owner.

The office has its own law of the jungle!

You need to take breaks from your desk jockey lifestyle.

Blondies mini leg hammock will help her out.

Fold a piece of fabric in half.

Cut the edges.

Hot glue it. Leave holes through it.

Put wooden blocks into the holes.

Attach ropes to them.

Blondie hangs the hammock under the desk.

And puts her tired feet on it. So cute!

Her legs rest and she enjoys a cup of tea. A perfect break.

When you go somewhere, its important to pack everything neatly!

A little strawberry bag will do the trick!

Sew yellow satin fabric into a bag.

Sew the edges.

And add straps.

Make two triangles out of red synthetic fabric.

Sew the red corner to the bag.

Fold a strip of green fabric and sew it into the triangle.

Run a cord through it.

And attach a cord lock.

Add foam rubber sheet drops to be strawberry seeds.

And some decorative leaves.

Tuck the bag into the strawberry.

This strawberry is actually a transformer!

It turns into a big bag. You can hide your expensive shoes in it.

And after you are done using it, it turns into a compact strawberry again.

Ben is experiencing some technical difficulties!

His phone cord bent and stopped working! But Ben is not upset.

His plan B is to find an extra cord.

And make it live longer with a special organizer.

Cut an old thick rubber toy.

Coat it with acrylic primer.

Flick off green and yellow acrylic paint. Make the fish bright.

Paint eyes and a mouth.

Ben puts the cord into the fish. This way it wont bend.

The fish will keep it safe. Ben can go back to work.

And the fish will keep an eye on the cord!

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