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Let's finally try the gym. I'm kind of excited.

After the opening ceremony of the Gym Challenge, I left Motostoke.

The first gym was going for Turffield, where there is

Oh, my God! Did you find the nuts again? Thank you Rookidee

Rookidee is a really nice girl♪. Oh, Greedent, don't eat it yet.

Gloria! Are you confident of winning the game against The Gym? I'm sure the gym leader is a strong enemy!

Wouldn't it be better to go after catching Pokemon more?

Well, maybe Rotom's right.

I have only three of Them now, Sobble, Greedent and Rookidee caught in the wild area.

All right! Then I'll get Pokemon and improve my strength!

Wow! Strong! All right, I'm gonna get him!

Sobble! Be careful not to knock it down!

Sobble! Be careful not to knock it down!!

Oh, my God! That Pokemon!?

Uh... That's "Meowth"! Looks like this Galar region is unique to you.


That...!? Cute...!!

After this, I was caught immediately.

I'm getting a lot more friends♪. Well, now!

Rookidee! Bring me nuts!

Meowth! Cut the ingredients!

Sizzlipede! Fire, please!

Finally, I seasoned it and...!

Complete! Wow, it's been fun to make curry♪.

Gloria! Do not forget about the strength up?

We who advance the trip smoothly with the increase of the companion

There was a strange guy in the Galar mine that I passed on the way, but I didn't mind passing through it without worrying about it.

Safely arrived in Turffield where the first gym is located.

Finally, Gym Challenge first match...! I'm nervous...!

But I'm sure it's okay...! I was able to come this far with everyone!

All right, let's go! I'll pull everyone and win!

Wait! First of all, please change into a uniform!

Oh really?? ! I'm sorry...

Go, Rookidee! "Pluck"!

In the Gym Challenge, you must first complete a trial called a gym mission.

But! It was no longer difficult for me to clear up, which i had traveled so far!

Clear the gym mission smoothly, and all that was left was the fight against the last trial gym leader.

It's time to fight the gym leader...!

But... The tension of the body is gone mysteriously. I have confidence now!

I'll win! Believe in everyone and hit them with all your might!

Hey, it's Gloria. I've been waiting for you.

What? Did you know me?

Oh, Raihan and Leon are watching challengers a little bit more famous.

Oh, is that so!? I can shy a little... Ahaha...

It's going to be a formidable game. I'm going to take it seriously, too.

... Yes! Thank you!

First of all, my ace Sobble!

The ability that Has been walking and training together with me for a long time! Let me see, Sobble!

Are you okay!? Sobble!

Well, I guess Sobble didn't get along well.

In that case, next time, Sizzlipede! Good luck!

Go, go! "Flame Wheel"!

You did! Defeated! Nice, Sizzlipede!

Aha... That's true. Grow a pretty good Pokemon

This is the last one! Then, it will come with the last big game!

Go! Eldegoss!!

I'm going to go with a special Pokemon! My best child!

Go, go! Rookidee!!

Who knows! It's Dynamax! I'll take the roots!

Finally came, Dynamax...!

I'll go here too, Dynamax! Rookidee! Are you ready!?

Eldegoss!! Max Overgrowth!!

Rookidee!! Are you okey!!??

There's always a gentle Rookidee... Right now, she's fighting so hard in battle...!

Hang in there! Rookidee!! Don't lose!

It looks like it's going to end with the next blow!

Go! Eldegoss! It's the end blow!


Did!? Rookidee took the initiative!!

What!? Oh I see? ! I wonder if the quickness of Rookidee is rising in the Max Airstream of the moment ago...!!

Go! Rookidee! Max Airstream!!

I did it! I won!! You worked hard, guys!!

I lost. Gloria, it was a great fight.

I'm going to give you a badge as proof that you won me!

I did! Get First Gym Badge !!

What!? Rookidee!?

Wow! Rookidee has evolved! It's cool!

What!? No way, Sobble too!?

Sobble... Evolving...!

Maybe you are adolescent! ?

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