Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Patient Story: Meet Nabin from Nepal

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Oh the people are so amazing the people are so beautiful so when you look at

them against the mountainous landscape they seem to be really tiny but their

strength and their courage. I can you know, tell you about one of our patients

the lung cancer survivor, Nabin, being a pharmacist wanted to be one of the best

and I'm sure you remember the devastating earthquake in in 2015 when

the whole country was just raised to the ground almost. Nabin ... uh you know in all

that dust and all that pollution that the earthquake caused he found himself

coughing so he kind of neglected it but he realized that the cough wasn't going

and eventually his wife persuaded him to go and see a doctor and they found out

that it was lung cancer so he went down to India to one of the best cancer

institutes in New Delhi and they confirmed the diagnosis they came back

to Nepal and went back to chemotherapy and and then they heard about the Max

Access Solutions program with The Max Foundation through which he would be

able to get onto that very drug today it's like what more than three and a

half years and one amazing young happy pharmacist come back to work doing very

well and of course we make sure that he regularly comes for his follow-up and

really we have to thank his physician who takes such good care of him.

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