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Hi everyone, this is Anne, it's been over a year and a half since I have done my

last nighttime skincare routine video so I wanted to do an updated video and

share with you my nightly skincare routine and any at-home skincare

treatments that I do. I am 52 I don't have Botox, fillers or

any facial procedures I'm just trying to age as well as I can by using at-home

treatments and topical products so finding skincare that actually works

is so important to me. This is not a sponsored video I will however put links

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please give it a thumbs up and if you know of anyone who might enjoy this

video please feel free to share it with them. I should probably start out by

telling you what my skin type is, I do have mature skin it is normal to dry and

I do live in a very dry climate so I tend to use more moisturizing type of

products. I start out every evening by removing my makeup and cleansing my face

and a product that I really love to use is one called albolene and this is kind

of an ointment type of feel almost like Vaseline but it does a great job at

removing all my makeup including any waterproof mascara that I may wear and I

just take a little bit of this I work it into my skin all over my face and my neck

and including over my eye area and then I just take a warm washcloth and remove

all the product which also removes all my makeup and my skin is cleansed. After

I remove all of my makeup and cleanse my skin

I have a very simple two product nighttime skincare routine and both of

these products are French skin care products I took a trip about ten months

ago to Paris France I purchased these there and I have been using them ever

since and I just mix the two products together and apply them. One of the two

products that I use every night is a vitamin A derived skincare product and

vitamin A is well studied as one of the key ingredients for anti-aging the skin

it helps to build new collagen it helps to even the skin tone it reduces

wrinkles and it speeds up cell turnover for younger looking skin. I use the

French pharmacy retinol product A313 this contains three retinols and the key

to this product is the base that it comes in it's in an ointment type of

base and that helps it to penetrate the skin deeper. I just mix a pea-sized

amount of the A313 with my moisturizer and the moisturizer that I mix with my

A313 vitamin A product is by Embryolisse and this is the cream concentrate

moisturizer this has shea butter to moisturize the skin and then it also

contains soy and soy helps to brighten the skin, even the skin tone, firm and

plump the skin. All I do is mix a pea size amount of my A313 with about a

nickel sized amount of my Embryolisse moisturizer in the palm of my hand

and then I mix it up and I apply it to my face and my neck I do bring these

products around my orbital bone around my eye area and then if I'm going to

apply them to my upper chest and the backs of my hands I just mix another

pea-sized amount with a nickel size of the moisturizer and apply it to those

areas as well... and that's my super simple nighttime skincare routine now I'll

share with you my at home skincare treatments. Once a week I do use

a very small needle derma roller this is a 0.25 millimeter derma roller and I

just roll my entire face around my eye area my neck the backs my hands and the

last area I roll is over my lips and I do have a lot of derma rolling videos

which I'll link down beneath this video in case you want to check those out but

I just use this once a week. Right after I've used my 0.25 millimeter derma

roller I apply a skincare product from Filorga which is another French skincare

brand this is there in NCEF intense serum this product contains vitamins, minerals,

hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, retinol and vitamin C it helps to regenerate the

skin, reduce wrinkles, firm the skin and increase skin radiance and this is the

very first time that a concentration equivalent to mesotherapy treatments

is available in a topical product! So this is a great product to use after

microneedling you can use it even if you don't microneedle but I feel like

microneedling first really helps it to absorb deeper and work better and on my

lips after I've derma rolled my lips I apply

another product by Filorga, this is their nutri-filler lips. I've been using this

product for many, many years it has peptides in it which helps to stimulate

new collagen within the lips for plumper fuller looking lips so I just apply

this after I derma roll and I also apply this nightly to my lips just before I go

to bed to moisturize my lips. Another at-home treatment that I like to

do once every two weeks is to use my LED red light therapy device and red light

therapy is great for stimulating new collagen within the skin it also helps

to reduce sun damage to skin and it's super easy to use all you

do is after you have removed your makeup and cleansed your skin I like to lay down

in bed and just hold my full face panel above my skin this treats my neck and my

face all at once in just eight minutes and if you don't have a full face panel

you can also just use a handheld device and hold it in each area for three

minutes. Red light therapy is very relaxing it's almost like a spa

treatment at home and it's very important though after your red light

therapy session wait ten minutes before you apply any vitamin A derived product so

any retinols or retin-a products, wait ten minutes

otherwise it can create little red dots on your skin which can take a couple

weeks to fade so I just treat my skin with my red light therapy then I wait

the ten minutes and then I go in with my mix of A313 and my moisturizer. One

final skin care treatment that I wanted to touch on very quickly is for

under eye bags and I'll put a little picture up somewhere here on the screen

of the double under eye bags that I had seven years ago before I used this

product and you may have seen my videos on the Nivea concentrate serum which is

what I used seven years ago to get rid of my under eye bags and all I did was

take a tiny bit of this product it comes in a little pump container I would take

a tiny bit of the product and apply it directly onto the under eye bag as my

last product on before I went to bed. I did that nightly for two to three months

and my eye bags have been gone ever since and that's been seven years now!

The US version of this product has sold out since I did my video on it a few

years ago but the European version of the same product is still available and

I will link that beneath this video in case you're interested in it

it helps with fat prolapse under eye bags and that's the type that I had

that's a major cause of under eye bags is fat prolapse when the skin under your

eyes loses collagen and gets thinner with age and then the fat deposits that

we have under our eyes just protrude and this did a great job at just kind of

shrinking up that fat tightening the skin there and my eye bags have been

gone ever since so that would be how you use this product for a treatment for a

couple months. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my nighttime skincare routine and

at home skincare treatments! Thank you so much for watching

I truly appreciate it