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Many stories have been told about a cursed weapon,

forged for a giant in a distant land.

Some call it the Mokoto, a cursed Katana, the Chaos Blade.

It is said that where the blade meets skin it will tear apart into a wound that will never heal.

It is a cursed weapon that devours the wielders life energy,

eroding the wielder along with his enemies.

Yet, despite this warriors continue to search for the treasured blade.

Hoping for it to simply pass down through their hands,

hoping they can hold onto it longer than the one who came before them

"Is it not so that thou art new?

Thou fared well to find me.

I'm Alvina of the Darkroot wood,

I command a clan of hunters who track down defilers of the forest graves.

What dost thou say? Wilt thou not join us?

Oh yes, I believe we would suit thee well."

The forest hunters protect the graves of the forest.

We follow Alvina without question.

And reap the rewards from the grave robbers who trespass.

Hunt and kill as you like,

whoever's fastest gets the prey.

"I've heard all about you.

I'm Shiva of the East, captain of the brigade.

Ah, did you notice that one? Sharp eyes!

He's one of the clan. From the East, like myself.

Always slinking in the shadows, but he's a tough one.

You'll see what I mean.

Hah hah hah hah!

Don't worry, it's a good old time, isn't it?

Great to have you with us. Good hunting to you."

The hunters are like a brotherhood, except when it comes to the kill.

There are little in the way of rules and the hunters fight for their own reward.


Hast thou met Shiva?

A lad cometh from the far East, strong of arm; now a clan leader of ours.

And yet

Still I feel that boy hides something. Of that I am certain.

Small fear that he will use us badlyYet on guard we must stay.

Most do not stay long within the forest

There are worse things in Lordran than few grave robbers

and Alvina knows this.

However once you leave the forest covenant you mustn't return.

You gain some skill in the forest and it helps defend yourself against the hostility of the world.

But an adventurer needs a good weapon most of all, since steel can never betray you.

"Hello again.

Strange to meet away from the clan and the forest.

But while you're here, how about some equipment?

I love collecting these things, but I can only keep so many.

And, you know, you are a friend. I'll sell them cheap."

Have you heard of Chaos Blade?

The legendary sword of the ancient Undead master Makoto,

its blade a swirling vortex.

I heard it's somewhere around here,

but I can't find it. ...It's all I could ever wish for... ...I'd do anything to have it...

I feel as though the blade was originally supposed to be found past Blight Town.

Hidden out of man's destructive reach, deep within Izalith,

untouched by the demons that spawned when the first flame was replicated.

The Chosen Undead finds the chaos blade and leaves Blight Town.

But you do not go unnoticed.

"Why, look at you! Just wait will you! Your sword!

Is it not... the Chaos Blade...?

I've been searching for her for ages!

...I beg of you,

and I promise repay you...

Will you give the sword to me?"

"Quite alright,

I cannot blame you.

The blade is yours, after all..."


I will do the honourable thing...


kill you for it..."

"Don't you run away!

Be still you rat!

Taste my blade, taste it, you devil!

What a wonderful specimen...

Like slicing through butter...

Who'd have thought I'd be the traitor? Sometimes you never know, do you..."

"Don't you ever come round again."

The black eye orb is a tool of revenge,

it leads you to the painted world where Shiva hides with his prize.

"Have a look at my sword,

for it's the last thing you'll see!


the colour of blood..."

After defeating Shiva the blade is yours once again.

But perhaps that it's better that you leave it here.

In a place created for creatures and things that have no real place in the outside world.

Lest it be discovered.


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