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HII guys

today we are going to see how to create filters in gmail

filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming emails

Using filters, you can automatically send email to a label, archive, delete, star, or forward your email

so let's see how to do it

open your gmail account

Here this upper right hand corner click on this cogwheel icon


select settings

in the middle of this settings page you can see the Filters and Blocked Addresses

go ahead & click on the create a new filter

Here you can filter emails from a specific email address

to a specific email address

or the emails that has particular subjects

Or specific words

or the emails that doesnt have these specific words

you can also filter emails if they have or dont have attachment with them

so I create this filter with an email id

it's an exemple

emails from this ID will come automatically under this filter

Continue or create this filter

In this page you can take action with those emails

You can skip the email to store in the inbox

You can mark it as read

And star it

you can choose a specific label

if you dont have then create from new label

if you want to know detail about creating label, watch my previous video, Ive mention the link down below

You can forward the email to another address

or delete it

never send it to spam, always or never mark it as important

Also apply this filter with any matching conversation that are already in your inbox

And click on the create filter

Filter is ready if you want to edit or delete it then

then here is your edit and delete option

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